What happened after Blood of Olympus


1. A Day to Remember

It was a day to remember. Leo Valdez, now 26 years old was finally getting what he thought was the happiest ending he could ever get. They'd all succeeded. After spending all those months when he was fifteen convinced that one of his friends, or even he wouldn't live through their battle with the earth mother, Leo was finally getting to marry the girl of his dreams. It hadn't been an easy road getting to where they were now, but he and Calypso couldn't have been happier.

After Leo and Festus had rescued Calypso from her island exile, they spent several months sailing around to nowhere in particular and enjoying where they ended up. And then one morning they docked in somewhere Leo thought he might never see again. New Rome. Of course an advancing warship is sure to draw some attention and Leo and Calypso were facing quite a crowd when they finally docked and left the boat. And then Leo noticed the crowd parting like the Red Sea. And to his utter joy, he saw three familiar faces, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque and Reyna Ramírez-Arellano.

Leo didn't think he'd ever been so happy to see Frank who he thought had grown even taller since the last time he'd seen him, if that was even possible. Hazel was also taller and looked less like a child and more like an adult. She had to be nearing fifteen now, Leo thought, so it made sense that she looked older. Of course Leo was bombarded with hugs and kisses from Hazel and he even received several hugs from Frank. And then Leo introduced them to Calypso. Hazel being the old romantic she was, was absolutely overjoyed. She knew the torment Leo had felt whilst he had been away from Calypso.

Leo was thrilled to see his friends again and had told them he planned to journey to Camp Half-Blood soon to set things right with his friends there. But Frank and Hazel had better news. Jason, busy with his duties as Pontifex Maximus, was at Camp Jupiter and would be returning to Camp Half-Blood in two days. Without waiting to hear anything else, Leo grabbed Calypso's hand and raced up from the city to the camp.

It was just inside the camp boundaries that Leo saw him. Blonde and tall with glasses perched haphazardly on his nose. His best friend.

"Straighten those glasses Grace!" Leo called.

Jason spun around, his eyes widening to the size of saucers when he saw who had shouted to him. Jason could barely fathom words. He stood there utterly dumbfounded for several minutes before slowly and a little awkwardly walking towards Leo and giving him a hug.

"I-I thought you were gone." Jason said. "Nico and Hazel. They told us. We tried everything. But they said they'd felt it. You were gone. And the mist."

Leo smiled. "I did what I had to do. Hazel and Frank, they understood and I asked Hazel to do that trick with the mist. I took the physician's cure and I used it."

Jason smiled, tears forming in his eyes. "So where have you been for all this time? It's been nearly eighteen months. I mean why didn't you let us know?"

Leo took Calypso's hand. "I had my priorities. And I knew you guys would be okay without me. But I managed to get to Ogygia and I managed to break this curse!"

Calypso smiled. "You must be Jason." She said, holding out her hand to shake. "Leo never shuts up about you. I mean if I didn't know any better I'd think Piper had some competition!"

Jason laughed and shook her hand. "You're Calypso. The reason my best friend was so down for weeks."

She smiled. "Just trying to keep him on his toes. Why else would he have come back for me?"

Leo faked a hurt look. "I would too have come back for you. Even though you were mean to me. I had to fix that dining table and start our shop!"

Two days later, Jason, Calypso and Leo left Camp Jupiter for Camp Half-Blood. Leo was so excited to see the rest of his friends and introduce them all to Calypso. They docked shortly afterwards and Piper, who'd been anticipating Jason's arrival thought she was dreaming when she saw the Argo II. She raced down the docks and let out a strangled cry when she saw Leo. She ran towards him, tackling him in a hug.

"You were dead!" She shouted. "How did you get here? Where have you been?"

Leo nodded his head towards Calypso who was helping Jason with something.

"I had my priorities Pipes. And I'm sorry for that trick with the physician's cure. I had to do it. I needed you all to think I was dead. I needed time to find her. We've been happy. We've been travelling. We landed in New Rome quite accidentally. Found Hazel and Frank who seemed happy to see me though."

Piper smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I thought you were dead. We all did. Nico said he felt it. You were gone. Jason and I hoped for so long that somehow he'd been wrong but you never showed up. We were only just starting to believe that maybe Nico was right."

Leo shook his head. "It's going to take much more than some stupid earth goddess to kill this Bad Boy Supreme!"

Piper laughed.

"Now come on!" Leo said. "Come meet my lovely girlfriend."

Ten minutes later, Piper and Calypso were chatting like they'd known each other forever and Leo was beginning to feel sorry that he'd introduced the two. And then he saw the approaching pair. A boy with black hair and a girl with blonde hair. Percy and Annabeth. Leo raced down to them.

"Surprised you two are still here." He said with a smirk.

