Bullied By Ambrose & Saved By Reigns (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
Dean Ambrose, a Senior who plays a bully, cold hearted, mean spirited guy at school to be cool with his friends Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Out of school, he is the world's sweetest person and the warmest hearted guy. Kim is a girl who gets bullied at school and barely loved by her brother and her mother who can barely help herself. Kim's only great escape to be happy is the internet, where she tells her story to another person on a chat site. That other person happened to be no other then... Dean Ambrose, who goes under the name "LunaticFringe." The stories "iAmBroken" tells "LunaticFringe" starts adding up to the things he does to Kim. Roman Reigns starts to feel bad for Kim and starts to defend her secretly. He soon starts falling for her, but gets broken when Kim doesn’t feel the same way for him like “LunaticFringe”. When prom comes, Dean picks up "iAmBroken" as his date and when he sees her, both is in shock as he's been the one she's been talking about on the site.


5. Break Loose

(The Next Day) 

Roman: *walking with dean and seth* 

Kim: *walks onto campus* 

Dean: *smiles and walks towards kim* 

Kim: *looks at dean and then seth to roman* 

Seth: *smiles and puts his arms around kim* So what do you say? Want to hang out afterschool?  

Kim: I can't. 

Dean: C'mon, we won't hurt you; we're nice guys, right Roman? *looks at roman* 

Roman: *kind of upset* Yeah. 

Dean: *punches roman* Dude, what's gotten into you. 

Roman: Why don't you guys pick on someone else instead? 

Dean: No, Kim's fun right? *grabs her lunch bag* 

Roman: *snatches it from dean* 

Dean: *chuckles* Wha... dude. 

Seth: Hey! *grabs it from roman* What's for lunch Kim. *opens the bag* 

Dean: *staring at roman upset* 

Roman: *getting pissed off* 

Seth: We got a banana, you don't need that, you have us for it. *smiles* What else? Another sandwich for lunch, is that all you eat? 

Dean: *grabs kims lunch bag angrily and throws it at the wall* 

Kim: *gets startled* 

Seth: Whoa. 

Dean: You don't need that! You don't deserve to be eating that you hear me! 

Seth: *chuckles* Dean, calm down. 

Dean: *fired up* 

Seth: Oh um, your lunch, I'll get it. *grabs kims lunch* Oh. It's all smashed and disgusting, here, you still want it. *laughs* 

Kim: *smacks it out of seths hand* 

Seth: *gets mad* 

Dean: *looks at kim mad* 

Kim: *backs up a bit* 

Seth: *grabs kims hand and walks off with her* 

Roman: *stands still* 

Kim: Let go my hand! *cries* You're hurting me! 

Seth: *pushes kim up against the wall* You want to do that again to me huh! You want to do it again! *about to punch kim in the face* 

Roman: *grabs onto seth's hand* 

Seth: Roman? What are you doing? 

Roman: *pushes seth back* 

Seth: *falls to the ground* Dude! 

Roman: I told you once; don't make me ask you again. Leave this poor girl alone. What has she done to you guys? 

Dean: *helps seth up* Let's go, we don't need this asshole with us anymore. He's not a true friend, let's go. 

Roman: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *scared* 

Roman: *puts his hands on kims cheeks* Are you ok? 

Seth: *looks back* 

Roman: *kisses kim* 

Seth: What? 

Dean: *turns around* 

Roman: *kissing kim* 

Kim: *looks at roman in tears* 

Roman: *stares into kims eyes* 

Kim: *cries* 

Roman: Don't... 

Kim: *pushes romans hands away and runs off* 

Roman: Kim! *runs after kim* 

(Later That Night) 

LunaticFringe: Hey beautiful, how are you tonight? 

iAmBroken: I'm just signed on. I'm actually really confused right now. 

LunaticFringe: What happened today? 

iAmBroken: Nothing really, nothing special. 

LunaticFringe: Well I have a confession to make to you. 

iAmBroken: And what is that? 

LunaticFringe: Will it be weird if I told you that I'm in love with you. 

iAmBroken: How? You don't even know me. 

LunaticFringe: I feel like I do, it's like I know someone who goes thru what you go thru too. 

iAmBroken: Really? 

