No Sound

A short story about a couple who don't have a normal relationship because one of them can't really hear a thing.


1. No Sound

I turned my body around to look at Ethan who was sleeping in my bed beside me. I propped my head up with my hand and rested my elbow on my pillow. A small smile adorned my face as I scanned over the features of Ethan's face. He mouth was slightly agape, his breaths coming out even and quiet, but loud enough to be heard in the eerily silent room. One of his hands was rested on his chest, the other was under me from when we had fell asleep cuddling earlier. I knew that when he woke up, he was definitely going to complain about how his arm was asleep.


Even though I probably shouldn't have, I reached out and gently ran my fingers through his messy hair. I knew it was probably going to wake him up, but I couldn't help myself. He looked too adorable not to touch when he was sleeping. When my hand left his hair, I continued to trail my index finger down, trailing the sharp line of his jaw. I guess he must have felt that in his sleep, because his eye twitched a bit and his mouth closed as he moved his head a bit closer to me. I smiled, but knew I should stop before I woke him up altogether. 


I sighed, completely bored of just lying there, but I didn't want to get up because I knew my movements would wake him up. I kind of wanted to wake him up, but at the same time I just wanted to let him sleep because I knew how much he loved his naps. So I continued to stare at him for a bit longer--something I seemed to do a lot considering I was always the first one awake whenever we took naps and there was nothing else interesting to look at in my room. Except him.


I felt his body shift and a little groan escaped his mouth, making me immediately know he was waking up. I smiled slightly and looked down at his hand on his chest while I waited for him to completely wake up. My eyes flickered up to him when I felt him put the hand that was under me on my back, pushing me a bit closer to him.


"Hi," I said, even though I knew he couldn't hear me, but I knew he knew how to read people's lips when they said a simple word like that. He smiled at me as a greeting back and rubbed his eye with the back of his hand (which I always found really, really adorable). I snuggled closer to him and rested my head on his chest, my hand going on top of his. He turned his around and began to play with my fingers, making me giggle a bit. That was always a weird habit of his, but I loved it, nonetheless.


I loved everything he did, really. I loved him. I loved how he would never walk into a store first because he always had to hold the door open for me. I loved how he would rest his head in my lap whenever we would watch a movie. I loved how he drank a glass of apple juice everyday because it was his favorite drink and for some reason, he just couldn't go without it. I loved how he would stick his tongue out a bit whenever he was concentrating really hard. I even loved how he would get so into his games, he wouldn't even look at me when I was trying to get his attention, which usually annoyed me to no extent, but I couldn't help but love the cute smile on his face when he completed whatever mission he had to complete in his game.


I loved him. It was as simple as that.


I wasn't usually the type of person to get mad very easily, but one thing that always got me mad instantly was when people would ask me why. Why I was with someone who I couldn't talk to. Why I was with someone who couldn't hear anything I said. Why I was in love with him. It wasn't like me to say because I was never a violent person, but whenever somebody asked me something like that, it made me want to punch them square in the face.


They always pointed out that Ethan was deaf as if I didn't already know, but that didn't make me love him any less. The way I looked at it, Ethan wouldn't be Ethan if he wasn't deaf. That was just a part of him and it's the part of him that I had always known and it was something that I loved about him. And as far a communication went, communicating with him wasn't as hard as everybody thought it was. I learned sign language a couple years before when we first started dating, which was probably one of the best decisions of my life, because since then, we had been having the same stupid, pointless, funny conversations that any other couples have.


Ethan had a hearing aid, but they don't do much to deaf people for having normal conversations, because all it really helps with is the vibrations--which is one of the reasons Ethan listened to rock music so much, because he could somewhat hear it. I was told that a lot of deaf people enjoy rock music, though, which I think is pretty great that they are able to enjoy something like that. The world is a pretty boring place without music. Ethan had told me in the past that he and his parents had thought about getting a cochlear implant, which is basically a device that do the work of the damaged parts of the inner ear, so it would help him out a lot more than a hearing aid ever could, but they would have to save up for a bit before they could even really consider it, because those things were expensive. And I mean really expensive. I know that kind of bummed Ethan out, the fact that he couldn't get that implant because of the cost, but I knew he'd never mention that to his parents, because if he did, it would make them feel a hundred times worse than they already do about the implant and would probably push themselves further than they could take to try and come up with the money somehow.


I felt Ethan's lips connect with the top of my head and I was pulled away from the thoughts, which was probably a good thing because I would of ended up getting angry. I looked up at him and gave him a close-lipped smile before leaning up and pressing my lips onto his. I felt him smile into the kiss which made me chuckle a bit. When we pulled away, I looked up at him and stared into his eyes. He didn't notice that I was staring at him at first as he was still too busy playing with my hands, but when he looked up, he caught my eye and an instant smile appeared on his face at the sight of me, which, without a doubt, made me blush a bit.


I sat up a bit, my arm starting to go a bit numb on me from my head being propped up on it for a long period of time. I bit my lip and felt Ethan's stare on me, which made me look up. Whenever he stared at me, it always made me get all giddy and I would end up giggling like a weirdo, but he didn't seem to mind. He seemed to like the affect he had on me, actually.


I sighed and looked back at him for a couple of seconds before pointing to myself, then putting my hands in fists and crossing them over my chest in an 'x', and lastly, pointing at him.


I love you.


He gave me a lopsided smile and took my wrists, pulling me down so I was on top of him. He put his lips on mine and I found myself kissing him again. I knew that was his way of saying he loved me, too.


"Ethan and Anna, supper is ready!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs and I pulled away from Ethan, pointing my heads toward my door, which had always been my signal to let him know supper was done whenever he was over at my house. He grinned cheekily at me and jumped off the bed, my right behind him as we raced down the stairs, trying to see who could be the first one at the table like we always did.

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