My Secret Life 2 (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
  • Status: Complete
My Secret Life 2; Dean is now attending college with Renee and Roman at UCLA while Kim is still in high school for her Senior year. Kim and Dean decides to get together for Jon. For Kim's graduation, Dean proposes to Kim in front of the whole student bodies graduating and the ones in attendance. Also Kim is starting college soon, she gets accepted to Julliard in New York, which Harry does too. Kim makes the biggest decision of her life.


5. Questions

Noah: Hey honey, why didn't you come out to eat? Claire: I wasn't hungry. *fakes a smile* Noah: *sits at the edge of claire's bed* Hey, is everything ok? Claire: *sees Ashley* Yeah, everything's ok dad. Ashley: *smiles evil* Noah: Well if anyone is bothering you or you need to talk about something, talk to me ok. I am your father, you talk to me and I will try to help as much as possible. Claire: Yeah, thanks dad. *smiles softly and leans over and hugs noah* Noah: You sure everything's ok with you? Nothing wrong in this house right? Ashley: *eyes widen* Claire: No dad, everything's great in this house. Ashley's a great person and I love her. *smiles* Noah: There's the smile I recognize. *smiles* Ashley: *rolls her eyes and walks off* Noah: Well it's late, if you want to eat, go ahead and heat up the leftover's, if not, get to bed ok? Claire: Ok. *smiles* Noah: *stands up* Goodnight princess. *kisses claire's forehead* Claire: *smile fades* Noah: *sighs* Clarisse, what is going on seriously. Claire: *smiles big* Nothing dad, I just miss mom and Kim, and Jon. I'll be alright, I always am. Noah: Alright then. Get some sleep, don't want to be tired for school tomorrow. Claire: Goodnight dad. Noah: *smiles* Goodnight. Ashley: *walks by* Goodnight love. *fakes an evil smile* Claire: *fakes a smile* Goodnight Ashley. Ashley: I love you. *smiling evil* Claire: *looks at Ashley* Ashley: *waiting for a response* Noah: Claire, Ashley said she loves you. Claire: *rolls her eyes* I love you too Ashley. Ashley: *chuckles* Isn't she just the most precious human being on earth. Noah: She's beautiful. *smiles* Goodnight Claire. *closes the door behind* Claire: *closes her laptop and sets it to the side of the bed* (The Next Day) Kim: *walking on campus* Claire: *closes her locker* Kim: Claire. Claire: Oh hey. Kim: Are you ok? Claire: No! I'm not ok Kim! *tries not to cry* I haven't been ok since mom kicked me out the house. Kim: Do you want to come back? Claire: *cries* Yeah, I do. Kim: *feels bad* Claire. *hugs Claire* What's wrong? Claire: That Ashley girl is a devil Kim, she treats me like trash and a slave when dad's not around, but when dad's around, she treats me like I'm from a royal family. Kim: I'll talk to mom, and if she says yes, then talk to dad and you can come back home. Claire, we miss you too. Claire: I'm sorry about everything Kim. Kim: What for Claire? You're still young, of course you're still gonna learn and I know you're like this because no one pays attention to you. Claire, I do. I'm your older sister and I'm your only sibling. You know you can always talk to me about anything and you know I will always talk with you. Just like before we moved here. Claire: *hugs kim* Kim: *smiles softly and hugs Claire back* Claire: *wipes her tears* I'm sorry for being such an ass. Kim: It's ok. *smiles* Claire: *sees harry* Harry: *looking at Claire* Claire: *steps back* I'll let you two talk. Kim: Who? *turns around* Harry: *eye contacts kim* Kim: *crosses her arms* I'll talk to you later. Claire: Bye. *walks off* Kim: *walks to harry* What do you want Harry. Harry: You look great today. *smiles* Kim: *looks at herself* Thanks? *smiles* I just bought this recently with Dean. Harry: Do are you two like... together, together or? Kim: We love eachother Harry. *smiles* He makes me happy, and I make him happy. We complete eachother's life. Harry: You complete eachother's life? How does him having sex and getting you pregnant complete your life?! Kim: *gets upset* Harry: He put you thru hell and you're just gonna all of a sudden say he completes your life?! Kim, I was there for you throughout your pregnancy! Kim: Doesn't matter, you cheated. Harry: What? Kim: Ok, you lied to me then. Harry: About what? Kim: Summer. Harry: Oh, so we're back at this again right. What does Summer have to do with me and you. Kim: Everything Harry. Harry: Name one. Kim: Our relationship. Harry: What?! How exactly Kim! Kim: How? Hanging out with her at the lockers, having your arms around her waist and her arms around you while we were still