LunaticFringe: Yeah, I mean she's pretty and attractive too, but just something about her that I don't like. But with you, I don't even know how you look, but I know I'm starting to like you. 

iAmBroken: You can't love or like me without knowing or seeing me. 

LunaticFringe: That's what's crazy, but I really want us to have a chance. 

iAmBroken: Can I ask you something? 

LunaticFringe: Yeah? 

iAmBroken: Why do you like or love me? I'm not like all other girls or an average girl. 

LunaticFringe: You want to know why? 

iAmBroken: Please tell me. 

LunaticFringe: Don't get upset with me, but I am a bully myself. 

iAmBroken: Why? 

LunaticFringe: I don't know, I do it to fit in only. I hate playing that role a lot. 

iAmBroken: Then why keep doing it? 

LunaticFringe: It's the only way I can stick with them. If I'm me, then I'm obviously the loser, and I don't want to be one. 

iAmBroken: Why do you bully them? 

LunaticFringe: It's not them, it's a girl. 

iAmBroken: Why do you bully her? What has she done to you? 

LunaticFringe: Nothing, I don't even want to bully her, I just do it for attention. 

iAmBroken: Please stop bullying her, she might be having problems in her life already and with you bullying her... what if she kills herself and you're name is on the first on her list. You wouldn't want to go to jail would you? 

Dean: *thinks for a bit* 

iAmBroken: I mean, if your aiming for that then it's fine with me. Just don't hurt her in any physical way. 

LunaticFringe: Today, I actually felt bad for her for once. After I bullied her, I wanted to apologize and tell her I don't mean them, but she already found a superman. 

Kim: *thinks of roman kissing her* 

LunaticFringe: If you met her, she's actually really pretty. I don't know why people don't like her or why people bully her. 

iAmBroken: Like you. 

LunaticFringe: Yeah. 

iAmBroken: I have to finish my homework, I'll talk to you later. 

LunaticFringe: Alright. Hey, you know what's cool. 

iAmBroken: What? 

LunaticFringe: This site has an app now, so I don't have to wait until after school to talk to you. I can just talk to you straight off my phone. *smiles* 

iAmBroken: *chuckles* That's cool, I'll download it later. Bye. *logs off* 

LunaticFringe: *logs off* 

Kim: *grabs her sandwich and looks at it* 


Dean: What you got in your lunch bag. *snatches the bag and digs thru it* Hmm, nothing good, a sandwich, that's it!? And a bag of chips?! *throws it on the floor and steps on it* Sorry, looks like you won't be having lunch today, but I'll take your chips though. *smiles and shoves kims bag at her and walks off* 

Seth: *looks at the sandwich and picks it up* Here. *throws it at kim and smiles* 

Kim: *about to cry* 

Roman: Don't eat that. *slaps it out of kims hand and walks off* 

Dean: *grabs her lunch bag* 

Roman: *snatches it from dean* 

Dean: *chuckles* Wha... dude. 

Seth: Hey! *grabs it from roman* What's for lunch Kim. *opens the bag* Another sandwich for lunch, is that all you eat? 

Dean: *grabs kims lunch bag angrily and throws it at the wall* You don't need that! You don't deserve to be eating that you hear me! 

Kim: *stops thinking* He's right, I don't deserve to be eating this. *set the sandwich down* 

Dean: *calling roman* 

Roman: Hello? 

Dean: Hey you alright? 

Roman: Why? 

Dean: Today, what's gotten into you? 

Roman: What's gotten into me? 

Dean: I saw you kiss her. Why didn't you tell us you and her were dating? 

Roman: We aren't. 

Dean: What. 

Roman: I started to feel sorry for, so I secretly defended her. 

Dean: Secretly? 

Roman: Dean, that girl is innocent. What has she done to you?! 

Dean: Nothing. 

Roman: You're exactly just like Seth now Dean. I saw something in you before Seth got to you. You were a team player, a great person, but the moment Seth got you in with us. You changed.  

Dean: Roman, you know I only do it to fit in with you and Seth. I don't ever mean to go that far with it. 

Roman: Dean, the only way to be you again is to leave Seth. 

Dean: I can't do that Roman. 

Roman: I took the easy way out already, you need to find one too. 

Dean: *stays silent* 

Roman: Dean. 

Dean: I know.

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