Out of my limit



Michael's POV

I was luckily placed into Spanish with my sister,Luke and Calum. We needed to work on a project and he assigned us partners. I was with Calum and Luke was with Alex.Calum and I finished early so we just did whatever. Out of the corner of my eye i spotted Luke and Alex getting all lovey dovey with eachother. UGHHHH the last thing I need right now is One of my best friends getting all romantic with my sister, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND FOR GOD'S SAKE. I realized i was giving them the death stare and stopped. I then felt something lightly hit me in the back and saw a pencil with a note attatched to it. It read You might want to watch you and your friends backs Clifford, I'm watching you..... no name, but crap that sounds really creepy.

Alex's POV

I turned my head and... Michael looked scared, Is he ok? "Luke, I'll be right back, I'm gonna go check on Mikey"  I

slowly walk over there and place my small hand on his shoulder and say  "Mikey are you ok? you look like you just saw a ghost"  he looks at me with his eyes widened and anxiously says " Me?? oh yes im better than ever!! I feel like its christmas morning all over again! hehe" I rolled my eyes and walked back to my seat. "Ok Amigos! turn in your projects and you may go to break time" YAY 20 mins of no class... now I need to try to find out what is wrong with Michael. * plays mission impossible music in her head* DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN.


Luke's POV 

I almost fall asleep in class since  the clock seems to be going at less than 3 km/h. i turn my head to reveal Alex with a mischevious smirk on her face, i giggle and then hear the bell ring and walk out of class, i then feel something cover my mouth and pull me into a small room...


A/N: heyy guyyyysssssssssss i hope you loke this chapter, i know my chapters are short so i tried to make this one a litttle longer wuv u gyz!


-Sofia =D


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