Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


1. The beginning of the love

Ariana's P.O.V
I hate this! I hate it here! I throw my back to the floor slamming my door locking it with tears threatening to spill. I hate this life, My mom being a crazed abusive drug addicted alcoholic who has no self-control: and My father who doesn't know shit about me missed every single birthday of mine who's also an abusive drug addicted alcoholic. I picked up the picture of me as a 6 year old with what looked like a happy family.. but really I had two pounds of natural concealer on my face hiding the black and purple bruises my parents left on my face the night before. I let a tear slip as I through the picture listening to the glass shatter and sinking to the ground against the wall crying.. I want out. I through all the pictures of what looked like a happy family away from me listening to the glass shatter and the picture frame fall 

"GOD DAMMIT ARIANA WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THAT NOISE?!" My fathers voice boomed up the stairs as he started to started to pound on my door "N-nothing Daddy I'm going to sleep"I choked out "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR" He slurred lovely... hes drunk "Y-yes s-s-sir" I stuttered opening the door to be thrown to the floor and picked up by my hair getting slammed into the wall. "DADDY STOP P-PLEASE" I got out screaming as he continuously punched me over and over. "SHUT UP!" He screamed I yelped in fear and pain as he smashed my head into the wall repeatedly, I sobbed as he stopped I started to stand up "WHAT THE FUCK ARIANA WHY DID YOU BREAK THESE AFTER ALL WE'VE DONE FOR YOU!" He screamed as he took a piece of broken glass and stabbed me 6 times in a line and left 

I sobbed and crawled to my bathroom and laid on my back gasping for air form the mixture of being stabbed and crying so hard. I slowly stood up and grabbed a towel and cut it into long thick strings. Not having the energy and the strength to rip it. I poured peroxide on them and tightly wrapped it around my stabs. I gasped in pain letting out small whimpers as I did so. after cleaning up the mess with the glass. I took the pictures and stuffed them in a shoe box of 'Happy memories' crying I laid on my bed sobbing as I pulled out my phone from underneath my pillow and went on Vine to watch the magcon boys 

These boys are the only thing that brought happiness to my life. Its funny how people who I never ever have met can bring me the most joy.. Oh I should probably introduce my self.

Im Ariana Rae Jamenson. Im 17. Im 4'11 yes i know im like a fucking smurf. I have green-blue eyes mixed with a little bit of yellow but you barely see it. I have tan skin. Im 98LBS and I have long needle-straight brown hair that reaches the center of my back. My Mother and Father aren't allowed to be called my "parents". I play volleyball, and I dance and sing. I look at the clock and realize its 9 o'clock. I didnt bother taking a shower cause I took one before I came home at the school. I walk into the bathroom and wipe off all my make up change into a sports bra and shorts and lay in my bed plug my phone in and go back to watching the boys. 

I would do anything I possibly could to meet them hell Id kill myself if I too... and that wouldn't be a problem for me either... I think out of everyone Carter has to be my favorite..... all I want is too meet them and I can die happy knowing I met the only people who brought happiness in my life 

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