Bullied By Ambrose & Saved By Reigns (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
Dean Ambrose, a Senior who plays a bully, cold hearted, mean spirited guy at school to be cool with his friends Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Out of school, he is the world's sweetest person and the warmest hearted guy. Kim is a girl who gets bullied at school and barely loved by her brother and her mother who can barely help herself. Kim's only great escape to be happy is the internet, where she tells her story to another person on a chat site. That other person happened to be no other then... Dean Ambrose, who goes under the name "LunaticFringe." The stories "iAmBroken" tells "LunaticFringe" starts adding up to the things he does to Kim. Roman Reigns starts to feel bad for Kim and starts to defend her secretly. He soon starts falling for her, but gets broken when Kim doesn’t feel the same way for him like “LunaticFringe”. When prom comes, Dean picks up "iAmBroken" as his date and when he sees her, both is in shock as he's been the one she's been talking about on the site.


2. Our Little Secret

Kim: *sitting in the back of class thinking about roman* 

Roman: *walks into class* 

Kim: *sees roman and quickly looks down* 

Roman: *sits next to kim* 

Kim: *panics hard* 

Roman: *slowly* Hi. 

Kim: *looks at roman* Hu... Hi. 

Roman: I'm sorry what Dean and Seth did to you this week. 

Kim: *looking at the desk scared* No, it's ok, I'm used to it. 

Roman: I'm Roman Reigns. 

Kim: I'm Kim Royce.  

Roman: It's nice to meet you Kim. 

Kim: *trying to calm down* 

Roman: I don't know why you let people walk on you like that. 

Kim: Like what? 

Roman: Let me tell you something. 

Kim: Ok. 

Roman: *serious* Look at me. 

Kim: *ignores romans request* 

Roman: I said look at me. 

Kim: *shakes her head* 

Roman: *grabs kim by the chin and makes her look at him* Look at me when I'm talking to you. 

Kim: *swallows hard* 

Roman: *moves his hand* I know you don't like my friends, and maybe me, but I'm not a bully like them. I stand up against it. 

Kim: *nods scared* 

Roman: I'm willing to protect you if you keep it a secret from everyone and especially them. 

Kim: Ok. 

Roman: But it'll be under one condition. 

Kim: What? 

Roman: I'll only protect you when you're on your own, with them, I won't even know you at all. 

Kim: Oak... ok.  

Roman: Good. 

Mrs. Yen: *walks into class* Sorry, I'm late class. 

Roman: *gets up and walks to his assign seat* 

Mrs. Yen: Let's take... 

Roman: *raises his hand* 

Mrs. Yen: Yes? 

Roman: Can we sit in alphabetical order? *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks back down quickly* 

Mrs. Yen: Uh, yes we can. I'll change it this weekend and I'll assign you guys next week ok. 

Roman: Thanks. 


Kim: *getting snacks by the vending machine* 

Dean: *grabs the snack from kim* Thanks. *walks off* 

Kim: *annoyed* 

Roman: *looks at kim and then walks off with dean* 

Kim: *writing in her journal by her locker* 

Roman: Hey. 

Kim: Oh. Hey. *closes her book* 

Roman: Why you'd close it? 

Kim: It's kind of private. 

Roman: What writing love letters? 

Kim: No, it's actually my dairy; I write what people do to me. 

Roman: What people do to you? 

Kim: Yeah, so I can bring it with me to heaven whenever I die and god can see what cruel people they are. And I hope he tortures them for it. 

Roman: Ouch. Am I in it? 

Kim: I can't say it. 

Roman: I am ain't I? 

Kim: No names are allowed to be said. *puts it in her locker and closes it* See you around faker. *walks off* 

Roman: Faker? What the fuck. *walks off* 


Kim: *waiting in line* 

Seth: Cutter. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Dean: Yeah! Why you cutting in line again! 

Kim: *gasp* I am not... 

Mr. Jameson: Are you cutting in line miss? 

Kim: No! I would never cut in line Mr. Jameson. They're trying to cut me! 

Mr. Jameson: Are you guys? 

Roman: No, never. 

Kim: *gives roman and upset look* 

Roman: *mouths* Sorry. *shrugs his shoulder* 

Seth: Send her to the back Mr. Jameson, this is day two already. 

