Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


22. Chapter 21

Natasha’s POV

I groaned as I rolled over in the uncomfortable hospital bed, impatiently waiting for Michael and Ash to come. I spent the whole day doing nothing, since there was absolutely nothing to do. The hospital could’ve at least put a TV in my room since I was all by myself with nothing to entertain me. I looked at the clock for the millionth time that day. Ash and Michael should be arriving in about half an hour.

I sighed, eager to get out of this hospital.

I closed my eyes trying to sleep, since there was nothing better to do.


“Just apologise to her already, don’t be so scared,” I heard a voice growl. I slowly opened my eyes, revealing a delighted looking Ash sitting next to me.

“Hey Mike! She’s awake,” he said enthusiastically, grinning at me.

I grinned back as Mike rushed to me, grinning as well.

“Yey Tashy! You’re awake,” he said, bouncing up and down.

I laughed at his childish behaviour. My laughter suddenly faltered when I noticed Calum slouching in the corner of the room, looking quite afraid.

I stared at him, and he stared back at me.

I averted my eyes away from him as an awkward silence came into the room.

I wriggled around uncomfortably, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

Finally, Michael cleared his throat, staring icily at Calum.

“So go on, apologise already,” he said impatiently.

My eyes widened. Did Michael and Ash really drag Calum here to force him to apologise to me?

“N-no,” I stuttered, causing all eyes to look at me, surprised. “You don’t need to apologise if Michael and Ashton forced you to. There’s no point in you doing so,” I mumbled, fidgeting.

“Uhm, about that,” Calum said nervously. “I mean, I AM here to apologise, but I chose to myself, I guess,” he said, a faint pink covering his cheeks.

I stared at him. Did he just say he wanted to apologise to me?

“It’s ok. My arm and ankle are already started to get better already anyway, it’s fine,” I quietly said, not knowing where abouts in the room I should look towards right now.

“Um, yeah. But I also wanted to apologise for everything else. For not believing you when you said you didn’t bully Abby. I mean, I knew you didn’t, it’s just that I didn’t want Luke to spread rumours about me. I guess I was pretty selfish. I’m so sorry Natasha,” he said, guilt washing over his face.

I wriggled around, not knowing how to react to this.

“It’s ok. Thanks for apologising,” I awkwardly said.

“But one question,” I said, causing Calum to look up, alarmed.

“Why does Luke hate me so much?” I weakly said, starting to tear up.

Ash instantly came beside me, hugging me from the side as Mike comfortingly patted my head.

“I actually don’t know,” he said awkwardly. “I mean, he didn’t even like Abby that much, he still doesn’t. He even told me so himself,” he said, shrugging. “In fact, Luke never really did like Abby.”

I stared at him. Luke didn’t even like Abby? Then why did he get so angry when Abby told him that I ‘bullied’ her?

Ash and Mike seemed pretty confused too.

“Oh shit I wasn’t meant to tell anyone that,” Calum said, eyes widening.

“Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone,” Ash said comfortingly.

I sighed, tugging on my hair. This just got so much more confusing.



It was 43 degrees a couple days ago and today it's freezing cold I'm so confused though


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