Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


4. Before the show part two

Taylor's P.O.V We were all having a good time laughing joking around with each other throwing a football around and being loud. "OH!! OH!! GIRLS!!! ARIANA! JAMIE!!!" We heard a hot girl shout running to two to other drop dead gorgeous girls. We all shut up and looked at them. They were down right gorgeous. "Dani whats up whats wrong" the blonde one asked to the red headed girl. I couldn't take my eyes off the blonde one for the life of me. "The wiring is all wrong with the DJ system and the speakers. The guys were wrong and didn't do it right and the show is in like an hour" She was breathing really fast obviously these girls work here and their jobs are important. "SEE I told Nikki too quit staring at the girl but noooo" the brunette girl said obviously irritated. "We have to do something!!"The red headed girl exclaimed still freaking out "Go sit in the room and calm down Ari and I got this" The Blonde asked. All three of them walked passed us and I kept looking at the blonde and I noticed Carter glued to the brunette. "Damn.." I mumbled "OOOO. Taylor got eyes for someone?" Nash nudged me I shook my head and laughed lightly "They're cute maybe I do maybe I dont" I laughed We heard three screams and we all ran to the stage. 

"ARI!!!!!!!!!!!!" I saw the blonde scream. I was confused and saw Carter run to the closest speaker and caught the brunette girl from hitting the stage floor. I noticed Matt was already holding the red hair. I walked over to the blonde. She had her eyes shut tight a she could squeeze them and she was sobbing uncontrollably shaking frozen in place. I wrapped my arms around her and she looked up at me. I smiled at her as she started to calm down and then start to cry harder again. "Hey shhhhhh Shes okay shes not hurt I promise" I whispered rubbing her back softly "A-ariana" She choked I just kept rubbing her back and held her tighter against me so the Brunette has to be Ariana. "She's okay she's shaken up no blood you can turn around" Shawn spoke She hugged me and turned around to see Carter holding her "She just passed out from shock" He looked at me I smilatted lightly and nodded "Thank you" She thanked us. We all said your welcome no problem and its okay "You can bring her back here" She shyly spoke as we followed her back her wiping her eyes and hugged the girl Matt was holding 

"You can lay her on the couch if you want" She smiled softly "I can hold her its okay she can sit on my lap till she wakes so we all can sit down" Carter offered "Are you sure?" the red hair asked "Positive" He nodded and sat down in a chair with her in his lap. The blonde sat at the end of the couch against the arm rest I sat next to her Matthew next to me and the red hair on the other end. "Are you girls okay?" Nash asked "Yeah we're okay It just scared us... We thought we lost her thank you" the red hair spoke up quietly. "Not a problem. What are your names?" Carter asked "That's Ariana... I'm Jamie... thats Danielle" Jamie spoke she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "I think you know who we are right" Nash laughed lightly "Yeah.. we do." Ariana sat up "Ariana are you okay" The girls asked snapping in her direction "Yeah I'm fine. Thank you..." She said looking at Carter smiling. "No problem I'm glad I ran fast enough to catch you" He smiled "We all are" Hayes spoke "I honestly dont know how I fell" she said shyly. "Don't worry about that its okay now. You girls work here?" Jack J asked "Yeah" We said in unison "Shawn Aaron Nash Hayes Jack and Jack Cameron out to the Stage please" Our tour manager said. "Carter Matt and Taylor you guys okay in here?" Cameron asked "Yeah we're fine" I nodded as they left. I have this strong urge to protect her like no one else can touch her but me. 

Carter's P.O.V 
Seeing her fall I ran just to get to her I found her extremely attractive. Im glad I caught her. "Ariana are you sure you're okay" I asked Taylor was in his own conversation in another corner. Matthew and Danielle on the couch. Ariana and I in a chair. "Yes I can't thank you enough.... I could have died.." She said looking at her fingers. "Its not a problem love" I smiled rubbing her back "Can I tell you something..." She trailed off "Of course" I looked at her concerned "You've literally saved my life so many times without even knowing it... My mother and father are both alcoholics drug addicts and they're really abusive on top of being bullied at school... you boys are the only happiness in my life besides Dani Jame and my friends Nikki and his brother Zack but its mainly you guys.... I always watch you guys before I go to school and before bed and when I need to be cheered up" She pulled at her phone and showed me saved and downloaded videos on her phone of us and continued "I started self-harming.. I've attempted suicide... I barely eat... I'm so insecure and self-conscious its not even funny but when I watch you guys I feel like I'm the happiest person along with the most confident person ever..... you guys always made me feel better when I needed it even when you didnt know I existed.. I've recently ran away well today actually... Nikki and Jamie were at my house...  they climb up the side of my house and they woke up up and chilled in my room as I got ready and I did and I was getting my stuff thrown into my back pack while Nikki climbed down. Jamie was looking at pictures and my dad came up yelling I made Jamie go first in case he was gonna hurt me or something I didnt want him to hurt her... I made the decision to run away I always had my suitcase packed and I through it out the window first and then jumped down  to Nikki as my Dad got into my room and left so I'm living with him now... and I hate telling you this but I have a feeling this will be my only chance to let you know how much you all did for me... I mainly watched your videos and You dont understand how much it means that you've saved me without knowing, and then litereally" She kept telling her story... I sat there listening to her tell me all of this and to know that she did all of that made me want to cry she was beautiful and she was hurting like this and to think it drove her to hurt herself "So Thank you for everything" She finished I picked her up and set her down on her feet and walked out and took her with me to a different room where it was just us two.

"Look at me" I told her. She looked at me just staring at my eyes "You don't deserve any of this pain you are beautiful inside and out and to know you were able to spill all of that the minute after I save you literally is amazing you're so strong.I'm so proud of you that you made it this far and I know you'll make it farther. Im glad the suicide attempts didn't work cause I wouldn't of met you. I wouldn't get to see how perfect your smile is or how beautiful you are! You dont deserve to hurt yourself you dont need to starve yourself its all okay now Im happy you got out of that situation" I smiled at her tears forming in her eyes "Can I see your arms" She slowly handed me her arms and I saw the scars and some hidden fresh cuts that were two or three days old. I kissed from her wrist all the way up and did the same to the other one. "All kissed you don't need to do this anymore. How much do you weight.." I asked hesitantly "98 pounds" She said looking down. my heart broke... I lifted her head up by her chin lightly. "I will help you okay thats not healthy You're perfect the way you are. Im going to help you. Come here" I hugged her as she hugged me as tight as she could I still had her phone and it was unlocked still and I put my number in it. Im serious about helping her. "Now here is my number call me anytime I will text you my schedule so you know when you can call or only text I promise Ill be there." She just nodded "Thank you" She smiled and wiped her tears and yawned lightly "Not a problem are you tired?" She just nodded "Cmon we still have awhile before the show we can go back in there and Lay down" I picked her up and walked back into that room and I laid on the opposite couch with her on top of me as she fell asleep Hopefully she wont get in trouble with her boss. I noticed Taylor Matthew Danielle and Jamie looking at us "Shes just tired we had a deep conversation" They nodded and went back to talking. I held Ariana tighter against me as she drifted into a deeper sleep I kissed her forehead "You're safe with me now beautiful" I whispered and fell asleep myself 

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