The Storm

Summary: Allison hates being alone in a big house when there's a storm brewing outside. Then the lights go out.


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The Storm

Feels like the storm was never gonna end while I was sitting in the front of the roaring fire. I was reading a good novel that I was really into at the moment and wasn’t able to even put down. Reaching over to the side table for my champagne glass the power suddenly went out. Carefully trying to place my glass back on the table it hit the side and crashed onto the floor. “Damn it.” I whispered as I finally sat my book down.

As I stood to get a towel there where huge flashes of lighting and large booms of thunder that lit the whole house up. Falling back onto the couch I pulled the quilt over me, to scared move. Closing my eyes I prayed that Alex was here right now holding me safely in his arms. “God, why can’t you be here. Alex I need you with me now.” I cried into my hands and still holding the blanket.

Still sitting in the same spot on the couch more lighting and thunder crashed through the house. It seems this storm was never going to end. Keeping my eyes tightly closed and knowing that Alex wasn’t to be back until tomorrow. As I slowly opened up my eyes I turned my head as I heard something. “JD? Maggie? Is that you?” I asked as I heard another sound in another part of the house. I thought it would have been the dogs. JD and Maggie scampered into the room once I called. “What are you two sillies doing?” I asked them with a smile. They both barked up at me then ran off again when there was another crash in another room.

To scared to move I pulled my legs up and started rocking back and forth as my tears started to fall. “Please go away!” I yelled hoping that whom ever was there would just go away and leave. Now I was starting to hear footsteps getting closer. I don’t even think I’ve ever been this frightened before. I also prayed for them not to enter the room I was in.

Finally pulling myself off the couch, I crawled over into a darkened corner of the room. The footsteps got louder as I knew now that they had entered the room I was in. My eyes tightly closed again I heard a loud thump then, “Shit! That fuckin’ hurt.” My eyes flew open to hear the voice. “Alex?” “Babe, I’m here, what’s wrong?” He asked finding me in the corner. Reaching his hand out to me I took it as he pulled me off the floor. He then wrapped his arms around me as I collapsed in his embrace. “Thunder.” I whispered. “I’m sorry.” He whispered back pulling me tighter then placing a kiss on my forehead.

Alex pulled me down on the couch next to him still wrapped in the safety of his arms. As we sat there in silence Alex started humming as he soothed me by rubbing my arm. “Alex, I’m sorry.” I whispered. “Why are you sorry?” He asked ruffling my hair with his warm breath. “Because of my fears.” “Shh, there’s nothing to be sorry for.” He whispered. “Now, close your eyes and try to get some sleep.” He said with a smile as he pulled the blanket over the both of us. “I also know that you’re wondering why I’m home early and I’ll answer your questions in the morning. Now close your eyes.” I nodded my head that was lying on his chest as I curled up closer and closed my eyes. “I love you Alex.” I whispered as I fell asleep. “I love you too Ally.” He said closing his own eyes.

Now that I knew that Alex was back where he belonged, I knew that I was going to be safe. From the storm.

The End

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