You ruined me

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1. New Beginnings

There was a boy in my room.

I looked up at the number and then back down at my room assignment, this was definitely my room.

"You must be Rita" boy said grinning. He held his hand out but I ignored it. (I was holding a box anyway. What did he expect from me?)

"And you are?" I asked. He smirked at me and replied "Lucas... But you can call me Luke."

"You have more boxes downstairs? You must have more boxes downstairs. I'll grab them for you."

I fell onto my bed and looked around. He had boxes piled up on his bed and posters covering the wall. Photos of he and his friends were scattered over the table.

Rita watched him as he brought all her boxes up to their room. He was tall, muscular and cute and he looked like he'd just done his hair, blond hair perfectly coiffed.

As he placed the last box down he said "Have you been to Paddys? Burgers the size of your face. Even bigger than your face"

His phone wrang just as he told me about this 'Paddys.'

"Cal, where are you?" He answered.

It was quiet for a while as this 'Cal' replied.

"Oh yeah sure, come over whenever. I'm not going anywhere."

He hung up and then looked at me curiously.

"So tell me about yourself," he said to me.

"Well...." But just as I started to speak, 3 other boys walked into our room.

"Everybody this is Rita. Rita this is Calum, Ashton and Michael."

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