My Secret Life 2 (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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My Secret Life 2; Dean is now attending college with Renee and Roman at UCLA while Kim is still in high school for her Senior year. Kim and Dean decides to get together for Jon. For Kim's graduation, Dean proposes to Kim in front of the whole student bodies graduating and the ones in attendance. Also Kim is starting college soon, she gets accepted to Julliard in New York, which Harry does too. Kim makes the biggest decision of her life.


2. The Ugly In You

Dean: Hi I'm here to pick up my son, Jon. Worker 1: Ok. Dean: *goes and gets jon* Hey son, let's go get mom and head out to eat yeah? Jon: *stares at dean and smiles* Dean: *smiles* Kim: *waiting for dean* Niall: Hey Kim. *smiles* Kim: *smiles* Hey Niall. Niall: Haven't seen you all day. Kim: Yeah me too, how was your first day? Niall: *laughs* It was great. What about yours? Kim: *makes a face* Um, it great too. *fakes a smile* Niall: It wasn't huh. Kim: No it wasn't Niall. *scratches her head* Niall: It's only gonna get better Kim, trust me. Kim: *smiles* Yeah, it will Niall. Dean: *pulling up and sees kim talking with niall* Niall: You look great, how was your summer? Kim: All a sudden I hate Summer. Niall: Oh... As in? Kim: I just hate that name now. It's like everywhere I turn or when I talk to someone. All I hear is them saying the word summer. Niall: Yeah, it kind of still is. Dean: *grabs his phone and call kim* Kim: *phone rings* Oh, sorry. *looks at her phone* Hello? Dean: How long are you gonna stand there. Kim: *looks around and sees dean in the car* I'm coming. *hangs up and looks at niall and smiles* I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow. Niall: *smiles and gives kim a hug* Bye. Kim: *walks to the car* Dean: What was so serious that you didn't see me? Kim: Dean, we're not together, please don't act like you care about me. Dean: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Kim: *gets annoyed* Just take me home. Dean: No, I promised we're gonna go eat, so we are. *starts the engine and drives off* Noelle: Claire is your sister home? Claire: Nope, I didn't see her. Noelle: I tried calling her, but she isn't picking up, you sure you didn't see her? Claire: I have my own friends; I don't care about seeing her at all mom. I walk with my friends, not her. I don't want to be seen with a bad person. Noelle: Your sister is not a bad person Claire. Claire: She had a baby. Noelle: That's your sister Nicole! Claire: Yeah, but I don't want to be seen with someone who made a horrible choice. *walks off* Noelle: *rolls her eyes* Kim: *walks thru the door* Dean: *carrying jon in the carseat* Noelle: Oh there you are, I was calling you. Kim: Sorry, my phone died. What did you need? Noelle: I was just worried because I went to pick up Jon, but they said he already was checked out. Kim: Yeah, Dean picked him up today. Noelle: You should have called or texted me that he was picking him up and that you were with him. Dean: My apology Mrs. Keaton. Noelle: Please, Noelle is fine. Kim: Don't forget my parents are divorced. Dean: Yes, I remember clearly still. Noelle: Well I'm just glad you're ok. *hugs kim* Is Jon ok too? Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* Mom, we went out to eat only. Noelle: *sighs* Ok, well thank you for bringing her and Jon home. Dean: No problem, I'll get going now. *looks at kim* Kim: *smiles* Thanks for lunch. Dean: Yeah. Noelle: Goodbye now. Dean: Bye. *leaves* (Later That Night) Claire: *rings the doorbell* Noelle: Honey can you get the door for me. *cooking* Kim: Yeah. *opens the door* Where did you go?! Claire: *walks in* I was out with Nathan. Kim: Nathan? Who is Nathan Claire? Claire: No one you need to know Kim. Kim: Mom! *walks in the kitchen* Noelle: Yes Kim, I'm cooking. Kim: Did you know Claire went out? Noelle: What?! Kim: Yeah, that was her at the door! Noelle: Stir this for me. *walks to claire's room* Claire: *slams the door* Noelle: Claire Nicole Keaton! Claire: *opens the door* Don't worry, I'm fine! Noelle: Why would you do that? Claire: I always had been mom. Noelle: Always? How? I'm always in the livingroom or kitchen. Kim: *walks to the room and stands by the door* Claire: Easy, my window and! I get back in from my window. Kim: Claire! Noelle: *furious* Claire: Go ahead and lock up my window mom, I'll go from the front door, so you can see me leave. Noelle: That's it, I had enough of you Claire, pack your bags, you're gonna be staying with your father from now on. Claire: What? No! Noelle: Then start listening Claire! *slaps Claire* Kim: *gasp* Claire: *cries* Noelle: I hope you learned your lesson today Clarisse. Claire: *in anger* Get out my room! Noelle: *slowly walks out the room* Claire: You too! Kim: *walks in the room* Claire. Claire: *pushes kim to the ground* I said get out! Kim: *in shocked* Claire: *trying to calm down* Kim: *stands