Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


32. Chapter 31

Natasha’s POV

I groaned as I walked through the school gates. Just a couple more weeks until the holidays. I greeted the boys with a smile, earning a smile back. Suddenly I saw Luke a couple meters away, looking unsure of what to do. It was obvious he didn’t want to hang with the popular people and that he rather be with Ash, Mike Cal and me, but it was pretty obvious Mike and Cal didn’t like him that much at the moment.

His eyes widened when he saw me catch him staring at the group. I gestured for him to come, causing him to be even more hesitant. Eventually, he started making his way here, causing me to grin.

“Haii Lukeyyyy,” I sung when he approached the group, earning a groan from him.

“You know I hate it when I get called that,” he mumbled.

“Exactly,” I said, grinning.

“Hi Luke,” Ash greeted, as Cal and Mike just grunted at him.

Luke awkwardly waved at them, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Just as I was about to say something, I heard a shrill voice.

“LUKE HEMMINGS.” We all turned to the sound, already knowing it was Abby.

“I knew that bitch would come over,” Mike mumbled, as we all sighed, preparing ourselves for her crap.

“Yes?” Luke asked tiredly, obviously not wanting to deal with his girlfriend right now.

She stopped right in front of him, glaring at him.

“We’re going to the mall today,” she said firmly, crossing her arms.

“Uh, when did I agree with this?” Luke asked, an annoyed look on his face.

“You never did. It’s just that I really need new clothes and shoes, so we have to go shopping today,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Can’t you just go and pay for them yourselves,” Luke spat, crossing his arms. “And besides, I spent over $200 last week on all your crap.”

“What kind of boyfriend ARE you,” she hissed.

“Well what kind of girlfriend are YOU. All you want from me is my money and to control me. Well guess what? If you wanna stay my girlfriend, then you’ll have to loosen up a bit. Quit bossing me around and using all my money. Be able to joke around with me, and actually have FUN.” Luke said, crossing his arms.

“Well I can’t ‘loosen up’ when you’re always hanging around that bitch over there. Why would you even want to look at her? How could you even STAND being in the same room as her? I mean seriously, just LOOK-“

“We’re over,” Luke said quickly, causing Abby’s eyes to widen.

“Excuse me, WHAT did you say,” Abby asked, shocked, her voice going up an octave.

“I SAID, we’re OVER,” Luke said, rolling his eyes.

“But, but, WHY,” she shrieked. “It better not be because of THAT bitch over there.”

“Well guess what. It IS. I can’t date someone who’s continuously criticizing and hating on my friend. And besides, I’m not gonna let you be the reason I lose her again. I’d rather lose you than her. So goodbye Abby.” Luke said firmly, as Abby continued to stare at him, shocked.

Luke sighed. “I said, GOODBYE Abby,” he said, getting annoyed.

“Fine. Fine. I’ll go. I’ll leave your life if that makes you happy. But you’re definitely gonna regret this,” she spat, storming away.

While in the middle of storming away, she tripped over, causing her to fall face first into the dirt. We all burst out laughing as she struggled to get up. Her clothes and face were completely covered in dirt, causing us to laugh even harder.

“FUCK YOU ALL.” She screamed, quickly walking away.

“Oh my, oh wow, this is the most I’ve laughed in AGES,” Cal said, trying to stop laughing.

“It’s no surprise she tripped over in those heels of hers,” I said, still laughing.

After a while, we finally calmed down. Surprisingly, Luke didn’t look upset about his break up at all.

“Great job Lukey. I’m proud of you,” Mike said, grinning.

“Thanks,” Luke said, grinning. “But I still can’t believe I was dumb enough to actually agree on being her boyfriend. I really wish I left her ages ago.”

“Then why didn’t you?” Ash asked, the conversation suddenly turning serious.

Luke shrugged, chewing his lip. “I guess I felt like I owed her. She helped me recover from some of my own problems. So when she came crying to me, saying how Tashy beat her up and all that shit, I felt that I needed to do something for her in return. I regret doing everything I’ve done in the past to hurt all of you guys, and I really am sorry. I know you guys probably don’t wanna be my friends anymore, but please, can we be friends again?” he asked, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Yes Luke, of course we want to be friends with you. It’s just that Abby had completely changed you,” Michael said. “But now you’re your old self again.”

“Yeah,” Cal said, agreeing. “I mean, I KNEW you weren’t actually a douche, and are actually a really nice guy.”

“GROUP HUG,” Ash screamed, forcing us all to participate. I giggled, hugging everyone back.

Suddenly, Ash bent his head down to my ear.

“Remember on your birthday, I said I wanted to do one more thing for you?” he whispered, causing my eyes to widen.

“Well guess what,” he said, grinning. “I did it.”



And I was thinking of starting a new fanfic. I might publish the first chapter in the next few days.

 sooo if you wanna read it, it'll mean so much to me. Again, thanks for bothering to read my crappy stories (; xx

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