together! Harry, that is cheating and you were having an affair with her. Harry: No I wasn't Kim. Kim: Harry, Summer's been your crush since the ninth grade! Not just that, but you got with her right away after you broked up with me. Harry: Oh please, like you and Dean didn't hurt me! Kim: What? Harry: Yeah, your relationship with Dean hurts. Kim: Why? Harry: Because I love you Kim. I wanted to share and do everything with you. You don't know how hard it was to accept that you were pregnant with another guy who didn't give a damn about you. Kim: I'm glad Dean and I have a child together Harry. I have come to terms that he's gonna always be there for me and Jon. He's Jon's father and he loves being in Jon's life. He's changed Harry, he's not the same anymore. Harry: No one changes in a year Kim! Kim: To me it sounds like you have some jealousy with Dean and that's not alright with me Harry. Harry: Why is it not alright with you? Wait, it's because you're still in love with me too correct. Kim: What? No! Harry: No one's feeling towards another person stops right away Kim. I would know. Kim: Yeah you would know Harry. You would know because you're still not over Summer either! *walks off* Harry: *chuckles* Excuse me? *runs up to kim* Liam: Here's your... Harry: Keep it. *runs up to kim* What did you just say Kim. Kim: I don't repeat myself over things that are not important to me. Harry: I'm important. Kim: No you're not Harry. *crosses her arms* You're not at all, I once thought you were, but you're just another of them Harry. I hope you work things out with Summer because you and I will never happen again. *walks off* Harry: *chuckles and shakes his head* Kim: *walks into class and sees summer* Summer: *looks at kim* Ew. Kim: *smiles at summer then gives her a serious look* Then stop staring. *walks to her seat* Eva: *chuckles and looks away* Summer: *throws her bag at eva* Eva: Hey! Summer: Is it still funny! Eva: *smiles* Summer: *rolls her eyes and fixes her hair* Whatever. *turns away from eva* (After School) Noelle: Hey honey, how was school? Kim: I talked to Claire. Noelle: And? Kim: She was crying. Noelle: Why? Kim: She wants to come home. Noelle: No. As much as I love and miss her, I can't have her come back. Kim: Mom! She's your daughter! Noelle: Until Jon gets older! You will know! Kim: *shuts up* Noelle: Just like you tell me, she's still young, just wait til she gets older. Same goes to you Kim. Just wait until Jon gets older. Kim: Ok, I hear you! Drive already. Noelle: *drives off* Dean: *waiting at the house* Kim: Dean. *smiles* Noelle: Why is he hear. Kim: Because he can mom. *gets out the car* Can you get Jon for me? *smiles* Dean: Yeah. *smiles and goes gets jon out the car* Kim: *smiles* Thank you Dean. Dean: No problem. Noelle: *opens the door and walks in* Dean/Kim: *follows behind* Dean: How was school today? Kim: It was actually great for the first time. Dean: Why's that? *putting jon in the playpen* Kim: I got to tell Harry off and Summer. Dean: Really? *chuckles* And what was that? Kim: Well Harry wanted to talk about being a professional at being in love and I told him, he would know because he's still in love with Summer, and he kind of just got silent. *smiles happy* Dean: *chuckles* That was awesome. Kim: Thanks, do you want something to drink? Dean: I'm good, thanks. *smiles* Kim: Ok, I'll be back. *gets up and walks to the kitchen* Dean: *looking around at the picture frames* Kim: I got you water just in case. Dean: Do you miss your dad? Kim: What? Dean: His pictures, it's still framed. Kim: Yeah, it's because I told my mom to leave it. Dean: Why? Kim: Because he's my father and as long as I'm still living here, it stays up. Dean: So you don't ever want to move in with me? Kim: *looks at dean* Dean: *laughs* I was kidding. Kim: *smiles softly* Dean: Or if you want, you can. I live by myself and or if you want to live by yourself with Jon, you can stay at my place. I'll rent a dorm on campus and live there. Kim: You would do that for me? Dean: Yeah. Kim: *smiles* Why do that when we can live together for Jon. Dean: You're serious? Kim: Well you brought it up, so... Dean: *chuckles* That's great, when do you want to move in? Kim: Whenever you want us to. Dean: How about next week then. Kim: *smiles* Ok. Dean: *smiles* I love you Kim. Kim: *smiles softly then chuckles* I love you too Dean Ambrose. *leans over and gives dean a quick kiss on the lips and smiles nervously* Dean: *smiles at kim* Kim: *turns and blushes* Dean: *turns kims head by the chin and kisses her*
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