Bullied By Ambrose & Saved By Reigns (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
Dean Ambrose, a Senior who plays a bully, cold hearted, mean spirited guy at school to be cool with his friends Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Out of school, he is the world's sweetest person and the warmest hearted guy. Kim is a girl who gets bullied at school and barely loved by her brother and her mother who can barely help herself. Kim's only great escape to be happy is the internet, where she tells her story to another person on a chat site. That other person happened to be no other then... Dean Ambrose, who goes under the name "LunaticFringe." The stories "iAmBroken" tells "LunaticFringe" starts adding up to the things he does to Kim. Roman Reigns starts to feel bad for Kim and starts to defend her secretly. He soon starts falling for her, but gets broken when Kim doesn’t feel the same way for him like “LunaticFringe”. When prom comes, Dean picks up "iAmBroken" as his date and when he sees her, both is in shock as he's been the one she's been talking about on the site.


8. Mother's Apology


LunaticFringe: Hey you. 

iAmBroken: Hey. 

LunaticFringe: How is school so far? 

iAmBroken: Horrible, I feel like just leaving and never coming back. 

LunaticFringe: Why? 

iAmBroken: I cracked my phone a bit. 

LunaticFringe: How? 

Kim: *sitting not far from dean* 

iAmBroken: Some idiot knocked it out my hand. 

LunaticFringe: That's funny, I know something like that. 

iAmBroken: Oh yeah, and I lost my guardian angel too. 

LunaticFringe: Your only friend at school. 

iAmBroken: Yeah. 

LunaticFringe: I'm sure he'll come around. 

Roman: So why'd Seth turn his back on you? 

Dean: I don't know, I thought you were part of it too when I saw you. 

Roman: Oh yeah, because I'm fake and I'll stand for someone who's a bully to other's. 

Dean: Hey! 

Roman: You got no choice, you were forced or more like you did it yourself. 

Dean: Yeah I did huh. 

Kim: *sees roman and dean* 

iAmBroken: Well I'm gonna go to class, talk to you later. 

LunaticFringe: Alright. 

Dean: So remember I was telling you I was talking to this girl on this chat site? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Dean: Well she asked me to be her boyfriend and I said yes. 

Roman: You don't even know her. 

Dean: So, but I love her. 

Roman: And how is this gonna work out? 

Dean: Prom. I'm gonna ask her to go to prom with me. 

Roman: Really? Well what if she says no to you? 

Dean: I'm gonna make her go with me.  

Roman: Prom's in three weeks Dean. Get to know her more before taking her. 

Dean: I will Roman, don't trip. 

Roman: Dean, as a friend... I'm only looking out for you and well Kim, but not anymore, but are you sure she's the one you want? How are you even in love with a random stranger from site without even meeting her? 

Dean: She's the one for me Roman, I just know it already. 

Roman: What if you meet her and she's not who she is. 

Dean: What you mean? 

Roman: What if that person's really a man. 

Dean: *laughs*  

Roman: *laughs* I'm serious Dean, you'll probably never talk to him again and then you're gonna break his heart.  

Dean: *about to talk, but laughs again* 

Roman: Wait, have they sent you a picture? Or do they have a picture of them? 

Dean: Nope, but it's ok. *laughs* I don't neither. 

Roman: What if she thought you were a girl. 

Dean: I told her I'm a guy. 

(Bell Rings) 

Roman: Alright, just let me know when you asked her. 

Dean: Alright. 

Roman: Cool, I'll see you after school. 

Dean: Yeah. *walks off the other direction* 

Kim: *walking to class and runs across roman* 

Roman: *looks at kim and then ahead* Excuse me. 

Kim: *moves to a side* 

Roman: *walks off* 

Kim: *hurt* 

(Later That Day) 

Cody: I'm off to school, so I'll be home later. Don't stay up to late. 

Kim: Ok. 

Cody: *leaves* 

LunaticFringe: Hey. 

iAmBroken: Wassup? 

LunaticFringe: I can't stop thinking about you. 

iAmBroken: Yeah me neither. I wish I knew how you looked. 

LunaticFringe: And you will soon. 

iAmBroken: How? 

LunaticFringe: Will you go to prom with me? 

iAmBroken: *chuckles* What? 

LunaticFringe: Go to prom with me. 

iAmBroken: When? 

LunaticFringe: It's in three weeks. 

iAmBroken: My school prom is in three weeks too. 

LunaticFringe: On May 17th? 

iAmBroken: Yeah! 

LunaticFringe: Ok, well I can go to yours with you yeah? 

iAmBroken: No, I want to see your school, my school is crap. 

LunaticFringe: So you want to go with me? 

iAmBroken: Yeah, I guess so. 

LunaticFringe: Ok, so I'll buy the tickets and then in three weeks... I'll see you. 

iAmBroken: That will be awesome. 

LunaticFringe: Alright, well what are you doing? Did that asshole mess with you again? 

iAmBroken: No he didn't, but I can tell his friend is really hurt. 

LunaticFringe: Why? 

iAmBroken: He likes me. 

LunaticFringe: Ouch and you turned him down? 

iAmBroken: Well yeah because I have a boyfriend. 

LunaticFringe: *laughs* That's true. Hey what's your address? 

iAmBroken: I'm not giving you that until prom day. 

