My Secret Life 2 (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 5 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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My Secret Life 2; Dean is now attending college with Renee and Roman at UCLA while Kim is still in high school for her Senior year. Kim and Dean decides to get together for Jon. For Kim's graduation, Dean proposes to Kim in front of the whole student bodies graduating and the ones in attendance. Also Kim is starting college soon, she gets accepted to Julliard in New York, which Harry does too. Kim makes the biggest decision of her life.


3. Awkward Dean

Claire: Dad, I don't want to go with you. 

Noah: You have to Claire, I'm getting real tired of your mom's complain, even your sister texted me. 

Claire: Kim!? 

Noah: Well how many sister's do you have? 

Claire: How is Ashley like? 

Noah: You'll like her, she'll spoil you she said. She's never had a child of her own, so having you will be her luck. 

Claire: If I don't like it, you have to promise to bring me back here. 

Noah: That's something you have to talk with your mother. 

Kim: *walks to her room with jon* Oh dad? I didn't see your car out there. 

Noah: It's parked out there honey. 

Kim: Oh, I must have not paid attention. 

Noah: *smiles* Is that my grandson. 

Kim: Yeah, it's Jon. 

Noah: I want to hold him. *takes jon from kim* Get your things ready, I'll get you in 15 minutes. *leaves with jon to the livingroom* 

Kim: So you're really leaving with dad huh? 

Claire: Well of course you only told him to come get me didn't you! 

Kim: By mom's order, yeah. 

Claire: I hate you. 

Kim: In this case, I'm glad I letted dad know. *walks off* 

Claire: *gets mad* 

Kim: *microwaves leftovers from last night* 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Dean: Hey, is my son with you? 

Kim: Yeah, why? 

Dean: Can I come over? 

Kim: I guess, I don't know if you want to come now, my dad's here. 

Dean: Oh, just let me know when he leaves. 

Kim: Yep. 

Dean: Ok, don't forget. 

Kim: I won't, bye. *hangs up* 

Noah: You almost ready? 

Claire: Yeah, I'm ready. 

Noah: Alright, bring everything you need with you, I'm gonna bring Jon to your sister. 

Claire: I don't care. *carries her bag and walks out her room* 

Noah: You got your backpack? 

Claire: Oh, I thought I wouldn't need to go anymore. 

Noah: You're gonna go Claire, until you're 18, you can stop going to school and start working. 

Claire: Not doing that either. *rolls her eyes* 

Kim: *puts her phone down* Here, I can take him dad. 

Noah: Here you go. I'll see you next time Jon. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Say bye to grandpa Jon. 

Jon: *staring everywhere* 

Noah: Bye sweetheart. *hugs kim and gives jon a kiss* C'mon Claire. 

Claire: *leaves with noah* 

Dean: *arrives* 

Kim: My mom's not home yet. She's off in 30 minutes so... 

Dean: It's fine. 

Kim: No, I have to pick her up in like 10 minutes. 

Dean: I'll watch him while you go and pick up your mom. 

Kim: Do you mind? 

Dean: No, not at all. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks. *sits down on the couch* 

Dean: *looks in the playpen* How long he's been asleep. 

Kim: Like 5 minutes now.  

Dean: Oh. 

Kim: *moves her hair looks at the tv* 

Dean: *to himself* Wow, she's really pretty. 

Kim: *grabs her phone* 

Dean: You're pretty. 

Kim: What? 

Dean: You're pretty. 

Kim: *gives dean a look*  

Dean: You're really pretty Kim. 

Kim: Thank you Dean. 

Dean: *snaps out of it* Um, I think it's time you have to pick up your mother. 

Kim: *in an awkward situation* Yeah, I think it's time too. 

Dean: You know what, no, I'm gonna go, I'll see you tomorrow at school. 

Kim: School? 

Dean: You know what I mean. *fakes a laughs* Bye. *rushes out the house in confusion* 

Kim: *confused* Bye? *looks at the playpen* C'mon Jon, let's go pick up your grandma. 

(Later That Night) 

Dean: *sitting at his desk looking at his phone* 

Kim: *putting jon to bed* 

Noelle: *in the shower* 

Dean: *looking at kim's number* 

Kim: *changes to her pj's* 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: *looks at her phone* Dean? Why is he calling? 

Dean: *hangs up* 

Kim: Hell... Weird. *hangs up* 

Dean: *sighs* Why did you call her for. 

