You ruined me

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3. Chapter 3

I pushed my head into Ashtons pillow. I couldn't believe that I actually thought that I could not embarrass myself at college.

Ashton touched my thigh and whispered "Everything alright?"

I nodded my head and looked into his browney-green eyes. He touched my chin softly and pushed his lips against mine. I pulled back confused, Ashton moved back obviously embarrassed and said "Sorry, I didn't mean to."

"Ash.. Come back," I said, but he just ran out the door. I dug my hands into my head, Ashton was a really sweet guy but I was just so confused as to what was going on between m Luke and I.

"What happened between you and Ash? Cause he looked really upset," Calum said as he came into the dorm he shared with Ashton.

"I don't know.. I'm just so confused," I said.

"Let's go get some food, have you had dinner yet??" Cal said

"Sure.." I said.

The one thing I hated about college is the unexplained rules that came with it. Like where you were and weren't supposed to sit, how much food you should get, where to line up and all that other junk. But I was lucky to have Cal with me as it was his second year at college.

So he explained to me " Our table is the one on the very right where Luke and Michael are, nobody else sits ther except for us. The rest of the tables are pretty much owned by the "Jocks" and their friends, but we call them the 'One Direction'. We line up on the very left with everyone who isn't part of the One Direction, and you should pretty much grab at most 5 things, so that there is enough food left for the 'One Direction' to take back into their dorm.

So I lined up on the left, got some salad, chips and a steak and sat down at 'our' table. Luke smiled at me as I sat down and said "The foods not as good as Paddys," almost as if to remind me of the special moment we'd shared there. After all of us had finished our food we returned to our separate dorms.

Luke and I were quiet for the walk back to our dorm, he looked down at the ground for most of the time. As we got inside, Luke looked at me and said, "You know you really are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." I blushed fire truck red and said "You know you really are the hottest boy I've ever seen," making him grin.

I got changed into my pjs only to find him looking away awkwardly.

"You know if we're going to share a dorm, we're going to see each other half nude eventually." I smirked.

"Yeah, I guess so." He laughed.

He took his jeans and shirt off and looked at me nervously, "I sleep in my boxers," he mumbled.

I looked over at him to see him standing there in his pizza boxers. "How attractive," I giggled.

"At least I'm not the one wearing an elephant onesie," he laughed.

"YOU MESSING WITH ME PUNK??" I shouted throwing a pillows at him.

He pouted as if he was hurt and said "I need a hug." I grinned as I gave him a monster hug, just as he hit me with a pillow and fell on top of me. He stared into my emerald green eyes and said "I love you Rita," as he crashed his lips against mine.


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