Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


9. Bed time

Matthew's P.O.V We all were currently laying in the living room watching a movie the girls were in t-shirts and boxers so Dani was in mine and Jamie in Taylors, and all of us were in sweatpants and shirtless . I had Danielle cuddled against my chest on the floor holding onto me,we were watching Insidious two. Dani and I were on the floor next to us was Taylor and Jamie and then Nash and Cameron were passed out with Nashs head on Cams shoulder and everyone else was sprawled out everywhere else either on top of each other or next to each other. Dani jumped looked into my chest I laughed  slightly "You're okay its only a movie" I smiled and kissed her forehead "You're warm" She mumbled getting closer to me with no space in between "Your cold?" I asked  she nodded. I put both arms around her and through a blanket ontop of us and she smiled and kissed the side of my chest and sighed slightly. I swear this girl can put a million butterflies in my stomach each time she touches me. I saw carter walking down the stairs with a smile on his face. 

"Carter whats up man you got a pretty big smile on your face." I smirked. I already knew what had happened they probably made out or something cause his face is red too. He really liked Ariana. I havent seen him this way about anyone at all before. "Nothing just glad shes safe. I think shes heading to bed im not sure im taking her Pizza shes in the shower right now" He said from the kitchen We all said okay as he walked up stairs 

Ariana's P.O.V Kissing Carter... Thats something I will never get tired of... EVER. I put my bra back on and through his boxers and t-shirt on. I brushed my hair and braided it so it would wave in the next day. I put on some of deodorant I had in my back pack and smiled walking out of the bathroom. "Seeee Im right here told you I would be" Carter winked.

Oh..... my.....god... He was shirtless and in sweatpants. SHIRTLESS! Im dying inside I get butterflies jsut from him being him and they're really intense but like that it gets 20x worse its almost painful.. "I know you promised me and Im happy you're here and I dont ever want you to leave" I smiled in a bubbly two year old type voice. I got you Pizza if you wanted it, and everyone is downstairs watching a movie if you want to go down there. Ill go anywhere you go" He wrapped his arms around me from behind. "We can have a movie day another  day. Can you and I just lay up here and watch tv" I asked shyly he nodded and looked down at me and just smiled "What?" I giggled blushing hiding my face. "Nothing you're just beautiful" He smiled "Flirt" I kissed his cheek laying on the bed "Only for you" He smiled plopping down next to me laying on his side facing me

"I'm so glad you're okay" He mumbled quietly rolling on his back "Listen to me" I swung a leg over him and I was straddling his stomach. "You promised me I was alwaysss going to be safe as long as you're around right?" I intertwined our fingers in both hands. "Yea" He nodded "And you got to me before anything else happened sure im still petrified but I know im safe with you... and the boys.. mainly you. I trust you more than anything so dont think I dont okay?" He smiled up at me "Theresss my smileee" I said like a three year old dragging out word. Not thinking I bent down and kissed him but the pulled away quickly "Ari its okay" He pecked my lips "I know I just it feels kinda weird cause we aren't together and you could get a girlfriend and it'd all go away"I gave a side smile and he looked at me "Only time it would stop is if I couldn't handle it cause you're too damn gorgeous! Im only yours together or not" He smiled and kissed me. I want to be his more than anything but Im scared... I let out a yawn "Lay down and sleep Ill see you in the morning" He kissed me one last time "Can I see Hayes and Shawn first...." I trailed off He and walked out two seconds later coming in with my two best friends. "Thank you guys" I hugged the both of them kissing their cheeks and getting it back in return. "We're just glad you okay get some rest okay?" Shawn smiled and gave me a gentle squeeze did the bro handshake with carter and gave him a hug and left. "Mr.Hayes thank you for calming down I loveeee you" I drug out the e smiling "You're welcome you didnt deserve to be crying broke my heart" He smiled hugging me tightly but not enough to hurt me "I know goodnight tell everyone I said goodnight and we are gonna talk in the morning" He nodded kissed my forehead hugged Carter and walked down stairs. 

I crawled into Carter's bed and got into the spot closest to the wall throwing the blankets ontop of my body"Come here" Carter crawled in behind me and held me as close as he could, leaving no space between him and I. He turned on batman and kissed my cheek lips head or forehead every now and then. I started to does off but tried fighting it"No sleep beautiful you've had a long LONG day rest" Carter whispered into my ear sleepily. I nodded and let myself fall into a deep sleep along with Carter 

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