Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


34. Chapter 33

Ash’s POV

The car ride to Natasha’s mothers grave was silent. The radio was off, and no one dared make a sound.

Everyone was paying attention to Natasha, who was currently looking out the window, occasionally sighing.

After a long, silent car ride, we finally arrived at the graveyard, all of us slowly climbing out. We went to her mother’s grave, holding 3 huge bunches of flowers.

When we arrived at the gravestone, it had obviously been well maintained. We all assumed Natasha was the one who had taken care of the gravestone, but she had an extremely confused look on her face.

“Why is it so clean?” she asked, confused.

“Didn’t you clean it?” Cal asked, all of us growing confused.

“No.. I haven’t been here for like, half a year. This looks like it had just been cleaned yesterday,” she said, a bewildered expression plastered on her face.

“Do you know anyone who might’ve cleaned it?” Luke asked, as Natasha shook her head.

“Unless she has a friend that I don’t know about, then no, I don’t know anyone,” she said, shaking her head.

She sighed, sitting down in front of the grave.

“Hi mum,” she said quietly. “Sorry I haven’t visited you in a long time. I just had a lot of things going on all at once, I’m sorry.” She said, sighing. “I miss you so much,” she mumbled, burying her face into her hands.

“I’m sorry I haven’t visited in over 4 years,” Luke said quietly, bending down next to Natasha. “And I’m really sorry on how I treated your daughter.”

Natasha smiled slightly, sighing. “But guess what mum? After four years of asking, I finally got some friends,” she said, cheering. “This is Ash, Mikey and Cal.”

We hung around for a bit longer, until it was lunch time.

“You guys go ahead first, I want to have a bit of time alone,” Natasha said, patting the gravestone. We all nodded understandingly, making our way to the car.

“I feel so bad for her,” Mike said, sighing.

“She’s had a really tough life,” I said, agreeing.

We all climbed into the car, waiting for Natasha.

She finally came after a couple of minutes.

“So, where would you like to go now Tashy?” I asked, as gently as possible.

“I think I’ll just go home,” she mumbled.

“Would you like us to buy some food for you?” Mike asked, as she shook her head.

“No, don’t worry about me. Just go out and enjoy your day off school. I just need some time alone.”

“Ok,” Cal said, hugging her.

I started the car, starting to drive to Natasha’s house.

After a couple minutes of silence, we finally arrived at her house. She gave all of us a hug, before climbing out of the car, making her way to her front door.

“So what do we do now?” Mike asked.

“I don’t want to have fun without her,” Cal mumbled, all of us agreeing.

“Hey,” Luke said, all of us looking at him. “Why don’t we make a collage of photos of her and her mum? I’ve got a whole bunch of photos over at my place of her and her mum. There’s also pictures of her old pet dog,” he said, grinning.

“Yeah,” Cal said excitedly. “Let’s go to Lukey’s place. This would hopefully cheer her up a bit.”

“WELL WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? DRIVE ASHTON DRIVE,” Mike cheered, as I started driving to Luke’s house.


“Why aren’t you boys in school?” Liz asked, frowning, as we all walked in the door.

“Oh, Uhm...” Cal stuttered, as Mike and I awkwardly looked around the room.

“It’s Natasha’s mother’s death anniversary,” Luke said quietly. “And I was wondering if you can take all the photos of Natasha and her mum out for us? We’re thinking of making a little something for her.”

“Ahh yes. Just let me go get the photos,” Liz said, grinning.

“Natasha’s really lucky to have friends like you guys,” she called out, disappearing into a room.

We all sat down on the sofa, making ourselves comfortable. After a couple minutes, Liz came back out, holding a huge box.

“There you go,” she said, placing the box down in front of us.

“Thanks mum,” Luke grinned.

“Yeah, thanks Liz,” Cal said, opening the box.

“She was so cute,” Mike cooed, going through all the photos.

“Hey look at this one,” I said, giggling. “It’s a picture of her with cake all over her face.”

“That was from my 5th birthday party,” Luke said, grinning. “She tripped and fell face first in her slice of cake.”

“Look at this one, she’s dressed as a princess while sitting on her mums lap. I really like this one,” Luke said, smiling.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Mike asked. “LET’S START.”



I don't know how but i managed to trip over and hit my nose on a doorknob yesterday. My nose still really hurts ));

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