My Secret Life 2 (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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My Secret Life 2; Dean is now attending college with Renee and Roman at UCLA while Kim is still in high school for her Senior year. Kim and Dean decides to get together for Jon. For Kim's graduation, Dean proposes to Kim in front of the whole student bodies graduating and the ones in attendance. Also Kim is starting college soon, she gets accepted to Julliard in New York, which Harry does too. Kim makes the biggest decision of her life.


7. College Application

Kelly: Have you decided what college you're going to? 

Kim: I don't know, I always wanted to go to Julliard, but I also want to stay here with Dean. 

Kelly: Well you can always come back if you don't like it there. 

Kim: Yeah, that's true. 

Harry: *listening* 

Kim: I'll just apply for Julliard, and if UCLA wants me then I'll stay. 

Kelly: Yeah, that's a great move too Kim, just do whatever makes you happy. 

Kim: I am happy Kelly. *smiles* I love Dean and Jon. I love waking every morning next to them and seeing them just makes me happy and smile. 

Kelly: Aw, I'm glad you two finally are in love. Glad it was sooner. 

Kim: What you mean? 

Kelly: I mean, it's rare to see Dean in love. 

Kim: Really? I think he's a great guy. I always thought it was a mistake to keep Jon, but I'm glad I kept him. He lights up my world, and I'm glad I met Dean, who knew he has this side to him. *chuckles* 

Kelly: *chuckles* Kim, you two are so perfect for eachother. 

Kim: I know right. *chuckles* 

Harry: *walks pass Kelly and kim annoyed* 

Kim: *looks at harry walking off* 

Kelly: Do you still have feelings for Harry? 

Kim: Why would you ask that after I told you I'm in love with Dean. 

Kelly: Just asking. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles softly* 

Dean: Hey, who was school today? 

Kim: *puts the keys down* It was great. *smiles and curls up next to dean* 

Dean: *puts his arms around kim* Why are you so happy today? 

Kim: I don't know. *smiles* I just love coming home and seeing you and Jon. It makes me happy.  

Dean: *smiles* And I love seeing you come home to us instead of someone else. 

Kim: *smiles and kisses dean* 

Dean: *kisses kim back* 

Louis: What are you doing? 

Harry: I'm applying for Julliard. 

Louis: Why?  

Harry: Kim's going there. 

Louis: And is that where you want to go? 

Harry: Yeah, if Kim's there. 

Louis: Harry, college is you now. You can't chase a girl just because you like her. 

Harry: I don't just like Kim Louis. *looks at the ground* I love her. *looks at louis with a serious look* 

Louis: Wow. I have never seen you so not you Harry. 

Harry: What? 

Louis: *laughs* You're in love with a girl that doesn't even care about you. 

Harry: So. 

Louis: Harry, c'mon, join UC San Diego with me and Zayn. 

Harry: No! I'm going for Julliard and that's final! *submits his application* 

Louis: You little shit! You really did apply to Julliard! 

Harry: *laughs* Yeah, I did. 

Louis: I hate you Harry. *shakes his head* I can't believe you are going to Julliard! *smiles big and hugs harry* 

Harry: *smiles in confusion* 

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Dean: *sees a mail from Julliard* Julliard? *opens the mail* 

Kim: *walks into the house* Hey. *smiles* 

Dean: What is this? *holding the mail* 

Kim: It's from Julliard. 

Dean: Yeah, and that's where Harry is going to. 

Kim: He's what?! 

Dean: Yeah, Renee told me. 

Kim: Ren... Renee!? 

Dean: She heard from Summer, so she told me. 

Kim: I thought you said you weren't seeing... 

Dean: And I'm not Kim! I go to school with her and I see her there only! I don't hang out or do anything else with her! 

Kim: *exhales upset* Why didn't you tell me she goes to UCLA.  

Dean: Why does it matter to you? It's been two semesters already. 

Kim: Oh so you've been seeing her since the beginning then. 

Dean: Why does it matter! You know what Kim, I don't want to talk to you right now. Here's your mail! *sets it on the counter and walks off* 

Kim: You opened my mail! You know that's illegal to do! 

