Bullied By Ambrose & Saved By Reigns (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
Dean Ambrose, a Senior who plays a bully, cold hearted, mean spirited guy at school to be cool with his friends Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Out of school, he is the world's sweetest person and the warmest hearted guy. Kim is a girl who gets bullied at school and barely loved by her brother and her mother who can barely help herself. Kim's only great escape to be happy is the internet, where she tells her story to another person on a chat site. That other person happened to be no other then... Dean Ambrose, who goes under the name "LunaticFringe." The stories "iAmBroken" tells "LunaticFringe" starts adding up to the things he does to Kim. Roman Reigns starts to feel bad for Kim and starts to defend her secretly. He soon starts falling for her, but gets broken when Kim doesn’t feel the same way for him like “LunaticFringe”. When prom comes, Dean picks up "iAmBroken" as his date and when he sees her, both is in shock as he's been the one she's been talking about on the site.


9. I Love You

Roman: *going thru his locker* 

Kim: *walks into the building* 

Roman: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *opens her locker* 

Roman: *walks to kim* Hey. 

Kim: *ignores roman* 

Roman: I'm talking to you. 

Kim: *closes her locker* What do still want Roman? 

Roman: I just want to talk. 

Kim: About what? I thought you wanted out. 

Roman: I do, but I just feel wrong leaving you after everything. 

Kim: *heart racing* 

Roman: Kim, I just want us to have a chance. I'm not fake, and I can show you that I'm not. Many people would say I'm an ass for doing this to you, but they know me better. Dean, Seth, and I are known as the shield; a shield to protect everyone and everything around us. 

Kim: Then why bully me. 

Roman: It wasn't supposed to happen, Seth made it a whole new level and it wasn't fun being that group anymore, that's why I walked out to be a better person and to better myself. 

Kim: Well just so you know... your words really hurted. 

Roman: Hurted? Kim, listening to you tell Dean that I'm fake and that you didn't have anything for me or don't feel any connections with me. Or should I say "I don't like or love him like that. Never will I feel that way for him how he feels for me." 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Roman: Yeah, that hurt too. *walks off* 

Kim: Roman. 

Roman: *stops* 

Kim: *hugs roman from behind* I'm sorry I hurt you. 

Roman: *looks at kims hand and then ahead* Please move your hands, this is very awkward for me and everyone to see. 

Kim: *moves her hands* 

Roman: *turns around* I'm sorry, I thought we could be friends, but it just can't work out with us. I'm too fake at defending, so I'll just say goodbye from here. Take care Kim. *walks off* 

Kim: *cries* 

Dean: Well if it seems like Superman isn't saving you anymore. *chuckles* but it's ok Kim, I mean not everyone gets a happy ending you know. 

Kim: *gets mad* 

Dean: Yeah, but you know life goes on, in reality not everyone's gonna stay to help you. I get it we all can dream, but I don't think you need to dream, all your dreams failed.  

Kim: *breaths heavily* 

Dean: Oh by the way, I'm hungry, what did you bring to snack? *grabs kims backpack* Oh this time you brought tri tips. Can I have them? *smiles* 

Kim: *looks at dean and walks off* 

Dean: *confused* You... You forgot your backpack! 

Kim: *cont. walking off* 

Roman: *sitting in class* 

Kim: *walks in class and sits down* 

Roman: You do know you don't have your backpack right? 

Kim: *looks at roman* If you don't care, why should I care? 

Roman: *gives kim a look* Your stuff is not my responsibility. 

(Lunch Time) 

Kim: *walking to her locker* 

Roman: *watching kim* 

Dean: *whistles* 

Kim: *turns around* 

Dean: *throws kims backpack at her face* 

Kim: *tries not to make a sound* 

Dean: Food was pretty good, sorry you missed out on it. *smiles* 

Kim: *cries silently* 

Dean: Aw, didn't mean to make you cry. You're a senior, seniors don't cry. *pats kim on the shoulder* Next time you need advice to be strong, just let me know and I'll help you grow up a bit. 

Kim: *looks at dean in tear angry* 

Dean: *laughs* You know I normally hate seeing people cry, but with you... it's fun watching you cry. It's fun making you cry. It's fun... just embarrassing you. *smiles* Anyways, I'm going off campus, see you later loser. *pushes kim against the locker and walks off* 

Kim: *holding her backpack in silence crying* 

Roman: *walks to kim* 

Kim: *looks at roman* 

Roman: *takes out his wallet* Here's $10, go buy your lunch over there. 

Kim: *knocks the money out romans hand* 

Roman: Hey! *picks up the money* 

Kim: *cries again* Why do you keep doing this to me Roman! 

