Can anyone save me?

Ariana Rae Jamenson fell in love with the magcon boys over mine. They brought a smile to her face despite her depression. What happens when her boss surprises her with VIP tickets to the Summer Magcon?


8. Barely made it

Carter's P.O.V I knew she thought it was her fault all the girls did but it wasnt we promised them they would be kept safe and Im sticking to that other may not but I will... She walked out of the house and I knew where she was going I took Shawn with me cause Shawn was close to Ari I also had Hayes with me cause her and Hayes are like twins and everyone else stayed at the house. I pulled up to her dads house I knew she wasn't going to Nikkis just by the look on her face. We immediately ran up to the door leaving the car running andI gelp herHayes in the car. "DADDY STOP!" We heard her scream I started picking the lock and once I got it open Shawn and I darted up the stairs barging into every room till we saw her dad molesting her he had four fingers inside of her.... thank god... we barely made it before he completely raped her.. IM still pissed as fuck so is Shawn, Shawn pulled Ariana into his chest sliding her shorts back on as I beat the ever living shit out of her dad "Touch her every again I swear to god this will be WAY fucking worse" I punched him in the nose and I heard it crack good. I hit his head against the bed and floor and he passed out. Ariana had woken up sobbing her eyes own Shawn holding her close rubbing her back "I-I-Im sorry" She stuttered and gasped for air "Hey shhh Calm down its okay. Nothing is you're fault. Lets go Hayes is in the car" I told her pulling her into a tight hug not letting go of her. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me tightly and held Shawns hand with the other around my neck. She was so light it was easy to carry her. "We wont let you go ever ever ever again or this will happen again. You mean too much to all of us" Shawn said kissing her forehead. We got into the car and I slid her into the back with Hayes "ARI!" He hugged her she hugged him back still crying. He had her lay her head on his lap and he rubber her back and played with her hair till she fell asleep.

Hayes' P.O.V I loved Ariana. Shes my best friend to be honest I think her and I have more in common then Nash and I do. Dont get me wrong I love Nash hes my brother even though he can be an asshole. "You're pretty good at that Hayes" Carter spoke up with pain in his voice breaking the dead silence. "She needs the sleep. What did her so called father do to her besides beat her you seem pretty hurt.." I trailed off "He molested her" Shawn's voice was lined with worry and pain. "He needs to be locked away in a penitentiary or Prison I dont care he needs to be taken away" I kissed her temple softly and continued to rub her back. I knew Carter liked her and She liked Carter.. I've never seen Carter this way with someone so I knew he was pretty hurt. "Carter man are you okay.. I know how much she means to you. She means the world to you. just as she does us but you know what I mean" He nodded "Yeah I just.. I should of stopped her. You dont understand the amount of feelings I have for her its so so SO weird. I dont want anyone else hugging her kissing her touching her anything besides me. I mean its one thing if its you guys cause I knew you'd never hurt me like that" He said "Exactly we wouldn't and she likes you too when she saw you fighting she wanted nothing more to just run straight into your arms but once he left its like her whole world came caving in" Shawn said rubbing his shoulder 

We pulled into the drive way and Carter grabbed Ariana "Mmm.." She started to wake up "Shhhh its only me. Lay you're head down go back to bed you're safe" She barely nodded and nuzzled her forehead into his neck we walked in the house and everyone shot up "Is she okay please tell me shes okay" Jamie and Dani started flipping out "Her Dad beat her... and molested her but we got there before anything else happened" Shawn said. "Carter you look like you're going to break down man let me see her" I offered he nodded and handed her to me "Be careful" He spoke up walking to the bathroom I nodded and carried her up the stairs laying her in Carter's bed "no.." She mumbled as I laid her down "S-stop" She started freaking out in herself "Shhhhh Ari its Hayes you're okay" I held her close till Carter came back "She started freaking out in her sleep" He nodded  gave me a hug and got close to her 

Carter's P.O.V I love her so much its not even funny I just want her to be mine already but I know shes not ready shes probably still absolutely terrified of her last relationship I ate my pizza coming up the stairs and I was gonna see if she wanted any "Ariana wake up" I mumbled rubbing her stomach "hmm"She turned over in her sleep  into my chest "Are you hungry the Pizza is here" I kissed her forehead "No" She mumbled "Okay ill leave you to sleep goodnight beautiful" I kissed her forehead getting up I turn around and she grabs my hand with my light shining near her face. I saw her bloodshot eyes looking up at me "Stay..." She pleaded "Hes not touching you ever. You're with us now" I smiled she cuddled into my chest "Thank you im so so so so so so so so sorry" She started to cry "Hey hey shhhhh its okay its not you're fault calm down" I held her tightly "Dont let him take me" she mumbled "I wont I promise and neither will anyone else. Why dont you get a shower to relax you. here are a pair of boxers and a t-shirts and ill  be here after okay" I helped her up "Okay.." She hugged me tightly "Its okay now" I soothed and lifted her chin up I wasn't fighting it anymore. "You make me feel better in the worst situations possible" She smiled slightly wiping a tear.I smiled down at her and kissed her holding her tightly.  She didnt hesitate she kissed me back instantly. "I'm not leaving you ever Im here to stay" I broke the kiss "I know" She whispered I hugged her and handed her the clothes. "im gonna run down stairs get you food and be back up okay" She just nodded flipping the bathroom light on as I turned around she grabbed my hand "One more kiss" She smiled. I smirked and pecked her lips three times. "Ill be back"She shut the bathroom door as I walked down stairs with my heart rate going a Millions of miles an hour. 

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