m.g.c • Babe

We all know Mikey's girlpassion, and this got him in a very bad position, when he met this mysterious girl..

He's speechless, cause the fact that he's Michael Clifford, doesn't help him out this time, and he'll seriously have to fight for what he want this time!.


2. Mikey

Mikeys POV

Her lips against mine

It just feels so good

But means nothing

Nothing at all

I look in to her gorgeous eyes

Her long blond hair softly drifting over my chest

This girl looks so perfect, but makes me feel absolutely nothing

At all

Im tired of this meaningless being with random hot girls

Girls who only want me cause im me

Michael Clifford

Cause i play in a band, and lets just say im pretty rich

I push her away from me and she looks a bit confused, but that's all. She's not even sad. I'm a bit ashamed as I throw a shirt on and pull the zip in my pants and can't help but blush. Why do I always get into stuff like this? I just feel so crappy and broken as I storm out in the filled street.

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