My Secret Life 2 (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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My Secret Life 2; Dean is now attending college with Renee and Roman at UCLA while Kim is still in high school for her Senior year. Kim and Dean decides to get together for Jon. For Kim's graduation, Dean proposes to Kim in front of the whole student bodies graduating and the ones in attendance. Also Kim is starting college soon, she gets accepted to Julliard in New York, which Harry does too. Kim makes the biggest decision of her life.


10. Graduation Engagement

(The Next Week) 

Kim: *lying in bed* 

Dean: You ok? 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* I just can't believe I'm graduating tomorrow already. 

Dean: Yeah, I can't believe it either Kim. 

Kim: *smiles and sits up* Do you think my speech was ok? 

Dean: Yeah, it was great Kim, I think you will hit it out of the park tomorrow night. 

Kim: I'm so nervous just thinking about it. 

Dean: Don't worry, you have a paper just in case you forget. 

Kim: Right. *smiles* 

Dean: You're gonna look beautiful out there Kimberly. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Really? 

Dean: I know so. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Dean: Get some sleep; you have to be at the school early for rehearsal. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: Jon and I will be home and when you get home, we can go get something to eat. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dean: *kisses kim on the cheek* Goodnight. 

Kim: *smiles* Goodnight. 

(The Next Day) 

Mr. Heron: *going thru the routine* 

Kim: *practices her speech* 

Mr. Heron: The class of 2015! 

Kim: *gets off stage* 

Harry: Hey. 

Kim: *looks at harry* 

Harry: *smiles* So tonight's the final goodbye huh? 

Kim: It might just be right now. I don't plan on seeing you later tonight. 

Harry: Impossible.  

Kim: What is Harry?! 

Harry: Not being able to see me, is that your words or Dean's. 

Kim: He has nothing to do with this Harry, leave his name out.  

Harry: I will. 

Kim: *exhales* Goodbye Harry. *walks off* 

(Later That Night) 

Dean: *drops kim off* I'll come back in an hour ok. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Dean: *gives kim a kiss* 

Kim: *kisses dean* 

Dean: *laughs and kisses kim back* 

Kim: I'll see you later. *about to open the door* 

Dean: I love you. 

Kim: *smiles to herself and then looks at dean* I love you too. *smiles* 

Dean: Be careful out there and good luck. 

Kim: Thanks. *leaves to the gym* 

Mr. Heron: Please welcome Kimberly Nevaeh Keaton.  

Kim: *looks at the crowd scared* 

Dean: *breaks the silence/screams out* Jon and I love you Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *sees dean and smiles a bit then chuckles softly* This year, I got to meet new people and I got to know some old friends more. This year has been great to me because my son was there to bring me up when I was falling down. Not only is that, but his father and I became a lot closer thanks to him. *cont. talking* Once a Laker, always a Laker. *smiles* 

Mr. Heron: *whispers to kim*  

Kim: *stands in silence in confusion* 

Dean: *walks on stage with jon* 

Kim: *eyes widen and smiles in love* 

Dean: *smiles* Kim, you probably think I am crazy, but if loving you is the reason then I'm ok with it. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Dean: *pulls out a box and gets on one knee* 

Kim: *shocked/looks at the classmates then to dean* Dean. 

Dean: Will you marry me? 

Harry: *eyes widen* 

Kim: Um... *smiles and nods* Yes. *smiles bigger* Yes, I'll marry you. 

Harry: *about to interrupt* 

Liam/Niall: *holds harry down* 

Harry: *looks at niall then liam* 

Liam: Don't Harry. 

Harry: *cries* 

Dean: *puts the ring on kims hand and gets up and kisses her* 

Kim: *kisses dean back* 

(After Party) 

Crowds: Congrats on the engagement!  

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Dean: *puts his arms over kim and smiles* 

Eva: Congrats Kim, I'm so happy for you and Dean. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

Sasha: We mean it, you two are so perfect for eachother, I'm glad you two worked things out. *smiles* We were wrong of you, and we apologize. 

Kim: It's ok Sasha. *leans over and hugs sasha* 

Sasha: *hugs kim back* 

Eva: *hugs sasha and kim* 

Harry: I told you you'll see me again tonight. 

Kim: *turns around with dean* 

Harry: *smiles* Congrats on the engagement guys. 

Dean: *smiles cocky* Thanks kid. *slaps harry on the arm* 

Harry: *looks at kim* Dean if you don't mind, can I have one last dance with you Kim. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *smiles* Go. 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles softly* 

Harry: *takes kim by the hand and slow dances with her* 

Kim: *slow dancing with harry* 

Harry: I wasn't expecting all this to be so soon. 

Kim: I didn't know either. 

Harry: That was really hurtful to watch on stage, just to let you know. 

Kim: *feels bad* I'm sorry Harry. 

Harry: *tries not to cry* And I can't believe you're gonna be marry him and not me, but it's ok right? I'll see you in Julliard still. 

Kim: *forces a smile* Yeah, we'll see eachother there. 

Harry: *puts kims head on his chest* 

Kim: *listens to harrys heart* 

Dean: *takes summer to harry* Parties over. 

Harry/Kim: *looks at dean* 

Summer: *smiles at kim* Congrats on the engagement Kim. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Thank you. 

Dean: *puts his hand out* 

Kim: *takes deans hand* 

Harry: *takes his hand out for summer* 

Summer: *takes harry's hand* 

Dean: *slow dances with kim* 

Harry: *slow dances with summer and looks over at kim* 

Kim: *looks at harry* 

Dean: Let's go home, Roman and the girls are throwing you and Kelly and party at our place. 

Kim: Ok. *looks at dean and smiles* 

Roman: So you're really gonna let her go to Julliard? 

Dean: I have no choice Roman. 

Roman: What you mean? 

Dean: I took her dream away from her Roman, she wanted to go to Julliard all her life and then start a family. All I can do is give her whatever she wants to make her happy. 

Roman: And what about you? 

Dean: I'm gonna stay here. 

Roman: You don't want to go to Julliard? 

Dean: For what? 

Roman: *laughs* I don't know. Just live in New York. 

Dean: No. I like it here. 

Nikki: A toast to the newly engaged couple. 

Kim: *puts up her cup* 

Brie: *hugs kim from behind* I'm so happy for you and Dean Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Eve: A side from that, we are all happy and proud that you and Kelly finally graduated. *smiles* 

Kelly: *smiling* Thanks Eve. 

Maryse: *chuckles* Let's toast.

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