Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


7. Home movie

A/N:HEY GUYSS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! Just know that there is a picture of three girls at the bottom and that is Ariana Jamie and Danielle. Thanks lovesxx

Shawns P.O.V Im glad we became friends with the girls I mean they're amazing!Im closest to Ariana than anyone but They like things we like we all got along from the beginning, And its like the we can tell each other everything. We dont really have a lot of friends on tour with us and I Can tell Carter Taylor and Matthew all like one of them. We all were talking about the girl's past we didnt want to do anything to upset them and we werent forcing them to tell us anything. They told us they all three dated brothers. The eldest one was the boss and they all literally beat the crap out of the girls. It was getting late so I decided to ask if  pizza was okay to eat so we could watch our movie "Pizza?" I shouted "YESSS!" I heard people shout I laughed to myself as I heard Matthew's High pitched scream  I ordered four large pizza; one pepperoni, one cheese, one bacon and sausage, and one specialty. and walked into the living room to see the girls laughing with tears going down their face and Matthew with makeup all over his face "SHAWN HELP!!" He screamed from underneath Camerons and Nashs grip the girls continued to laugh and I started to laugh "Okay okay okay cut it out lets pick a movie" They stopped and Matthew was mad at the girls for laughing "Awwww Matthew dont be mad at us pleaseeee" Ariana cooed "You laughed! I needed help!!" He protested "Cmon lets go get the make up off" Dani pulled him up "USE PROTECTION!" we all shouted Matthew through a pillow at us "Shut up!!" They replied we all piled up the stairs  into the movie room except Dani and Matthew

"How about we Watch The purge and then the Purge Anarchy?" Hayes spoke up "Yeah!" Everyone except Ariana and Jamie agreed "You guys okay with it?" I asked "What yeah!" Jamie said Ariana walked out of the room "Shes going to go get the other two" Everyone nodded "EW EW! TOO MUCH PDA!!" She screamed walking back in the room we started laughing She pulled Matthew by his hair into the room "She mines keep your lips to yourself" She pointed at Matthew jumping on Dani these girls are so weird sometimes "THATS NOT FAIR! If you have her I get Carter!" He argued "Dani I love you but I want Carter" She kissed Danis cheek and walked to Carter and glared at Matt "Thats fine I'd rather have Matt right now" She giggled at my reaction "You guys are such children" Jamie laughed from Taylor's lap "Shush!!" Dani through a pillow at her "Lets watch the movie!" I shouted before something was broken. We sat down with the lights off except for Hayes' phone hes been texting since he met that girl. Im glad Carter Matt Taylor and Hayes found someone. I met this girl over twitter when I was doing my Follow/tweet spree and we've been talking for a long time now and Im starting to get feelings for her. I swore to myself I'd never be one of those people who'd fall in love over the internet but it turns out I think Im starting too. I finally payed attention o the movie and realized we were half way through and I started to dose off 

Matthew's P.O.V Danielle is perfect I literally cant explain the feelings that she gives me. I don't want to go a day without talking to her... hell I dont want to go a day without seeing her shes fucking amazing! I kissed her in bathroom since she was so short I had set her up on the counter so she could get it all off my face and I couldnt hold it in anymore and I kissed her and then Ariana walked in. Danielle is my everything I have this VERY Big need to protect her and I cant get over it I've tried my hardest. It was half way through the movie and she kept jumping and hiding her face in my chest. "Its okay Im right here" I smiled and whispered in her ear. She held my waist tightly "I know you are" She smiled up at me "No one is going to hurt you anymore I promise I'll keep you safe no matter what" She blushed and scooted closer to me so there was no space between us. I through the blanket over her so she wasn't cold. I kissed her head and watched the movie as the door bell rang four times causing Dani Ariana and Jamie all to scream louder than ever. "Its okay its probably the pizza"Carter laughed kissing Ariana's cheek as he walked out of the room "Ari do you have my phone still" I asked I had given her my phone cause I have tendency to forget it places "Here" She tossed me my phone "Thankkkk youuu" I smiled and kissed Dani's forehead. and checked twitter "I'll be back Im gonna go see if Carter needs help" Ariana smiled walking out of the room

We started laughing and joking around and Dani and Jamie were on their phonea going through twitter "AWWWWWW"Dani and Jamie said in unison "What??" We asked "those three girls we got the group picture with tweeted us and said meeting us was the best thing that'll ever happen to us" Jamie replied "CARTER STOP! MATTHEW SHAWN GUYS HELP! " We heard Ariana scream "COMING BEST FRIEND!!" I shouted and we all darted down the stairs to see Carter on top of someone while they both punch "CARTER Stop!" Cameron Hayes and I all pulled Carter back while Jack G Jack J and  Taylor  Aaron  pulled the other guy back and Shawn and Nash made sure the girls got back and stayed safe "Aw is the pretty boy mad? Girls lets go" The girls color drained from they're faces. I realized who this was I almost lost it. This is one of the guys that beat them. "They wont go anywhere and now that I realize who you are I'm tempted to fight you myself" I spat. I hated him Danielle Ari and Jame didnt need what they did to them. after everything calmed down a bit "Who is he" Hayes questioned "One of the three assholes that beat them" Carter spat "Girls LETS GOO" He raised his voice "You need to leave before I call the cops we arent going anywhere with you leave now"Dani spoke up hiding behind Nash. He started to walk towards them "Touch them you are in serious trouble"Jack G stepped in front of him pushing him back. Hayes  Taylor Aaron and I stepped behind Jack G not wanting him near the girls Jack J and Cameron stood next to Shawn and Nash infront of the girls . "Why why do you make my job even harder?" The guy groaned "Cause THEY dont belong to you get out of here" Carter spat Ariana kept pushing through the boys "Ariana stay here" Jamie pleaded the boys did their best but they didnt want to be rough but the stood in front of her not letting her through we heard sirens and he ran away. 

The girls were freaking out beyond belief except for Ariana she sat in the living room chair, face drained of color, silent. "Ari?" Dani asked touching her knee  she moved away from her touch and grabbed her phone. "Hey whats wrong did he hurt you?" Jamie asked. No reply. We all got worried she texted someone and her phone went off... "I have to go..."She trailed off she hugged all of us but it didnt feel like a normal hug. she kissed Carters cheek and the bruises he had and his busted lip and walked out the door before we could say anything 

Ariana's P.O.V I cant believe he showed up... He showed up and her hurt Carter. I didn't want to be touched.... I headed back to the one place I swore I would never go back too... My dad's..... I sighed as I walked in the door to a slap on the face I let out a gasp and whimper as I started getting hit repeatedly left and right "DADDY STOP!" I screamed He drug me up the stairs not saying a word and through me on my bed locking my door. "D-daddy no" He was wasted.... I knew what was going to happen I tried to run to my window but it was too late he grabbed my ankles as my head hit the head board the last thing I remember was him over top of me and severe pain in my lower region as a tear began to slip. 

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