up* Did you just push me?! Claire: *looks at kim in tears angry* Kim: All my life I've defended you and never pushed you around and today you have crossed the line Claire, I will never! Forget this day! *walks off* Claire: *slams her door* (The Next Day) Noelle: Claire! Hurry up! We have to send Jon to the daycare too! Claire: I'm not going today. Noelle: It's the second day of school, you have to go Claire. Claire: I'm not, and you're not making me. Noelle: Claire! You get in that room and get dressed now! We're all gonna be late! Claire: Nope, not today Noelle. *walks back in her room and slams the door* Noelle: *frustrated* Oh! That is so it Clarisse! Kim: *sitting in the car talking to jon* Hi baby. *smiles* Noelle: *gets in the car and slams the door* Kim: *looks at Noelle* What happened? Noelle: She's not going to school today she said. Kim: What?! That makes me look bad on my side! Noelle: She is no longer staying under my roof! Call your father and tell him to come pick her up after he gets off work today. Kim: Ok. *texts noah* Noah: *calls kim* Kim: Oh hey dad. Noah: What's going on? Kim: Here mom, it's dad. Noelle: I am driving! Kim: Well pull over and let me drive. Noelle: *pulls over* Kim: *gets in the front* Noelle: *takes the phone* Noah. Noah: She's my daughter and I will come get her after work Noelle, she's better off with me anyways. Noelle: Good! Then come get her when your off work! *hangs up* Kim: *annoyed* Jon: *cries* Noelle: Please Jon, not right now. *irritated* Kim: Hello! Noelle: What! Kim: My son needs his grandmother' attention! Noelle: *looks at jon* What is it Jon. Jon: *cont. crying* Kim: Jon, it's ok, we're almost at the daycare. Noelle: *closes her eyes* (Later That Day) Dean: *looking for a book* Renee: Hey. *smiles* Dean: Renee? Renee: Yeah, it's me. Dean: What are you doing in here? Renee: I was looking for a book to check out, and what are you doing in here? Dean: Same as you. Renee: *smiles* It's been a while, how are you? Dean: I'm great, my son's great too. Renee: Oh, yeah, you have a son, I almost forgot. Dean: Don't play that right now on me. Renee: I'm sorry Dean. Dean: Well how are you? Renee: Let's go get something to eat and catch up yeah? Dean: I would, but I got class in 20 minutes. Renee: Ok, then let's go get something to drink in the café. Dean: Ok. *walks with renee* Roman: *walking to class and stops* Seth: *looking at his phone and runs into roman from behind* Roman: What the! Seth? Seth: Roman? Roman: Haven't seen you in a while. Seth: Yeah, was hanging out with Randy a lot senior year. Roman: Yeah. Seth: Didn't know you were here too. Roman: So is Dean. Seth: Really? I know Renee's here. Roman: Yep and he was walking with her. Seth: Isn't he with Kim now? Roman: No, maybe? I don't know. Seth: Trying. Roman: Maybe that yeah. Seth: Cool, well I got to get to class, so I'll see you around Roman. Roman: Yeah, you too Seth, it was nice having you run into me. Seth: *laughs* Didn't mean to. Roman: *smiles* I know, but I'll see you around. *walks off* Seth: *smiles then walks off the other direction* Kelly: Hey. Kim: Oh hey Kelly. Kelly: I thought I'll find you in here. Kim: It's beautiful right? Kelly: Yeah, the garden's really beautiful. Is this your secret hiding place? Kim: Hiding place? Ain't no one hiding, just hanging. Kelly: *smiles* I brought some food if you want some. Kim: I'm not hungry. Kelly: How's Jon? Kim: He's great. *smiles* I love him, he's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Kelly: *smiles* I bet, how's things with Dean coming? Kim: We're trying, but it's not working out. Kelly: I see, well if you want it to work out, best way is if you two move in for him while he's still little. Kim: What you mean? Kelly: I mean, if you wait til later, it's only gonna get harder. Kim: You're right, but right now we're not even talking, we don't need to be living under the same roof right now. Kelly: Arguing? Kim: When are we never Kelly? Kelly: Never. *chuckles* Kim: *smiles* And you're right. (Bell Rings) Kelly: Oh, we better get to class. Kim: Yeah, c'mon. Harry: Do you want to go to back to school dance with me? Summer: Back to school dance with you? Sorry, I would, but I'm going with my girls already. Harry: Does it matter? I'll be there too. Summer: Does it matter if I go with you?! I'll be there too. Harry: You know what Summer, I can't do this anymore, I'm breaking up with you. Summer: What? *chuckles* No you're not. Harry: I can, and I am. Goodbye Summer, I hope you find someone who will make you happy. Summer: *puts her arms around harry* But you do. *smiles* Harry: *moves summer's arm* Sorry, I thought I saw something in you, but I guess I didn't, so I'm sorry. I tried to make us work, but I failed. Summer: You don't have to be perfect, I like us just like this. How we don't talk and we're always with our friends. Harry: Goodbye Summer. *walks off* Summer: *gasp*
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