You ruined me

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5. Chapter 5

We all got in the car with me riding shotgun, Ash driving and the others in the back.

"So guys you were pretty late to breakfast yesterday," Michael said winking.

I smirked "yeah we met 2 days ago and we're already on 3rd base."

"Well it's happened to me before.." Michael mumbled.

"Wait a sec.. Have you even fingered a girl?" Ash said.

"Uhh.. No" ,Luke whispered, "I've only really made out with girls. I always ruin things before anything good can happen." He said awkwardly.

There was an awkward silence until Luke added "I probably wouldn't be any good at it anyway."

Ashton looked over into the back at Lukes hands which we're resting in his laps.

"You have pretty good fingers, you should try it sometime." Ash said as if he were an expert.

We finally pulled up at the beach, and ditched our stuff in the sun. I stripped off into my triangl bikinis and watched as Ash, Luke and Michael ran into the surf.

I looked up at Cal and said "aren't you going in?"

"Nah, It's a little cold for my liking." He said.

"Mkkaayy," I mumbled as I opened my book and lay out onto my towel.

"Rita, come join us." Luke shouted almost getting knocked over by a wave.

"I can't

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