Dean: Maybe I just wanted to make sure the results were good for you! 

Kim: I'm taking Jon and we're gonna be spending the night at my moms! 

Dean: You know what, go for it! I could really use my house for some alone time! 

Kim: What so you can have girls come over! 

Dean: Is that all you think about Kim! Have faith in me will ya?! 

Kim: Have some faith! Dean I have faith in you! In us! I believe that we can get thru this together if we just stop arguing over... 

Dean: Renee. 

Kim: *annoyed* 

Dean: What's wrong with you Kim? You have a hatred for Renee and Summer. 

Kim: It's not called hatred when you envy them! 

Dean: Envy for what! 

Kim: *tries not to cry* Because they have something I'll never have. 

Dean: And what is that Kim. 

Kim: *cries* A strong connection with an old lover. 

Dean: Why does that matter? 

Kim: Because if you ever leave me I want us to be close how you're close to Renee! 

Dean: *grabs kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *pushes dean away* 

Dean: A strong connection you say huh! Tell me why I would leave you and Jon! I have no rights to leave you two and I don't have any reasons to leave you two. 

Kim: *cries* Then why do I feel like I'm losing you already. 

Dean: *pulls kim and hugs her* You're never gonna lose me Kim, never will you have to think that. *hugs kim tighter* 

Ashley: Nicole, take out the trash please. 

Claire: Can't you see I'm working on my project? *glues and fixes her tower* 

Ashley: *walks by and knocks it down* Do it I said! 

Claire: *looks at her project and cries* 

Ashley: Maybe if you did what I asked you, you wouldn't be crying over it right now right? 

Claire: I hate you! 

Ashley: You what? 

Claire: You're a bitch! A wicked bitch! I hate you! I wish my father would see this side of you, so he can leave you! 

Ashley: *slaps Claire* 

Noah: Ashley! 

Ashley: *gasp* 

Noah: *looks at Claire* Are you ok honey? *looks at Ashley* What is going on? Why is this a mess? 

Ashley: I accidently... 

Claire: Liar! You told me to take out the trash and all I said was I'm busy working on my project and then you knocked it down! 

Noah: Ashley, my daughters work hard in school. They may talk back, but they get their work done if you ask them nicely. 

Ashley: *looks at Claire* You little shit! I hate you! You're a snitch! A stupid spoiled brat!  

Noah: Hey! 

Ashley: *pushes noah* We are through Noah! We are done for good! I can't stand your daughter and you anymore!  

Noah: Excuse me? 

Ashley: You are pathetic! I could never love you or your family! *walks off to the room and packs her things* 

Noah: Ashley! 

Ashley: I'm leaving Noah, whether you like it or not, I'm going! *drags her bag and walks off* 

Noah: *grabs ashley's bag* Ashley, please. 

Claire: Dad. *cries* Please don't stay with her anymore. She's not who you think she is. 

Ashley: *gives Claire a look* Don't you dare! 

Claire: She's cheating on you. 

Noah: *slaps Ashley* 

Ashley: *gasp* 

Noah: Get the hell out of my house now! 

Ashley: *leaves crying* 

Noah: Are you ok honey? 

Claire: Dad. *cries into noah's arms* 

Noah: *comforts Claire* Dad's home now and he's sorry for today. Are you ok? 

Claire: *nods* 

Noah: I'm sorry, dad was blinded by her that he didn't see how she treated you. 

Claire: *cries more* 

Noah: I think it's time to ask for your mother back. 

Claire: Really? You want mom back? 

Noah: I love your mom Claire, it's just... I liked Ashley for her look. 

Claire: She's 25 dad, she's gonna hurt you. 

Noah: I know, c'mon, let's get some rest. We'll visit your mother tomorrow. 

Claire: Ok. 

Dean: Kim? 

Kim: *sleeping on the couch* 

Dean: *carries kim to the room* 

Kim: *moves* 

Dean: *smiles softly* I love you Kim. *looks at kim and then to jon* 

Jon: *sleeping and moving* 

Dean: *sits on the end of the bed and replies to renee* Stop contacting me, I have a family.

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