m.g.c • Babe

We all know Mikey's girlpassion, and this got him in a very bad position, when he met this mysterious girl..

He's speechless, cause the fact that he's Michael Clifford, doesn't help him out this time, and he'll seriously have to fight for what he want this time!.


1. Sienna

Babe- CHPT 1

Jeez, im late again!

How come I just can't get my lazy butt out of bed? Shouldn't be that hard tho.

Anyways I'll have to hurry up if I don't wanna be late. The parents aren't here cause they had to get to work early. Told me that same old story; it's just today honey, it'll soon get better. I smell lying. or wish thinking maybe.

Through the shower i hurry and throw on a thong and a push up bra. Then brushing my soaked hair with one hand, I attempt to apply makeup with the other. As it now is fall i figured that i'd put on some matte bordeaux lipstick because why not. As i apply it stressed as i am i drop it, fuck, it lands and rests on my pushed up breast. call that girlpower.

The poop brown color of my hair got me like.. ugh, at least my eyebrows can be on fleek today. I blowdry the shit and my clumsy self nearly smashed the closet door in the face of my irritating fuckboy of a brother.

-get out of my room will ya? i smack at him. oh that sibling love

-hakuna ma- he starts

-oh fuck of, i say kicking his butt out the door

hes such a wimp

shit shit the time is running so i just end up wearing a white ralph tee because mainstream long live, not really but eh, and a pair of highwaisted black skinny distressed jeans. On my way out the door i grab my black leather shoulder bag and throw on my black leather jacket, a pair of black leather shoes, no lol just kidding, thats a whole lot of black leather- last i just wear my high black converse. Still black tho- thats my fave color.

When I arrive at the school there's maybe like 2 min till first period begins and my best friend Ilyanna is tripping her toes at the stairs, waiting for me. We have this silent agreement. Better late for classes together. Basically meaning that we always wait out for each other.

-Hi Ily, I shout breathing heavely from my fast pace, across the big plain lawn.

-Hiya!, she shouts back releaved

- hurry up Sien! We're late!

I run towards her and we rush to our lockers.

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