Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


10. Brokenhearted and One down two to go

Hayes' P.O.V So I've been talking to this fan over twitter.. Her name was Kelly. Sabrina the fan I met at Magcon has a boyfriend so.. we're just friends for right now. I saw Kelly's twitter she just caught my eye for some reason and we've been talking for a long long long time now... but she used me.. she just wanted to be able to say I talked to 'The Hayes Grier' I hate it when people acted like this. She just wanted more followers on twitter and I was broken hearted honestly cause I started to like her...alot... She told me I was good for nothing that I was ugly, I shouldnt be in Magcon and that its no wonder Nash hates me she said a lot of other stuff too.. I just dont want to repeat it. I know Nash doesn't hate me I mean we're siblings most siblings act rude or mean to each other. but the Hate the hate gets to me alot but what I dont understand is why? Why would anyone say these things...? I didnt do anything. Why would she say these things when I've been nothing but nice to her? 

I was taken out of my thoughts from a knock on the door I sighed "Who is it?" I mumbled into my pillow "It's Ariana can I come in" She sounded worried "Yeah" I sighed. I hated this feeling "Hayes whats wrong Nash said you haven't came down all morning" She laid down on my bed. I sighed got up and grabbed my phone and laid back down with my head on her stomach "This is why I dont trust fans as much as I used too. Dont get me wrong I love all of them but stuff like this gets to my head" I unlocked my phone and logged on to twitter and opened my DM box and showed her the messaged as she played with my hair 

"Hayes she doesnt deserve your time you know that right? If she had the nerve to do it shes not a real fan if she did that sure shes pretty but shes got an ugly ass personality. You on the other hand are down right adorable perfect and cute and you're good for so many things! Dont listen to her. Listen to me Im your best friend and I love you. I know you know Nash doesnt hate you. If he didnt he wouldnt be worried  cheer up for me okay? This bitch aint shit. If she tries to message you again let me know and I'll tell her to leave you alone okay?" She smiled I nodded smiling she actually made me feel better "Thanks Ari" I kissed her cheek and let her up "Now come eat" She pulled me off the bed and jumped on my back. "Are you and Carter together yet?" I asked hoping she would say yes "Not yet soon hopefully" She smiled as we walked down the stairs her still on my back. I playfully groaned "Calm downnn" She giggled. "Hayes are you okay?" Nash asked "Yeah Im fine just was thinking"  I gave him the 'I'll tell you later' look and he nodded I felt Ariana get taken off me and saw she jumped onto Jamie and Dani and they were on the couch talking. 

Jamie's P.O.V Im so glad to see Ari smile again I meman I havent seen her this happy in a long time. We are going to have to go see Nikki and Zach tonight cause Last night was supposed to be or sleepover night but with what happened last night we texted them this morning saying we fell asleep and got home from Magcon late. Taylor is the sweetest thing in the world I honestly dont know what he sees in me but oh well Im not complaining. Ariana came down on  Hayes back and she saw us and latched to us. I love her "Sooo Shawn told us what happened" Dani spoke up "Im okay... A little traumatized but im perfectly okay they got there before anything happened I swear" She nodded "I know we just dont want you doing that ever again we feel awful cause we thought you'd to Nikki"I looked down upset trying not try cry knowing I let her get hurt I cant stand that. "Hey you guys didnt do this I did dont think for a second you did it I was an idiot for NOT going to Nikki and Zack. I love you guys" She hugged us tightly and hugged me extra long "No tears Jame you didnt do this" she nodded starting to yawn

"You guys go eat Ill be there in a minute" I smiled they nodded and left I laid on the couch. I was really tired I kept having nightmares last night. Taylor didnt know though. I want to tell him but then again I dont.. "Jamie? hey Jamie whats wrong" Taylor sat in the spot that was open and rubbed my back "Im just tired" I yawned "But you slept longer than I did. Did you wake up in the middle of the night???" He asked I just nodded yawning yet again "Why didnt you wake me up I would of put you back to bed" he was drawing hearts on my back "You looked too cute sleeping I didnt want to disturb it" I smiled "Is everything okay? and I'm cute all the time" He winked "I just had a nightmare thats all and I know you are" I poked his stomach he was still drawing hearts on my back repeatedly "Do you wanna talk about it?" I just shook my head. "I understand" He kissed my forehead. 

I was literally screaming asking me out already I just want to be his.. and only his this sucks that Im not. I just leaned up and kissed his cheek "Okay im not resisting anymore... Will you be my girlfriend?????" He stood up shoving his hands in his sweatpants pockets and looked down and back up biting his lip. This child will be the death of me "Are you kidding me yes!" I hugged him as tight as I could "Thank god!" He exclaimed smashing his lips into mine. I can Finally say. Im Taylor Michael Caniff's girlfriend.

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