Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


37. Chapter 36

Ash’s POV

We all waited anxiously for Luke and Natasha to come, hoping they were fine.

“What if Tashy got hurt,” Cal asked, worried.

“Luke would protect her,” Mike said, jiggling his legs around nervously.

“But what if they BOTH got hurt,” Cal asked, panicking.

“Stop thinking that. They’ll be fine. I know they will,” I said confidently, though I wasn’t so sure.

After 20 more minutes of worrying, we heard the front door open.

We all scrambled up, tripping over our feet while doing so.

We saw Luke and Natasha stumble in the room, looking rather shaken up.

They seemed fine and unharmed, though Natasha was as pale as a ghost.

“Are you guys ok?” Cal asked, worried.

“Yes, we’re fine. He didn’t touch us in any way, though he did try and throw a beer bottle at us,” Luke said, guiding Natasha over to the sofa.

“He did WHAT,” Mike roared, as Luke shushed him.

“Be quiet, let Natasha sleep,” he whispered, draping a blanket over her.

“Let’s go talk in the kitchen,” he gestured towards the kitchen, turning the lights off.

We all followed him, wanting to know what happened.

“So what happened?” I asked, as Luke sighed.

“Basically, he shouted at me, I shouted at him, he threw a beer bottle at us, but missed us by over a metre. I brought up Natasha’s mothers death anniversary, he fell to the floor crying, which allowed us to escape.”

“He fell to the floor crying? But I thought he’d be a heartless man,” Michael spat, rolling his eyes.

“But if you think about it, he started doing all those things to Natasha because his wife died,” I said slowly, as all of us let that sink in.

“So he still cares for her?” Luke asked.

“Probably. I mean, I have a feeling he was the one who cleaned Natasha’s mum’s grave,” I said, shrugging.

“It make sense though,” Cal mumbled, all of us nodding slowly.

“But that doesn’t mean he could do all those things to Natasha,” Mike said angrily.

“Let’s just sleep now k? It’s 3 in the morning, and I’m exhausted,” Luke said, making his way to the living room. We all followed after him, suddenly realising how tired we were.

We all collapsed on the couches, quickly drifting off to sleep.


Natasha’s POV

The light shining through the window was hurting my eyes. I groaned, rolling over so I wouldn’t have to face the window anymore.

I stayed in that position for a while, until I heard footsteps come downstairs.

“Tashy? When did you get here?” I turned my head, groggily blinking at whoever said that.

I saw Liz, looking over me, a concerned expression on her face.

My eyes widened, as I shot up, suddenly alert.

“Oh, I, um, I don’t know,” I stuttered, looking around the room.

Ash, Mike, Cal and Luke were sprawled out all over the couch and floor, quiet snores coming from all of them. Except Mike, whose snores could probably be heard from people on the other side of the street.

“You don’t know,” Liz said slowly, confused.

“Ah, yeah, I don’t know,” I said, awkwardly shuffling around.

“Oh. Ok,” she said plainly. “Come on, let’s have some breakfast. I also want to catch up with you,” she said, reaching her hand out.

I grabbed her hand, as she pulled me up. We headed to the kitchen, not saying anything.

“Pancakes?” She asked, not bothering to wait for an answer.

“Yes please,” I said quietly, silently sitting myself down.

“So Tashy, why did you suddenly disappear like that? I haven’t seen you in what, 3 or 4 years?” she said, setting everything up.

“Err, well, Luke and I had some, issues, if that’s what you’d like to call it,” I stuttered, as she nodded her head.

“Hmm, ok. It must’ve been pretty bad, since Luke refused to talk about you at all. And if your name was mentioned, he’d straight away leave the room.”

“Heh, yeah, it was pretty bad, I guess,” I said, getting uncomfortable.

“But you’ve made up now, haven’t you?” she asked, cracking an egg into the pan (A/N: IDK DO YOU PUT EGGS IN PANCAKES?) “You’re best friends again? Or at least close friends.”

“We’re getting there,” I smiled.

“That’s great. I’ve missed you so much. You’re so much better than, what’s she called again? Abby. That’s right,” she said, shaking her head. “I really don’t know what Luke saw in her. But I’m glad they’re not together anymore.”

