Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


2. Escaped

A/N:  Her outfit is at the bottom 

Ariana's P.O.V My alarm went off I quickly slammed my hand down on the top of it to make it turn off and I lazily got up 
to the sound of rocks hitting my window I groaned and I slowly walked to the window "Morning sunshine" My friends Jamie and Nikki smiles up at me. "Leave me alone you fags Im tired" I groaned "Hey now move we're coming up" Nikki rolled his eyes. I sighed and stepped back 

I met Nikki when we were both 6 hes 4 months older than me exactly. His real name is Nicholas but he hates it so we wither call him Nick or Nikki. He's one of the sweetest guys I have ever met and he is a giant teddy bear in less you piss him off past his points I love him so so much hes been there for EVERY little thing that happened he would sneak into my room at night and hold me till I fell asleep and he'd leave before his parents notices and before my parents came in my room too. I can't thank him enough for everything. Nikki and I met Jamie the age of 9 when she moved here and left everything she ever knew. she was the outcast due to being the 'new kid' she was bullied and Nikki and I took her in took care of her and let her know she wasn't alone and made people leave her alone. We're kind of like the three musketeers I guess you could say its always been us three and no one else unless we discuss it first because none of us want to be torn a part.  

"Morningggggg Ariiiii" Nikki hugged me as tight as he could spinning me around I whimpered softly and he immediately put me down and noticed my pain"Ari.... What did he do to you last night or her?" Jamie asked I lifted up my shirt to reveal the bruises from the events the night before. "God Dammit... Ariana are you okay now? We're going to get you out of here you know that right. We arent going to let you stay here untill your eighteen!" Nikki shot out "Im fine I just want out you know... I just I hate it here and you both know that" I sighed and hugged Jamie and she hugged back 

"We love you just call us next time okay" I nodded as the both kissed my cheek "Give me like 5 minutes to get ready and we'll go" I smiled and they nodded I got a tank top that said "Bad ass with a nice ass" on it and a pair of cut off shorts new underwear socks and bra and black hightop converse out of my already packed suitcase in case I run away and zip it shut again (A/N outfit is at the bottom). I walked into the bathroom shut and locked the door and stripped off my clothes and turned on the shower. 

Jamie's P.O.V 
Once Ariana showed us what he did to her I noticed a shift in moods towards Nick. I thought about what to say to him for a minute as he sat down on her bed "Nikki... Talk to me you know better than to keep things bottled up inside" I point and sit down behind him "I hate seeing her hurt and you know that. I hate seeing both of you girls hurt. I cant bare the sight of it" He raises his voice in defense slightly and lays his head in my lap. I start playing with his hair "I know you do we're going to get her out of it you know that" I kiss his forehead "She doesnt deserve it.. this has gone on for to long but she wont let me say anything and I wont because I dont want to lose her like I've lost everyone else I cant lose you either" He confessed "and you wont Nikki I promise" I sat him up and hugged him tightly. "You wont lose us we both you and you need us both" He smiled and nodded as Ariana came out dressed with her shoes on make up done and is now drying her hair with her towel "Let me blow dry my hair" We both just nodded and watched her as she  dried her hair 

The way she dried it put curls into her hair so she didnt have to curl it and she put on natural looking make up on "Ready?" Nikki asked standing up she nodded and grabbed her phone put her "Kiss me" Ariel case on her phone as she grabbed her back pack through her phone charger brush make up bag and ear phones in her bag as Nikki climbed down. "ARIANA RAE WHO IS HERE?!?!" her dad yelled we both look at each other and saw Nikki with his arms open "Ari go Jump Nikki will catch you" I pushed her to the window "No no you go I can handle him" Not wanting to aruge and both of us get caught. I jumped down to Nikki as he put me down "ARIANA HURRY UP!" He shouted 

Ariana's P.O.V I made a choice quickly I darted to my suitcase and opened it locking my door on my way to my bathroom I grabbed my curling iron my toothbrush and tooth paste and my hair dryer and stuffed them into my Suitcase I pushed my favorite pillow in there too and zipped it up "ARIANA COME ON!" Nikki and Jamie yelled I ran to my closet and grabbed the box with 50,000 in cash in there and put it in my wallet I grabbed my razor blades and put them in there too and ran to the window. I through my suitcase down and Nikki caught that and set it down and then I fell backwards out the window "Im not staying here anymore lets go" I started shaking from the anxiety attack I was about to have. Nikki picked up my bag and we ran to his car as my parents came out of the door screaming and yelling  we piled into the car as Nikki drove off. 

"I ESCAPED"  I shouted realizing I made it out alive. Jamie and I squealed and hugged each other. I was happy right now.. I had a genuine smile on my face.... the first one in a very long time!. "Here the plan we have to work and then we can crash at my place My brother is finally home and we want to have a get together since you know it used to be the four of us and not just us three" Jamie and I looked at each other "ZACK" we screamed in unison as we pulled up to work. Things are finally starting to look up for me. "Morning kids. Nick you're in the back girls you're stage designing today" our boss Damon said "Yes sir" We chimed and went to our due jobs 

"Jamie whats this stage for?" I asked curiously "and why do we have to set it up so early?" I continued "Im not sure" She replied falling flat on her ass from trying to pull a speaker I started laughing "S-see this is why you a-ask for help!" I stuttered from laughing "SHUT UP!" She glared as I stopped "Sorry"  we finished hooking up and positioning speakers and the DJ both when our boss came "Girls this isnt being set up early its happening to night its Magcon tour that you guys are setting up for "WHAT?!?!" We both screamed "Its.. Magcon.." He repeated "and you girls are going with VIP passes" He continued "WHAT NO?!? HOW!? WHY?! OH MY GOD!" We kept screaming and we even started crying "Im guessing you girls are fans" We just nodded as we wiped our tears "You're helping the DJ system if it goes down and you are helpings at the meet and greet so finish up and once you you're done go get your tags passes and it'll start" He said walking off "OH MY GOD!" Jamie screamed I laid on the floor flat on my back and started crying... Im so glad I put water proof mascara and eyeliner on.. "Ariana come here"She mumbled I looked at her and she was crying too. 

These boys made us happy she hasnt had an easy life either her Biological parents gave her up for the drug life and want nothing to do with her these boys each fill a deep void in my life... Jamie has a bad story too and to know we're technically meeting out heros tonight means if we died tonight we'd die happy. I stood up and latched myself to Jamie as we cried our eyes out on each others shoulders. 


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