Kim: *calls dean back* 

Dean: *sees kims name* Uh... *picks up the call* Hello? 

Kim: Did you call? 

Dean: Oh um, I just... I wanted to say goodnight. 

Kim: *smiles* Goodnight Dean. 

Dean: *smiles* Goodnight Kimberly. 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

Dean: Um, I'll see you tomorrow if possible. 

Kim: Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow too. 

Dean: Bye. 

Kim: Bye. 

Dean: *hangs up* 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Noelle: Who was that? 

Kim: Dean. 

Noelle: Dean? 

Kim: He called to say goodnight. 

Noelle: That's odd, he never does that. 

Kim: Right, but it's good to know he cares. 

Noelle: Are you two seeing eachother? 

Kim: I don't think so? Why? 

Noelle: Nevermind. *walks to jon and gives him a kiss on the cheek* Goodnight Jon. *smiles* Goodnight Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Goodnight mom. 

Noelle: *walks to her room* 

Kim: *closes her door and turns the lights off* 

(The Next Day) 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: *sleeping*  

Dean: *waiting* 

Kim: *hears and wakes up* Hello? 

Dean: Hey, I'm taking Jon to the daycare today, want me to drop you off at school? It's that way too. 

Kim: No, it's ok, you have class too. 

Dean: It's all in the same direction, plus your mom will get a car to use. 

Kim: Ok, yeah that's fine. 

Dean: Well I'm on my way. 

Kim: What time is it? 

Dean: It's about to be eight in 20 minutes. 

Kim: Shoot! Ok, I have to get ready. 

Dean: Alright. 

Kim: *hangs up and rushes* 

Noelle: Someone forgot to set their alarm today. 

Kim: Yeah, why didn't you wake me up? 

Noelle: Sorry, you usually do that's why. 

Kim: Well not today mom. Thank god for Dean calling. 

Noelle: Dean? Why was he calling? 

Kim: He wants to take Jon to daycare today, and he offered to take me to school, so you can take the car to work today. 

Noelle: I won't make it to pick you up though. 

Kim: *stands for a second* I'll see if dad can give me a ride since he'll be picking up Claire. 

Noelle: Ok, if he can't let me know. 

Kim: Ok. *cont. getting ready* 


Harry: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Harry? What's up? 

Harry: Nothing much, I just wanted to talk. 

Kim: About? 

Harry: Us. 

Kim: There is no us Harry. 

Harry: It can again. 

Kim: Summer wouldn't... 

Harry: I broked up with her. 

Kim: What, why? 

Harry: I didn't like her attitude. 

Kim: Oh. 

Harry: I mean, she's pretty and attractive, but I don't like the way she talks. 

Kim: Me either. 

Summer: *walks by* Well if it isn't the ex-lovers. *smiles* You left me for that again? 

Harry: What you mean again? 

Summer: Harry, we've been on dates before Kim came, don't forget that night we shared. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets annoyed/mad* 

Summer: Well that was a while back, don't worry too much Kim. *laughs* See you around Harry. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Harry: *sitting* Kim. 

(After School) 

Dean: *texts kim* I'm picking you up, I just picked up Jon. 

Kim: *reads the text* 

Harry: Kim. 

Kim: What do you want Harry. 

Harry: I just want to talk, I feel like I haven't talked to you in a while. 

Kim: Well you haven't Harry. 

Harry: Yeah, can I come over today? 

Kim: You want to come over today? 

Harry: Yeah, I want to see your mom and Jon too. 

Kim: Harry. 

Dean: *pulls up and honks* Kim! 

Kim: *turns to look* 

Dean: *smiles* 

Harry: *looks* 

Dean: *sees harry and changes mood* 

Kim: I have to go, my rides here. 

Harry: You're not seeing Dean are you? 

Kim: Why does it matter to you? 

Harry: You can't be with him Kim, you know that. 

Kim: Who are you to stop me? *walks off* 

Harry: *grabs onto kims arm* 

Dean: *gets out the car* Hey! 

Harry: *let's go of kim* 

Kim: *looks at dean then harry* 

Harry: I'll see you tomorrow Kim. *walks off* 

Dean: You ok? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: Let's go. *puts his arms around kim* 

Kim: Um? 

Dean: *looks and quickly moves his arm* Sorry. 

Kim: It's ok. *gets in the car* 

Dean: *drives off*

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