Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


3. before the show part 1

Jamie's P.O.V After crying for about two hours of crying literally our eyes nose and cheeks were all red and puffy. Our boss had left for the day knowing he wasnt needed anymore and so Nikki got us Subway for lunch. I was Anorexic for awhile.... three years to be exact but I was forced into rehab... I missed my Ari and Nikki to much so I cooperated and after I got out I went to being Bulimic.. Ari on the other hand Doesnt all... Shes 98 pounds last time I checked.. "Ari you have to eat" Nikki looked at her sternly "Nikki Im eating just very slowly" She glared at him taking another small bite out of her sandwich Nikki sighed loudly "Both of you put your food down" Ariana and I slowly put our food down slowly

 "First Jamie. You're beautiful and I thought that since I first laid eyes on you! You were Anorexic for THREE years. THREE YEARS three to many. You dont need to throw up after every single damn meal you're perfect and I dont want it any other way" He took a pause "And Ariana Quit starving yourself dammit this is going on 5 years now FIVE. You both are down right gorgeous and everyone is a fucking idiot who says otherwise I love you both with all of my heart you two are my everything and I wouldnt have it any other way. Now you dont have to finish all of this but I want you to start trying to eat more for me.... please." He said we both just nodded and hugged him and ate a bit more "

"Are you three working today for Magcon?" A Hispanic 6'3 guy asked "He's not but Me and my friend Ariana are" I said standing up with Ariana and walking towards him as Nikki picked up our trash "Heres your badges and passes ladies show anyone this pass and they'll let you in and if you get locked out swipe your badge down the sensor and it'll open" He smiled at us "Thank you" We said in unison as he left. We looked at each other and sighed. We hugged Nikki tightly "Ill pick you guys after" He kissed our foreheads and left. "Are you ready for this???" I asked putting my name tag on while smiling realizing the best day of my life, the moment I was going to want to relive OVER and over again was going to happen tonight. "Well considering we BOTH just cried for two hours literally and I'm still shaking making it literally impossible for me to breathe right now" She took a deep breathe I giggled at how nervous she was "Shut up don't laugh at me!" She groaned "You know I love you" I laughed a little louder this time "Oh shut up no you dont" She rolled her eye then hugged me as we slipped our badges into the plastic slip that holds our backstage passes and we ran to the back room grabbed our backpacks and ran for the bathroom as we heard shouting and laughing. 

Ariana's P.O.V
"Make up fixxxxx!!!" I drug the x long as I pulled out all of our make up out of our back  packs and lined them perfectly in rows on the counter. We washed our faces completely so no make up was left and we reapplied everything but in the same exact colors.

I applied foundation all over my face after all of it getting blended it into my face, I lightly rubbed concealer under my eyes to help the foundation hide the bags under my eyes and on my eye lids to hide the veins popping out more since im tired; I then applied powder to hide the shininess of the light reflecting on the foundation and concealer and to smooth my skin better. After applied my Eyeliner on my top and bottom water lines;  I applied my Eye Shadow the same as before perfectly and I was finished. "Done" I smiled at my face knowing I hid everything meaning my ugliness "Me too Hair fix?" She asked I nodded as I brushed my hair softly fixing my bangs so the bangs fell to the side perfectly I smiled "Ready?" She asked I hesitantly nod putting our make up into our bags. I noticed letters in Aris backpack I wondered what those were. We walked to the spare dressing room and put our bags in there. We were told it wasnt behind used tonight so it was our go to room. we walked out to hear shouting and laughing we started to walk the other direction 

"OH! OH! GIRLS!!! ARIANA! JAMIE!!!" Our names were shouted causing us to jump and flip around to see our friend Danielle. "Dani whats up whats wrong" Jamie asked concerned "The wiring is all wrong with the DJ system and the speakers the guys were wrong and didn't do it right and the show is in like an hour" She started hyperventilating "SEE I told Nikki too quit staring at the girl but noooo" I said irritated "We have to do something!!!" Dani exclaimed "Go sit in the room and calm down Ari and I got this" Jamie spoke I noticed the shouting and laughing stopped I looked over to see magcon boys staring at us. "Thank you so much" She hugged us both and we walked on stage. Right. Past. The. Boys. I blushed but hid my face "Jame you get the DJ system Ill deal with the speaker help me up there first" I told her since the speaker was 6x my height. Shes busted me up by my foot and I pulled myself up ontop of the speaker. "Ari please PLEASE don't fall" She pleaded "I'll be fine" I smiled I laid on my stomach and started rewiring the speakers properly 

"Jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I sung "Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss?" She mocked "Playy My First kiss by 3OH!3" I smiled she nodded and pressed play and the speakers work. "YES! YOU GUYS ARE LIFE SAVERS" Dani screamed we smiled and just nodded I stood up slowly trying to make sure I didn't fall off the speaker. Next thing I know im falling off the speaker screaming 

Jamie's P.O.V 
I heard a scream and I flipped around to see Ariana falling "ARI!!!!" I shouted frozen in my spot I squeezed my eyes shut tightly screamed and started crying waiting for the crash of her body to hit the floor and to open my eyes and see her heard bleeding but.. i heard nothing... only muffled cries and someones arms wrap around me. I started freaking out till I looked up and saw Taylor Caniff holding me against his chest telling me shes okay.... Someone fucking pinch me... the Taylor Caniff is holding me.... then my thoughts snapped back to my best friend and I started crying.. as he began to speak "Hey shhhhhh She's okay I promise she's not hurt" He whispered I cried wanting to turn around but didnt dare "A-Ariana....." I choked out Taylor just rubbed my back and held me tighter "She's okay she's shaken up no blood you can turn around" I heard someone say I think it was Shawn I turned around to see my best friend in Carter Reynolds arms. "She just passed out from shock" He looked at me I smiled lightly and nodded. "Thank you" I thanked all of them and I got around of its okay not a problem and you're welcome "You can bring her back here" I shyly spoke as they followed me to the back. This is going to be very interesting..

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