I nodded, agreeing with her. “Yeah.”

“But I’d be really happy if you and Luke started dating,” she said, grinning at me. “Me and your mum use to always talk about that when you guys were little. We would fantasize about how cute you guys would be together, and how amazing your wedding would be. Your and Luke’s father would always roll their eyes at us and tell us how stupid we were being, but it was obvious they also wanted it to happen.”

“You guys did?” I asked, my eyes widening.

She laughed. “Yes, we did. That reminds me, your mother also told me you said you wanted to marry Luke when you were around 5 years old.”

“I did?” i asked, staring at her.

“Well, your mother said you did,” she chuckled, going back to the pancakes.

Suddenly, a sleeping Michael appeared at the door.

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re the first to wake up out of the boys,” I said, amused.

“I smelt pancakes,” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“Of course, why aren’t I surprised,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Well lucky you, I’ve finished them now,” Liz said, holding a plate piled with pancakes.

“Oh my god yes thankyou so much Liz I love you,” Michael said, following Liz to the table like a lost puppy.

“I’ll go wake the others up,” I said, making my way to them.

I looked at the three passed out boys, wondering which one would be the easiest to wake up. I decided to try and wake Ashton up first.

“Ashton, wake up,” I said, shaking him.

“Nooo, 10 more minutes,” he groaned, rolling over.

“But then the pancakes would get cold,” I urged, shaking him some more.

“Fine, I’m up,” he groaned, rolling off the sofa. He started to slowly make his way into the kitchen, yawning every few seconds.

I decided to wake Cal up next.

I jumped on Cal, causing him to grunt. “WAKE UP CALUM,” I screamed. “PANCAKES ARE WAITING FOR YOU.”

“Nooo,” he groaned, curling up into a ball. I started beating him up with a pillow, him grunting at every hit.

“Fine, fine. I’m up,” he groaned, crawling away from me.

“By the way, you jumping on me made no difference at all, considering how light you are. You should really eat more,” he called, as he followed the smell of pancakes.

I looked over at Luke, who was surprisingly still sleeping, despite the loud commotion that had just occurred between me and Cal.

I suddenly thought of what Liz said, about my mum saying I said that I wanted to marry Luke. Did I really want to marry him? But I was only little, so I didn’t really know what marriage really was. But it scared me, to think that I actually wanted to marry Luke at one point of my life.

I finally realised that I was supposed to be waking Luke up. I didn’t want to bother wasting my energy on him, so I just pushed him off the sofa, causing him to land with an ‘omph.’

“You’re so heavy,” I stated, starting to walk towards the kitchen. “Pancakes are for breakfast,” I called, as I heard him groan.

“Couldn’t you have woken me up in a nicer way?” he wailed, as I chucked.

I sat down at the table, realising that the pancakes were almost finished.

“Aww what, but there’s hardly any pancakes left,” Luke whined, as Michael smirked.

“Well then you should’ve woken up earlier, like me,” he said proudly, stuffing another piece of pancake into his mouth.

“Yeah, whatever,” Luke mumbled, putting 3 out of the 5 pancakes left on his plate. “Why do I only get 3 when Cal and Mike get like, 6,” he said, grumbling.

“Just shut up and be glad we actually left some for you,” Cal scoffed, as Luke just mumbled angrily under his breath.

Michael reached for another pancake, when suddenly Liz flicked his hand away.

“Aww what, Liiiiz, but these pancakes are amazing,” he whined.

“Let Natasha have them,” she said.

“No, it’s ok. I’ll just have one,” I said, taking one of the pancakes.

“You should eat two,” Luke said, looking up from his pancakes. “You’ve barely gained any weight since year 7.”

“Yeah, and when you jumped on me to wake me up, I barely felt a thing,” Cal said, agreeing.

“Please eat it,” Liz said, as I reluctantly sighed.

“Fine,” I said, putting them both on my plate.

All of them cheered, as I grinned happily.

I chewed on my pancakes while looking around the table. It nice to be surrounded by people who care about me for a change.



oh my god this was so badly written i'm sorry ));

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