Roman: *staring at kim* 

Kim: *crying* Why! Aren't you afraid people are gonna think wrong and aren't you afraid people are gonna make fun of you for being around me and trying to be my friend! *stops crying* I don't need your help Roman. I don't want you help either and I don't need you around me anymore.  

Roman: Lies. 

Kim: Whatever happens to me happens, who care if I die getting bullied! It's my life! Not yours! *screams* Not yours Roman! *pounds her arms against romans chest* 

Roman: *grabs kims hand and backs her up to the locker* Stop it! Stop it Kim! I don't care what people think about me hanging out with you. I don't care if they say shit about me being with you. And I don't care if they stare at me with you! You are in danger by the hands of Dean Ambrose, I am not gonna let him hurt you more than he already is. That bitch doesn't deserve anything for hurting such an innocent girl like you. 

Kim: *pushes roman out the way and runs off* 

Roman: *sighs and looks at everyone looking at him* What?! *walks off* 

(Later That Night) 

LunaticFringe: Hey, so I bought our tickets. 

iAmBroken: That's great, I can't wait to go with you. 

LunaticFringe: How was school today? 

iAmBroken: I'm confused... 

LunaticFringe: Why? 

iAmBroken: I don't know. 

LunaticFringe: Well how was your day besides the drama? 

iAmBroken: I don't know, it's the same ole same every single day.  

LunaticFringe: Well you know you can talk to me. I bet you're gonna look real beautiful on prom day. 

iAmBroken: Thanks, I'm not all that though. 

LunaticFringe: Don't say that, just because people or someone tells you that you're ugly, you're not. That's just their opinion... my opinion is that you're the most beautiful person on this planet. 

iAmBroken: How? You haven't even seen me. 

LunaticFringe: I don't have to see you to know. Just talking to you on here for 7 months proves that you are beautiful and you have a beautiful heart. Curse the ones who bullies you and hurts you for no damn reason. 

iAmBroken: Thanks, I really like you too. I seriously can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks. 

LunaticFringe: I already have butterflies. 

iAmBroken: *laughs* 

LunaticFringe: *laughs* Don't judge. 

iAmBroken: Wasn't. 

LunaticFringe: What color did you want to wear to prom? 

iAmBroken: Black. All silk black everything. 

LunaticFringe: Oh? Alright, that's a pretty color too. 

iAmBroken: I'm not gothic, I promise. 

LunaticFringe: Ew, I hate those. 

iAmBroken: *chuckles* Trust me, I do too. 

Lisa: Kim! 

Kim: Yeah mama!? 

Lisa: Where are you? 

Kim: My room where else. 

Lisa: *opens the door* Oh, there you are. 

Kim: What? *closes her laptop* 

Lisa: I'm going out, do you want anything when I come back later? 

Kim: Oh you know how to come back now. 

Lisa: *gives kim a look* Yes, I always have, just didn't want to before. 

Kim: What makes now any different? 

Lisa: Do you want anything! 

Kim: No. I'm not hungry at all. 

Lisa: Wasn't just talking about food. Like new clothes, backpack? Shoes maybe or? 

Kim: Surprise me. 

Lisa: Ok, I will then. See you later if you're still up. 

Kim: Yep. 

Lisa: *leaves* 

LunticFringe: Are you there? It says your online, but you're not responding. 

Kim: *logs back on her laptop* 

LunaticFringe: I guess I'll talk to you later? 

iAmBroken: Sorry, my mom came in. 

LunaticFringe: Oh thought I said something wrong. *laughs* 

iAmBroken: *laughs* No you didn't. 

LunaticFringe: I love you. 

Kim: *smiles softly at the screen* 

Dean: *waiting for the respond nervously* 

Kim: *cries from mix emotions* 

Dean: You idiot! Why would you even put that. 

LunaticFringe: *typing* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... 

iAmBroken: I love you too. 

Dean: *smiles* 

iAmBroken: It's impossible to love someone over the net, but with you, I feel like we're meant to be. It's like we understand eachother so well. 

LunaticFringe: I understand you perfectly well, I know it's impossible to love over the net, but when prom comes, I promise you, it'll be more than love.  

Kim: *smiles*  

iAmBroken: Can't wait to meet you in a few weeks, but I'm gonna finish my homework and get to bed. Goodnight. 

LunaticFringe: Sorry if I scared you, but goodnight. 

iAmBroken: You didn't... Goodnight Lunatic. *smiles* 

Dean: *smiles* Call me Lunatic, please! *laughs* 

iAmBroken: *signs off*

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