LunaticFringe: That's fine with me too. 

iAmBroken: Ok then.  

Lisa: Honey! 

Kim: Mom? 

Lisa: Kim are you home? 

iAmBroken: I have to go, talk to you in a bit.  

LunaticFringe: Ok. 

Lisa: Kim. *opens kims door* 

Kim: *looks at her door* Oh, you're home. 

Lisa: I was calling you did you not hear me? 

Kim: Sorry, I didn't feel like answering from here. 

Lisa: Well I'm gonna go to the store, did you want anything? 

Kim: Yeah, a new life. 

Lisa: *crosses her arms* Honey, your life is perfect, you wouldn't want to trade it for a new one do you? 

Kim: Oh I do mom. I wish I was dead already. 

Lisa: Don't say that, you're father wouldn't like that. 

Kim: But you do. 

Lisa: What? 

Kim: Dad died not even for a month and already you moved on and started going out! And not just that, but you became a drug addict mom! You spent dad's money he saved us and you abused the rules as if they weren't important! You lost your job after you got arrested... mom!  

Lisa: What is it honey? 

Kim: I just want us back together and be a happy family again. As if dad is still here. 

Lisa: It's been 5 years. 

Kim: So be it! It's not too late for you to change! Once Cody is done with college, he's transferring out to Harvard! And what about us, nothing!  

Lisa: Then get a job! *leaves* 

Kim: *tries to not get mad* 

(Later That Night) 

Lisa: *knocks on kims door* Kim? 

Kim: Come in. 

Lisa: Hey. 

Kim: *lying in bed* 

Lisa: I'm sorry about earlier. 

Kim: It's ok. *turns the other way* 

Lisa: Are you still upset at me? You haven't come out of your room all day. 

Kim: I'm surprise you're still here, I would of thought you be out partying. 

Lisa: I can't. 

Kim: Why. 

Lisa: Because my baby's home. 

Kim: I'm always home mom. I don't go anywhere you know that. I don't have friends to hang out with. I don't have any reasons to be out because my life sucks ass. 

Lisa: I'm sure you have a friend somewhere. 

Kim: No, not anymore. 

Lisa: *sits on the bed*  

Kim: *pulls the covers over her* 

Lisa: Honey, please talk to me. 

Kim: Aren't I already am. 

Lisa: Move the sheets and look at me. 

Kim: *lays still* 

Lisa: Kimberly. 

Kim: *moves the blanket and looks at lisa* Yeah. 

Lisa: Whatever is going on in your life, please let me know, so I can make a change in it. 

Kim: You haven't helped in 5 years, what makes now different. 

Lisa: Like you said honey, it's not too late to change it now. 

Kim: *tries not to cry* 

Lisa: *looks at kims phone* Do you want a new phone? I see it's cracked. 

Kim: *looks at her phone* 

Lisa: How'd that happened? 

Kim: A bully knocked it out my hand and it fell on the cement. 

Lisa: Want me to take you to buy a new one tomorrow after school? 

Kim: Will you? 

Lisa: Yeah, I'll even take you to school and pick you up tomorrow. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles softly* Ok. 

Lisa: Get some sleep, it's already late. 

Kim: Goodnight mom. 

Lisa: *smiles* Goodnight sweetheart. *leaves the room* 

Cody: *walks into the house* Oh you're home? 

Lisa: Yeah, I am son. 

Cody: I didn't see your car. 

Lisa: I know, I had it towed away.  

Cody: Mom! 

Kim: *listens* 

Cody: Don't you know that paying for it is not cheap! You do this everytime! 

Lisa: I'm sorry; I parked in the red zone because I had to rush in the store. 

Cody: Find your boyfriend or whoever you are sleeping with! And get the money and get your car back! 

Lisa: Yes son. 

Cody: I can't believe almost every Thursday it happens mom! It's like you don't need to drive ever again! 

Lisa: I'm sorry Cody. I'm sorry for not being a mother lately. 

Cody: *in anger* Lately!? It's been 5 years mom! You're always out, you're always with a new guy, you don't have a job, your records are bad... wake up mom! You have a daughter in this house that needs you!  

Kim: *walks to her door and opens it a bit and listens* 

Cody: She's getting bullied every day and she can't even tell her own mother because you're busy partying and going out! *cries* Be the good mom you used to be mom. What happened to you? 

Kim: *walks back to her bed* 

Cody: It's like ever since dad died, you stop carrying for us and you stopped loving us.  

Lisa: Cody you know I love and care for you and Kim. 

Cody: Please don't pretend that you do. For the past 5 years, it's always the same routine. Who knows if my sister is gonna graduate mom! 

Kim: *cries silently* 

Lisa: *feels bad* 

Cody: My sister was smart, but ever since you left us, a part of her fell and now she's lacking and getting bullied. You don't even care to ask how she's doing or if she's ok! *cries again* She's still young mom, set a good example for her like you did before. 

Lisa: *stands in silence* 

Cody: *cries to his knees* I just want our family to be together again.  

Lisa: *cries and hugs cody* I'm sorry honey, I really am. Mom is very sorry she's been acting this way. *hugs cody tighter* 

Cody: *crying* 

Kim: *pulls the blanket over her and cries herself to sleep*

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