Kim: You guys want this spot so badly! Take it! You guys act like the line is so long and you won't get to eat and will starve to death! *gets out of line and heads to the back* 

Roman: *feels bad* 

Dean: *looks back and feels bad* 

Kim: *tries to not cry* 

Mr. Jameson: Can I talk to you. *pulls kim out of line* Did you cut in line? 

Kim: No Mr. Jameson, I would never cut in line. I may be poor and I may not have a rich and happy family like other's, but my mom taught me one thing and that's respect. I would never disrespect anyone and cut them in line.  

Mr. Jameson: Are you sure? 

Kim: If you want, even ask people in line. 

Dean: *smiling and talking with seth* 

Mr. Jameson: I'm sorry boys, but she was here first. 

Seth: What?! No way! She's lying. 

Mr. Jameson: Do you know was in this line before you? 

Student 1: She was actually in line first. They came and cut me and tried to blame that she cut them. 

Mr. Jameson: Back of the line boys, c'mon. 

Seth: *looks at kim with an ugly look* 

Kim: *looks to the ground* 

Roman: Who cares Seth, just go. 

Seth: *walks out of line* 

Dean: *follows behind* 

(Later That Day) 

Kim: *logs onto her computer* 

Cody: You want anything to eat? I'm gonna order some food. 

Kim: I'm not hungry, thanks tho. *typing on the computer* 

Cody: Well... I'm still gonna order you something to eat. 

Kim: Ok. *logs onto the site* 

LunaticFringe: *sees kim online* Hey. 

iAmBroken: How do you know I'm online? 

LunaticFringe: I have you saved on here, why don't you accept me? 

iAmBroken: Sorry, I don't accept friends on here. 

LunaticFringe: I'm not gonna hurt you, I don't even know where you live. 

iAmBroken: South LA. 

LunaticFringe: I meant address. 

iAmBroken: That you'll never get. 

LunaticFringe: I know, so how was your day today? 

iAmBroken: Horrible! But I guess that jerk's friend wanted to help me, so he talked to me in class and he said he'll be my friend secretly. 

LunaticFringe: Oh, so he wants to be friends? But why is he a bully? 

iAmBroken: I don't know, he doesn't look like one. He is nice too, but talks way to serious and is scary at times. 

LunaticFringe: *laughs* That's funny. 

iAmBroken: What about you? How was your day today? 

LunaticFringe: I got in trouble for something I didn't do. 

iAmBroken: *laughs* And what was that? 

LunaticFringe: A student snitched me out at lunch, but it's whatever. I don't care. 

iAmBroken: That's weird. 

LunaticFringe: Right, what are you doing? 

iAmBroken: I'm just home, I don't have any homework today, so I'm just relaxing while my brother's buying me something to eat. 

LunaticFringe: How's your family? 

iAmBroken: Um, they're ok. We don't all see eye to eye and we don't talk much. My mom's always out, my brother's in college, so he's never home, and there's me. Always at home bored to death, but talking to you is fun. *smiles* 

LunaticFringe: Wow, sounds like a fun family. *laughs* 

iAmBroken: *laughs* Shut up, that's not funny. 

LunaticFringe: So you're home alone? 

iAmBroken: For now, once my brother gets my food and drops it off then he's off to school. 

LunaticFringe: What do you do when your home by yourself? 

iAmBroken: I mostly read and work on my homework, but if I'm done, I just stay in my room and chat on here. 

LunaticFringe: Do you watch TV? 

iAmBroken: No, do you? 

LunaticFringe: Nope. 

Cody: Kim! 

iAmBroken: Got to go, talk to you later. *logs off* 

Dean: Shit, she logged off already. *signs off* 

Kim: *walking out her room* Yeah? 

Cody: Got you some subway. 

Kim: Thanks.  

Cody: Mom won't be coming home tonight and neither will I. I'm gonna be sleeping over at Brandi's. 

Kim: Ok, that's fine with me. 

Cody: Lock the doors and checks all windows and doors before you sleep and when you leave for school. 

Kim: Ok. 

Cody: Here's $20 in case of anything. 

Kim: Thanks Cody. 

Cody: Alright, I'm gonna go to school now. Call me if anything. 

Kim: Yeah, I will.  

Cody: *leaves* 

Kim: *eats her subway*

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