Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


6. Showwwwwww

Cameron's P.O.V "Carter man focus" I smirked that kiss with Ariana put him in the best mood EVER "Sorry Man" He looked backstage winked at Ariana as she blushed and looked down "You can flirt after come on" He whispered "Guys we have some bad news Our DJ has just called in sick" Matt spoke looking at us worriedly "Um Hold on guys" As they all awhed "PSST guys guys guys!" We saw Danielle Ariana and Jamie jumping up and down calling us over. "Whats up?"Shawn asked "I can DJ... Im quite good at it" Ariana spoke softly obviously nervous "Are you sure???" I asked her she nodded and smiled up at us "Lets get going then!" Nash through me over his shoulder "NASH GRIER PUT ME DOWN YOU'RE GOING TO DROP ME" She screamed I started laughing she was reaching for Carter as far as she could "CARTERR MAKE HIM STOP"She whined finally grabbing a hold of the wall and holding onto it untill he let go. "Hey guy's Im Ariana Im filling in for the DJ and Mr.Nash watch yourself your in trouble for picking me up" She said pointing a finger a him He held his hands up in defense "ARE YOU GUYS READYY" Carter screamed into the Microphone. I could tell Ari  was nervous "You're going to do find we all are right here they're just girls" I whispered she just laughed "You do know how vicious we get right??" "See theres the smile that needs to be there be happy it'll be fun" I reassured her she hugged me tightly "Thank you" She smiled "You're welcome" I went over to the end of the stage and said hi to some fans as we started Fan question over twitter  "Who's that girl at the DJ board" Matt read out loud

"Our original DJ, DJ Mahogany is sick and called in last minute so our VERY close friend Ariana is filling in" He answerd She smiled and waved connecting the speaker cord to the laptop. "Shes pretty can you follow me on twitter Ariana??" Shawn read out loud The crowd started cheering in agreement "SEEEEEEE they love you" I cheered "Tweet me using the #MagconDJAriana and I'll follow you as many of you as I can" She smiled and flicked her eyes to Carter quickly and back to the DJ system She started playing Lip Gloss by lil mama and we started dancing like we normally do and the crowd went wild then we went onto our jokes, Jack and Jack, and Shawn all sang a couple of songs and we were ready for the meet and greet.

"Ariana wait up" I called "Whats up Cam?" She smiled "You were perfect see nothing to be nervous about" I told her giving her a hug she hugged back but more gentle then usual. "Thank you"I nodded she got a good job amazing and you were perfect from all the guys. She bent down to fix her shoe and stood up to meet Carters face. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her forehead. Im glad Carter found a girl he likes. I can tell he just wants to keep her and not let her go I wonder if Matt and Taylor like the other girls. Carter hasn't smile this much in awhile I can tell she's happy too. maybe she can come with us on the rest of Magcon maybe all the girls can I mean we all are pretty good friends. 

Taylor's P.O.V Seeing Carter and Ariana I was a bit Jealous I have to admit that. Jamie was so so so so shy and quiet normally around other people when she shes around all of us she just lights up. Especially me we talk non-stop "Taylorrrrrrrrrrr quit poking meeeee" She whined as I poked her stomach.  I was currently laying my head on her legs smiling and poking her stomach as she was texting but she seemed unhappy. "Jamie." I called she didnt replied "Jame whats up whats wrong" I asked she looked like she wanted to cry. "Jamie talk to me whats wrong" I started getting worried and I grabbed her hand and held it. She handed me her phone and I took it in the other hand and read it to see her texting someone named Chris  

Chris:You're a slut Jamie and you know it that's the only reason you wont take me back. I bet your at someones house right now you're good for nothing and a waste of space you're ugly I just felt sorry for you. I'll get you sooner or later

Jamie: The only slut here is you. You're the one who fucked ever single girl in a mile wide radius AND have no Respect. Just me I already know three of those things are true but I am NOT a slut so shut the fuck up

Chris: I'll get you for that Bitch maybe its because I couldn't fuck you like I wanted to maybe I wouldn't of done it then

Jamie:I actually have respect for myself. I'm an idiot for EVER dating you and I wont ever date you again. Stop texting me

Chris: You're just to uptight. No wonder you're parents barely talk to you and your brother ignores you I mean damn you're fucking irritating. 

I was taken back at by what he told her. All the boys know her story and Dani's the rest of us just dont know Ariana's. Jamie started crying as I was reading it I wiped her tears away and started texting him 

Chris: Are you going to answer me bitch?

