m.g.c • Babe

We all know Mikey's girlpassion, and this got him in a very bad position, when he met this mysterious girl..

He's speechless, cause the fact that he's Michael Clifford, doesn't help him out this time, and he'll seriously have to fight for what he want this time!.


3. Lunch

Siennas POV

- Ugh!. He's just soooo.. UGH!!.

-I know your boyfriend just broke up Ily but can't you just like forget for just 2 min? I'm seriously starving, help me look for a place to eat!

-I just wish I did it before he did, then I could have told everyone I dumped him instead! Now I just look like a complete loser

Ilyanna and walked down the street to get some lunch.

We decided to skip the rest of the school day as my parents will never know, and she kinda wanna show hers who rules.

-Oh! There's a hotdog stand!

-fine, Sien- tbh I don't care what we eat right now..

I looked at her. Well that was wierd. Very wierd. Normally we kinda had fights over where to eat our lunch. I remember one time she almost ripped my hair out just to NOT eat at Taco Bell!. But obviously not today..

-C'mon Ily! Seriously, do you want to eat clammy, disgusting, smelly hotdogs?, I said teasing

- Oh stop it Sien! Just go and buy your hotdog before I change my mind!

We walked and smalltalked for a while and I got her to eat some of my hotdog, as we turned around a corner I bumped directly into someone, and as I fell on my butt with hotdog sauce all over me I felt so ashamed and awkward!

-Auch! I shouted

-eww watch it you idiot! ffs!..

I looks up and saw boy around my age with flaming red hair, looking down at the huge sauce spots on his shirt.

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