Out of my limit


1. uhh hi.....

" We're gonna be late for school Alex!" Calls my brother "Don't rush me Michael I'm coming!!!!" I finish putting on my shorts and I hustle down the stairs with my 20 ton bag over my back. Ok my

first day at school with my twin brother who I haven't seen for two years "MICHAEL IM SCAWWWED" he chuckles " don't worry! Youll be fine" when we arrive at school, I go with him to the office to pick up my schedule and my locker combination "oh your locker is above-"

"Hey hey hey! How's it going Michael! Oh, who is this?" He says while looking at me with his ocean blue eyes "I'm Alex, Michael's sister. Nice to meet you" I say while putting my hand out for him to shake, his hand is bigger and fits nicely in my small hands."Alex can I see your schedule?" Asks mikey. And I hand it to him "well we have Spanish first together, but I don't think we have any other classes with me, but maybe with the other boys" I frown and open up my locker and start practically destroying my bag while trying to fit it in the tiny locker. The bell then rings and I rush to Spanish.

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