"Not as surprised as we were when we heard that there was a surprise waiting for us in the dock. You might imagine how shocked we were when we saw the Argo II." Annabeth said.

Leo nodded as she left to speak to Piper. Leo turned back to Percy.

"Hey man. It's good to see you." Percy said. "Did you find her?"

Leo nodded. "That's where I've been. We went travelling. Ended up in New Rome and came back with Jason. What's been going on here in my absence? Everything falling apart without me?"

Percy chuckled. "Well. I mean a lot has happened. Annabeth and I spent the majority of last year in Manhattan going to school. Piper stayed here most of the time and Jason had been busy with his Pontifex Maximus title. Oh and Coach Hedge and his wife had their baby! Delivered by Will Solace. His name is Chuck. And the craziest thing yet? I mean even crazier than the fact that apparently Nico had a crush on me. Him and Will are together. Like together together."

Leo smiled. He'd always had some sneaking suspicion about the son of Hades and his feelings for the son of Poseidon. But the best news yet was that now Nico finally got to be happy. Leo noticed Percy looking wistfully at the boat. He knew Percy must be having some strange feelings right now at the thought of the girl who had once loved him being less that twelve feet away.

That night after Leo had spoken to every camper possible and been bombarded with hugs and questions from all his Hephaestus brothers and sisters, Nyssa being the worst, they had a campfire. Coach Hedge was there with his wife Mellie and their son. The Satyr Grover Underwood say by Annabeth and Percy with Juniper. On the other side of the campfire Leo spotted Nico DiAngelo staring into the flames. He was at beside Will Solace and the two were holding hands. They looked happy. Leo was sat beside Jason and Piper and Calypso was nestled into his side.

Leo thought back to that memory often. He liked to remember that time. Now here he was, his wedding day, making even more memories with the people who were his family. His true family. Leo stood at the altar, Jason beside him. When they had decided to get married, Leo had instantly asked Jason to be his best man. To Leo, there had been no other person he could ask. Calypso had asked Piper to be her maid of honour. She had also asked Annabeth, Hazel and Reyna to be her bridesmaids.

As Leo waited for his bride to arrive he looked around. The people in the audience brought him great joy. The Hephaestus cabin took up almost one whole side of the room. There were various other demigods from both camps present as well. On the other side of the room Leo could see Percy who was sat at the front holding his and Annabeth's daughter Anastasia. Beside him was Frank who was sat awkwardly beside Nico. Frank was holding Emily, his and Hazel's four year old daughter, named after Frank's mother. Nico was awkwardly holding Sammy, Frank and Hazel's two year old son, named after Leo's great grandfather. Baby Sammy loved his Uncle Nico but Nico wasn't so good at dealing with children. Will Solace was sat beside Nico, laughing at him as baby Sammy pulled Nico's hair. Will had been entrusted with caring for Aaron, Leo and Calypso's three year old son. Will absolutely loved Aaron and Aaron loved everyone. Reyna's husband Stefan sat next to Will, whom he had become good friends with. Stefan was holding his and Reyna's son Harry Nico Gonzales.

Jason and Piper's six year old twins Jessica Thalia and Daniel Leo were sat behind Stefan and Will and were immersed in discussion about something or other. Beside them sat Coach a Hedge and his wife Mellie with their son Chuck who by now was eleven. Grover Underwood was also there with his new wife Juniper. Tyson and Ella were also there.

Leo turned back to Jason just as the ceremonial music began and the doors opened. The first to enter the room was Annabeth. Reyna followed and then Hazel. Piper was the last to enter. Leo and Calypso, upon deciding to get married had been determined to keep away from the traditional weddings. Instead of centrepieces, each table at their reception would have a tiny fire burning in the middle, courtesy of Leo. The bridesmaids were dressed is long white dresses. The dresses were adorned with beautiful red roses and each carried a tiny bouquet of red roses. And then Leo's bride entered. In that moment nothing else on earth mattered to him. She of course looked beautiful. She was dressed in a long red dress and her amber hair was hanging down around her shoulders.

She eventually reached the altar and handed her bouquet of white roses to Piper, who stood behind her. Calypso took Leo's hand and he felt a spark of electricity run up his arm. He could never quite get used to how he felt when Calypso touched him. It felt like being woken up. He had to concentrate hard not to burst into flames though he had becoming far better at controlling his power recently.

The couple exchanged vows and rings and then they kissed. Leo felt like is whole body was going to short circuit but he didn't care. He let the feeling engulf him. He'd never been so happy. As the pair turned to exit the room, Leo could have sworn he saw a man in overalls, who was covered in grease and grime leave the room. He couldn't be sure but if he had to make any guesses he could have sworn his father had been in attendance of his wedding.

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