Taylor: Listen here. Im a very close friend of hers You're going to quit texting Jamie you obviously cause her enough pain. You have no respect for her or anyone from what it sounds like. She doesn't deserve this if you walked a mile in her shoes you would of already been dead. Jamie hasn't done anything to you! You're calling her Good for nothing a slut a Bitch and a Waste of space just because she wont fuck you? Thats low bro. Sorry to tell you Someones going to take you're place and do it better how do you feel about that? Are you ready to know someone else is holding her, kissing her, hugging her, making her feel like she the only girl in the world, being there when shes upset and being the one that makes her happy, touching her,loving her, and sooner or later marrying her and having sex with her when shes ready? Are you prepared for that? Cause guess what its going to happen cause shes loyal unlike you. You have no respect so do us all a favor fuck off. Stop texting her while you're at it as well thanks bye. 


"Come here I took care of it I have a couple minutes before my meet and greet"She laid her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath "None of thats true he has no right to say that. I wont let him get to you I wont let him near you" I picked her up and sat her in my lap. I have this very very strong urge to protect her and Im going to fill that urge cause I also like her. "Thank you"She mumbled I kissed her forehead repeatedly "You're protected now sweetheart" I held her hand and rubbed small circled on her back with her free hand she read what I sent to that guy. "You're absolutely amazing" She turned wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and held onto me "I'll do anything to keep her happy and safe. You didn't deserve that and I wasn't going to let it happen. I'm going to be around for a very very very long time hopefully forever" I rubbed her back and kissed her temple "You dont mind me doing that do you?" I asked "Thank you so so so so so so so so so much no ones ever done this for me and what kissing my temple and forehead and stuff of course not!" She exclaimed I kissed her tears away "No NO more tears I promise you I'll make you happy any way I can even if Im not around you have all of our numbers you text or call me" She nodded and gave me one last squeeze "Cmon you have a meet and greet" She got up and kissed my cheek and walked with me to the area for the meet and greet. I pulled out my phone and texted her 

Taylor:Smile for me you're beautiful and deserve the world and I plan on giving it to you

Jamie: I am smiling.. now.. and Oh reallyyy??

Taylor: Good. and I will Definitely. Just wait and see 

Jamie: You're amazing you know that? Thank you for everything :* Now here come the fans Dani Ari and I will stand right here pay attention xx

Taylor: Talk to you after cutie xx

I can tell I made her in a better mood I sent her a wink and she blushed looked down and back up at me. "Hi Taylor" A girl about 13 shyly said "Hey whats you're name" I smiled "Chloe" She hugged me I hugged her back I got down on one knee so I was her height  and took put an around her as she smiled "Thank you!" She cheered and ran to the other boys "Hey Taylor can I get a picture with you and Hayes? I got everyone else" She smiled her eyes lit up when she saw Hayes She has to be about 14 or 15 "Yeah sure what's you're name" He smiled at her "Sabrina" She blushed deeply looked down I gave Hayes a nod and a smile that gave him a go-for-it-look. She first put an arm around my waist and I put it around her shoulder and smiled I gave her an autograph on her cellphone case as she walked to Hayes. She wrapped both her arms around Hayes and He put an arm around her and smiled. "Thank you guys so so much It means the world. and um Hayes can you autograph this phone case I have one from with everyone on it I just need yours" He smiled I walked behind him and whispered in his ear "Shes cute she adores you I know you think shes cute write you're number on the case" He just nodded at me and I walked to Nash "You're bro is flirting over there" I nudged him "I see that" We walked and stood behind Hayes and saw him write his name and his number and give her one last hug "Way to go kid!" Nash patted his shoulder.

the next three girls came up since they were friends "ARIANA! DANI! JAMIE!" They shouted all the girls shot up from they're relaxed position "What! whats going on" Ariana asked "Can we get a picture with you guys too PLEASE Oh my god we watched your twit cams you guys did! You all are so so pretty!!" one cheered. "Um Yeah I guess what are your names and thank you!" Dani smiled "Thats Kim, I'm Jess and thats Skylnn" All three walked up onto the background and took a picture with the girls. We autographed their phone cases and shirts. "Lets take a group picture" I suggested. Kim got on Aaron's back, Jess on Camerons back, Hayes got on Nash's back, Jack J got on Shawn's back. Jamie got on mine, Ariana on Carter, and Dani on Matthew and Skylynn on Jack G's back. We all smiled and hoped down from each other's back. "Thank you!" They walked off. 

We went about 40 more people and we were done. We didn't see the girls in the room and we went looking as we heard screaming and saw them in a corner crying and we saw someone in a clown suit dressed as the same clown from American Horror Story:Freak show. They were all deathly afraid of clowns and crying ontop of each other in a corner. Hayes and Jack J pulled the clown mask off from behind and it was the tour manager. "See its okay nothing was going to hurt you" Nash told them they stood up slowly and they all yawned. Dani launched herself at Matthew cause Matt had his arms wide open. They were freakishly adorable if that makes sense "Lets have a movie day" I suggest everyone agreed. The girls texted their friend Nikki saying they were going to a friends house and that we'd drive them home and we would. We all grabbed our bags and piled into the van and sang the whole way home 

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