Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


26. Chapter 25

Natasha’s POV

“You know, today was the first time I ate cake in ages,” I said, stretching out across the sofa.

“No,” mike gasped, a horrified look plastered on his face.

“Yes,” I said back. “I also haven’t eaten pizza or ice cream in ages.”

They all looked at me, horrified.

“You know what? I’m going to the store right now to buy some pizza and ice cream,” Mike said, heading towards the door.

“No no no, it’s alright. You don’t need to,” I said, standing up to follow him.

“Just let him go. He probably also wants to buy some pizza and ice cream for himself. Just let him go buy them,” Ash said, pulling me back to my seat.

I sighed, giving up.

Suddenly, Calum’s phone rang. He checked his phone, frowning.

“Luke’s calling me,” he said. “I don’t know if I should pick it up or not.”

“Just pick it up. It might be something important,” I said.

“I’m almost certain it isn’t, but ok,” he said shrugging, making his way out of the room.

Ash and I patiently waited for Cal to come back, wondering why Luke called him.

After a couple of minutes, he finally came back, frowning.

“He wants me to go over to his house right now,” he said, looking like he was unsure of what to do.

I stared at him, upset. It hadn’t even been an hour since my ‘birthday party’ started, and he was already leaving? But I shouldn’t be selfish and make him stay. It was good enough he came.

“So you’re leaving?” I asked, unable to hide how upset I was.

“No,” he said, grinning. “I told him I was busy and that I was unable to go over,” he said, crashing down on the sofa again.

“Damn, what a rebel,” Ash joked, grinning at him. Cal grinned back.

“I’m not gonna hang out with Luke and the rest of the group anymore. I’ve always hated them anyway,” he said, sounding proud of himself that he was finally able to separate from the group.

After around half an hour, Michael stumbled in, carrying many shopping bags filled with pizzas, tubs of ice-cream and huge packs of lollies and chocolate.

“Wow Michael. How hungry are you?” Ashton asked, amused.

“I guess I got a bit carried away,” he admitted, though his face didn’t show any trace of guilt at all.

Ash rolled his eyes, getting up to help him bring the bags over.

“Hey, thanks for staying,” I shyly said, turning to Calum.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like I wanted to go anyway. I much rather be here,” he said, a smile breaking out on his face.

“Good. Because I was starting to worry you were only staying here because you feel like I’m forcing you to,” I said, relieved.

“Hey, don’t ever say that. I love spending time with you,” he said, moving to sit next to me.

“I guess spending time with you isn’t too bad either,” I joked, earning a soft punch to my arm from him.

“Awww c’mon Mikey, I want some chocolate chip ice-cream,” Ash whined, clinging onto Michael’s leg. “Give me the tub pleeeeeaase.”

“Get off me,” Michael grunted, trying to shake him off, failing to do so. He eventually gave up, reluctantly handing him a tub of chocolate chip.

Ash squealed, grabbing two spoons and running to me, landing on my lap.

“Get off Ashton. You’re so heavy,” I grunted, trying to push him off.

“Noooo. Try some of this ice-cream first, it’s my favourite,” he said, trying to shove a spoonful of the ice cream into my mouth. I kept my mouth shut, grinning at him. He huffed, crossing his arms, careful to not drop the ice cream on the spoon.

He sat there, frowning, upset I didn’t want to eat his favourite ice cream. I smirked, poking his face. Calum chuckled, amused by this situation.

Suddenly, he sat up, his eyes alight. I stared at him, confused. Suddenly, I felt something jab into my sides, causing me to scream.

Ash quickly shoved the spoon into my mouth, grinning his head off.

I scowled, until I tasted the ice cream.

“Damn, this taste really good,” I said, reaching for the tub to get more.

“Exactly,” Ash said, looking extremely proud of himself.

Mike suddenly trotted in, hugging a huge tub of ice-cream to his chest, which seemed to be nearly empty.

“Didn’t you start eating that tub of ice-cream less than 10 minutes ago?” Cal asked, a wary look on his face.

“Yeah, and?” Mike asked with eyebrows raised, shoving another spoonful into his mouth.

“Nothing,” Cal said, rolling his eyes. “I’m gonna get myself a tub of ice-cream. Mike, please tell me you bought mint chocolate chip ice cream for me,” he said, a desperate look in his eyes.

Mike nodded his head, getting up. “Of course I did. I’ll come with you, since I need another tub of ice cream since this one’s finished.”

“Already?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, already,” Michael called while trotting off to get himself another tub, Calum following closely behind him.

Ash rolled his eyes, scooping another scoop of ice cream up.

“So how’s your birthday been so far?” he asked, shoving the spoon in his mouth.

“Amazing actually. The last time I celebrated my birthday was when I was 9, so this is amazing,” I gushed. “Thankyou so much Ashton. If you hadn’t wanted to be my friend on the first day of school, this would never have happened.”

“Well I’m glad I did.” He said, smiling. “Now I just wanna do one more thing for you. Until I do this, I won’t be satisfied.”

“What’s that?” I asked, curious.

He looked straight into my eyes, a serious look on his face.

“To make Luke your friend again.”









but I hate the classes I'm in next year );

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