Bullied By Ambrose & Saved By Reigns (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
Dean Ambrose, a Senior who plays a bully, cold hearted, mean spirited guy at school to be cool with his friends Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Out of school, he is the world's sweetest person and the warmest hearted guy. Kim is a girl who gets bullied at school and barely loved by her brother and her mother who can barely help herself. Kim's only great escape to be happy is the internet, where she tells her story to another person on a chat site. That other person happened to be no other then... Dean Ambrose, who goes under the name "LunaticFringe." The stories "iAmBroken" tells "LunaticFringe" starts adding up to the things he does to Kim. Roman Reigns starts to feel bad for Kim and starts to defend her secretly. He soon starts falling for her, but gets broken when Kim doesn’t feel the same way for him like “LunaticFringe”. When prom comes, Dean picks up "iAmBroken" as his date and when he sees her, both is in shock as he's been the one she's been talking about on the site.


12. The Never Ending Story

(The Next Month - A Few Days Before Graduation) 

Kim: *cleaning out her locker* 

Dean: *sees kim* 

Roman: *walks up to kim* Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and hugs roman* Hey. 

Roman: So I guess after this week, it's goodbye right? 

Kim: Just for now. *smiles* I'll be back in town to visit my mom and brother. 

Roman: Right. *chuckles* You really are a smart person Kim. 

Kim: Thanks? *chuckles* 

Roman: Sorry for calling you stupid a while back. 

Kim: Oh no, it's all good. We all have ours days. *smiles* 

Dean: *walks up to roman and kim* Hey! *smiles* What's going on? 

Kim: *gets a little uncomfortable* Cleaning out lockers Dean. 

Dean: Right. So, going to Julliard huh? 

Kim: Yeah how'd you... 

Dean: Who doesn't know their crushes schedule or know the college they applied to. 

Roman: Creeper. It's ok, I got your back Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Thanks. I know I can always count on you Roman. 

Dean: *laughs* I didn't mean it like that. 

Kim: *chuckles* Right. 

Dean: Hey! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles shyly* 

Roman: Well after this, let's all go eat after school and catch up with eachother. 

Dean: Yeah, sounds great to me. 

Seth: Can I come? 

Roman: Seth. 

Seth: Yeah, it's me. *smiles* 

Dean: *looks at seth* 

Seth: I guess it's a no huh?  

Kim: *smiles* Of course not. You're more than welcome to come.  

Roman: Yeah, after what we've been thru, why not invite you. 

Seth: Thanks bro, I mean... is it ok to call you that? 

Dean: Like Roman said, after everything we done for eachother... Of course we're still brothers. Brothers are gonna fight, but at the end of the day, they're still brothers.  

Seth: *smiles* Thanks Dean. *looks at kim* Oh I meant to tell you, you were beautiful at prom. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Thanks Seth. 

Roman: She did, lucky for Dean, he got to take her. *smiles* 

Dean: *smiles* Yeah, she was beautiful that night, but everyday she's beautiful too. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks guys. 

Seth: Well the bells about to ring for lunch, I'm gonna head to the line before it gets packed. 

Roman: Alright. 

Seth: *walks off* 

Kim: Hey Seth! 

Seth: *turns around* 

Kim: No cutting in line. *smiles* 

Seth: *smiles and walks off* 

Roman: Yeah, I have to go too. I gotta turn in my books, can't be on probation when I want that diploma. *smiles* 

Dean: *laughs* Yeah you better go. 

Roman: See you guys later. *walks off* 

Kim: *looks at dean*  

Dean: Just to let you know, the Lunatic's been going crazy not getting to talk to you. 

Kim: *chuckles* Well tell that Lunatic that his girl's been broken because he hasn't wrote to her in a while. 

Dean: *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles* I'm gonna clean out my locker. *faces her locker* 

Dean: Kim. 

Kim: *looks at dean* Yeah? 

Dean: I'm gonna miss you when you go. 

Kim: *smiles softly and then hugs dean tightly* I'll miss you too. 

Roman: *sees kim hugging dean* 

Dean: *hugs kim* 

Roman: *forces a smile and walks off* 

Kim: *looks at dean and smiles happy*  

Dean: *looks into kims eyes* I still love you Kim, even though you don't anymore. 

Kim: *chuckles* Maybe just a crush I do. *smiles* 

Dean: *smiles* 

Kim: *puts her arms around deans neck* 

Dean: *looks at kim lips then her eyes* 

Kim: *slowly moves her head forward and gives dean a peck on the lips* Take care Dean. *walks off* 

Dean: *quickly grabs onto kims hand* 

Kim: *looks at her hand then dean* 

Dean: *pulls kim and hugs her* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* I love you too Dean. *looks at dean and then walks off* 

(After School) 

Seth: Where's Roman? 

Dean: I don't know, he said to meet here, but he's not here yet. 

Kim: *arrives* 

Seth: Oh there's Kim. 

Dean: Yeah, but where's Roman? *gets out his phone and calls roman* 

Voice Service: I'm sorry the number you dial is not in service right now, please call again later. 

Roman: Sorry, I got caught at the red light, but we ready to go in? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: *sits next to dean and across from roman* 

Seth: So how did this who friendship bond happen? 

Dean: It's actually a long story, but we'll make it short. *smiles* 

(Story Starts Over Again)

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