Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


5. Before the show part three

Ariana's P.O.V
I woke up to someones arms around me tightly and someone underneath me I started to panic untill I realized it had to be Carter. I feel like such an idiot for telling him all of that... But he should know what he and his friends have done for me without even knowing, I mean they do get hate which none of the deserve at all what so ever they deserve to hear something positive. I didnt think he'd react the way he did but I liked it.. He gave me so many butterflies. Wait.. how long have we been asleep? I slip my hand into my back pocket carefully pulled out my phone we had 30 minutes before the show. I looked up to see everyone asleep

"Carter" I spoke softly he just moved his head and held me tighter "Carter cmon wake up" I nuzzled my face into his neck softly "Carter cmon wake up you gotta get ready" He squeezed my waist softly "Sleep good?" He mumbled in his sexy morning voice "I slept great and how'd you sleep?" I asked playing with his hair "knowing you were safe and with me I slept perfectly" He flashed his perfect smile at me I bushed hard and hid my face "Cmon up I have to get everyone up" He groaned softly and sat up with me on his lap. "I don't wanna do my hair Im so tired"  He mumbled rubbing his eyes. I kissed his cheek softly "I'll do your hair if you want me too after I get Mr.Caniff and Mr.Espinsoa awake" He blushed "Okay I'll lay here and wait" He smiled and I just nodded

"MATTHEWWWWWW" I whispered loudly in his ear "hmmmm"He rubbed his eyes "Gotta get up almost time for magcon Mind waking Dani for me?" I smiled he looked at carter to me smiled and nodded "Taylor Taylor Taylor"I kept repeating his name poking him "Yeah whats up?" He asked looking at me with a smile "30 minutes till  Magcon gotta get up mind waking Jame up for so I can do carters hair?" He smiled at me and nodded and started waking her up 

"Carter sit in the dressing room chair" I told him he got up and sat in  the chair with a smile plastered on his face. I brushed all of his hair down in the back an got the spray bottled and damped it with water to train it to stay down. I noticed Carter looking at me through the mirror as he winked; I blushed and went back to doing his hair. I turned into the front and he wrapped his arms around my waist as I gelled his hair into a quiff and he stood up towering over me. 

"You're beautiful you know that right" He whispered tucking a piece of hair behind my ear "You're pretty hot yourself... and thank you" I said looking down "Thank you for caring" I added. He lifted my chin up for my eyes to meet his "I'll always care" He said in almost a whisper starting to lean in. I felt his hot breath on my lips as he pulled me closer to him. Butterflied erupted in my stomach and My skin was tingling from the sparks I was getting when he touched me.. I started close the gap between us as our lips brushed "CARTERRRRRRRRRRRRR WHERE ARE YO- oh shit sorry" Cameron and Shawn busted into the door I mentally groaned as I hid my face in embarrassment and to hide the giant smile and blush on my face. "It's fine guys" He smiled "I'm Ariana" I looked up  and stuck my hand out instead I got the biggest hugs of my life "Im Cameron and thats Shawn but I'm sure you already knew that" He smiled I laughed lightly and nodded "Why don't you guys come hang out with us we can play like 21 questions or something" Shawn offered I nodded as Carter through me over his shoulder "CARTER REYNOLDS PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT" I screamed trying to get free "Nope" He laughed "I'll cry" I said sternly my voice breaking "No NO no" He said and put me down and hugged me tightly "Dont cry thats heartbreaking" He mumbled into my neck may I mind you he has to bend down pretty low since Im 4'11 "Then dont do that" I said sitting in his lap as he sat down since there was no more room 

"Okay we're going to play 21 questions which one of you girls wants to go first" Jack J asked "Ariana wants to we already did it " They point to me. I groan and sigh "You two suck you know that" I rolled my eyes at them "You know you love us" Dani smiled "Yeah cause I dont have a choice" I stuck my tongue out as the boys just watched us bicker they laughed here and there.

"Okay so full name?" Aaron asked
"Ariana Rae Jamenson" I smiled 
"Birthday" Cameron spoke
"July 24th, 1996"
"Any siblings?" Matthew asked "Except for those two and our friends Zach and Nikki Nope" I smiled 
"Biggest fear" Carter asked
"Losing the people I care about, Clown's and thunderstorms..." I nodded as he played with my fingers 
"Favorite song?" Shawn asked 
"Distance & Doing it right both by Jack and Jack of course and Somewhere in neverland by All Time Low" I smiled 
"I like you you're my new favorite" Jack G said 
"Deal!" I laughed 
"Favorite food?" Hayes asked 
"ANYTHING Italian or Chinese or Sea food" I smiled 
"Favorite Magcon boy"Taylor smiled
"I don't have a favorite I love all you boys" I smiled and blushed a little 
"I think you love Carter a tad more" Matt wiggled his eye brows 
"Shut up" Carter through a pillow at him
"Any quirks?" Shawn asked 
"I bite my tongue when I'm mad, when Im upset I bite my lip or I stay quiet. I rub my fingers together when Im about to have an anxiety or panic attack. I flutter my eyes when im angry and I play with my hair when im nervous as well I also cant sleep without something in front of me or behind me" I said
"If you could do anything right now what would it be?"Nash asked 
"To go to bed" I laid my head on Carters shoulder and yawned 
"Nicknames?"Jack J spoke 
"Ari" I nodded 

Carter's P.O.V
Ariana is perfect I can honestly feel myself falling for her and Im falling pretty hard
"BOYS GET READY YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES" the stage director shouted "Hey Ari you're my new best friend" Matthew said she laughed and nodded everyone got up and did their own thing I just sat with Ariana"So you dont like thunderstorms?" I asked "Nope I hate them... I cry and hide in my bed or I sleep in a very small room till its over" she nodded slowly "You don't have to be scared I'll be there you just text or call me if Im not in town" I smiled an kissed her cheek she blushed pretty hard. She started shaking "are you cold" She just nodded I slipped off my hoodie as she stood up and put it on. "Thank you" She smiled and sat back down on my lap. "You know you're safe with me right?" I kissed her temple "I know I am.. its sometimes hard to wrap my head around cause the only real people who have kept me safe are protected me are Dani Jamie Nikki and Zach" she sighed "Well now you have me and Matt and the boys now you're safe with us and protected here too" She just stayed quiet and wrapped her arms around me. "No matter how far you are from me I'm only a call away and I'll fly to you or You to me" I held her hand and laced our fingers together "You're too good for me" She giggled "Only cause you deserve it" I kissed her hand she started playing with her hair a lot "What are you nervous about?" I asked her "You"she said softly "Why me?" 
"You give me so many butterflies its not even funny it makes me want to throw up cause they're so bad You make me feel so weird all gushy and like the only person I ever want to be with is you but I know its not right you just you mean a lot to me"She spoke softly almost barely audible. "you do the same to me" I smiled kissing her temple. We saw the girls start lining up  by the stage and I frowned knowing I had to leave her "Hey no frown I'll be watching you the whole time I'll be here when  you're done" She kissed my forehead "Promise" I pouted she smiled big "I work with you at the meet in greet" I smiled and nodded and stood up and started to walk off. "Wait Carter" She ran towards me "Whats up?" I turned around concerned the guys looked at her too she stood on her tippy toes wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly "Thank you"She whispered I just nodded

God Damn I want to kiss her soooo bad... Oh what the hell. I held her against me and kissed her softly as we pulled away she was a deep shade of red "Ill see you after the show" I pecked her lips one more time and walked out on stage to the screaming of hundreds of fans.

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