Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


30. Chapter 29

Ashton’s POV

I quickly made my way to school. The rest of the day, Mike, Cal and I were worried sick about Natasha. She didn’t come back, or come over to any of our houses after school. We hadn’t heard anything from her. I sighed. Her having a phone would help a lot, since we’d be able to communicate with her at any time of day. But knowing her, she’d probably forget it almost every day.

I saw Mike and Cal, and rushed over to them.

“Have you seen her,” I asked, breathless. They shook their heads, and continued to look around the playground for her. I sighed, and scanned the playground along with them,

Suddenly, I saw Luke’s car park outside the school. I saw him get out, and rushed to the passenger door. I rolled my eyes, thinking it’s probably just his little bitch of a girlfriend.

I looked away, not wanting to see her face.

Suddenly, Calum gasped.

“Is that Natasha getting out of Luke’s car,” he asked, a bewildered look on his face.

My head spun to the car’s direction, and sure enough, there was Natasha, climbing out of Luke’s car.

Mike, Cal and I stared at them, completely speechless. I honestly didn’t know how I felt. Angry, relieved, annoyed, upset, hurt.

We continued to stare as they walked in the gate, holding hands. Suddenly, Mike growled, storming over to Natasha and Luke. Cal and I followed closely behind him, too shocked to do anything else.

“Ok someone PLEASE explain to me what the fuck is happening,” Michael said, eyeing Natasha and Luke’s hands. They instantly let go, their faces going red.

“Yes. Please do,” Calum said, crossing his arms.

“Natasha,” I said gently. “What’s going on?”

She sighed, running her fingers through her hair.

“Come on, I’ll explain to you,” she said, making her way to a deserted area in the school. Mike, Cal and I followed closely behind her, leaving Luke behind. I guess he could tell he would’ve gotten murdered by Michael if he came along, which is why he stayed there.

“So come on, spit it out,” Mike said impatiently when we reached a quiet place in the school.

She sighed, running her hand through her hair.

“Well as you guys know, I sorta ran away yesterday. I went to a park and stayed there for the whole day, until around 11 at night I guess. At that time, I was walking home-“

“Wait, so your telling me you were walking home BY YOURSELF at 11 at NIGHT?” Michael screeched, looking horrified. “WELL YOU SHOULD CERTAINLY BE GLAD NO ONE DECIDED TO FOLLOW YOU AND RAPE YOU OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.”

“Er, about that,” Natasha said awkwardly, causing all our eyes to widen.

“Wait, so someone DID rape you,” Calum asked, shocked. Michael was furious, while I was too shocked to do anything.

“No no no, I was running away from someone who was chasing me, and I ran into Luke. I guess the person chasing me decided to stop after that,” she said, trying to calm Michael down.

“Oh,” was all I could say. Calum looked down at his feet, as Michael paced back and forth.

“So where did you sleep last night?” I asked quietly.

“At Luke’s place. He didn’t let me walk home by myself after that,” she said quietly.

“Did he try to do anything with you,” Michael growled, causing Natasha to quickly shake her head.

“No, definitely not. His mum was home, and I even talked to her a bit. Don’t worry.”

It was silent for a moment, none of us knowing what to say.

Finally I broke it.

“Well,” I said, looking up at her. “As long as you’re ok, everything’s fine.”

Calum nodded, agreeing, as Michael just grunted.

The bell went, meaning we all had to go to class now. We started making our way there, as slowly as possible.

We somehow arrived before the teacher, even though we were 10 minutes late. Luke was sitting by himself, looking around the playground. He was probably looking for us, specifically Natasha.

When he saw us, he leaped up, starting to make his way towards us, but I guess he saw Michael’s annoyed expression, because he stopped, and patiently waited for us to approach him instead.

When we got to him, he looked at us nervously, not sure how Ash, Mike and Cal would react.

We stood together silently, not knowing what to say.

Michael opened his mouth, about to say something, until the teacher suddenly arrived, ushering us all in. he shut his mouth again, and briskly walked into the classroom, not looking back.

We all looked at each other uneasily, until we finally followed his lead.

Class was extremely awkward. The seating order went:

Ashton, Me, Michael, Luke, Calum.

I could see Luke wriggling around in his seat uncomfortably as Cal and Mike shot him death glares. Ash was trying to lighten the mood, by cracking some jokes that he came up with. We all lightly chuckled at them, but it was obviously not working.

Finally, the bell rang, all of us scrambling out of our seats, eager to get out.

Luke walked ahead, not bothering to try be friendly to Mike, Cal and Ash.

“Luke, wait,” Ash called, causing everyone to look at him, surprised. Especially Luke.

Ash jogged up to him, Mike, Cal and me following behind him.

“Erhm, thanks for helping Tashy here last night. If it weren’t for you, she’d probably have been raped or kidnapped. So, thanks,” Ash said, smiling.

“Oh, it’s ok. And my mum wanted to see Natasha again anyway, so it all works out,” Luke said, smiling slightly.

“Yeah, thanks, I guess,” Mike mumbled, glaring into the distance. “But don’t think I like you just because I said that. I still hate you,” he said, glaring at Luke.

“Oh. It’s ok. I understand,” Luke said awkwardly. “I guess I was being a dick to all four of you, especially Natasha. I don’t blame you.”

A moment of silence came, all of us looking at one another.

“So…” Luke started, slowly walking away. “I guess I’ll be going now... Bye,” he said, starting to make his way to the popular group.

“Luke wait,” I called, causing him to turn back again, confused.

I looked at the others, looking for permission to ask Luke to stay.

Ash nodded, smiling. Cal and Mike just shrugged.

“You can hang with us at lunch? I mean, you don’t HAVE to, but you know, if you don’t wanna hang with, THOSE people,” I said, gesturing to the popular people.

Luke perked up. “Are you sure you want me here?” he asked, looking at Cal and Mike.

“Yeah, whatever. Stay if you wanna,” Mike said, plonking down on the seat.

Luke grinned. “Thanks guys. Finally I can have a break from them.”

“No problem,” I said, happy that I was finally making progress on being friends with Luke again.



I've been feeling like I need to sneeze for the past 15 minutes, but i still cant. ));

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