Mr. Bieber

A tale of a sexual relationip between a teacher and a student, will it get serious.


2. The Teacher Next Door

Maleniah's P.O.V.
    2 days ago, my teacher decided to rent the house next to mine, he moved in yesterday, it still feels like a dream, I can't believe he lives next to me! My plan is going to fall into place, I just know it.
    Today, Mr. Bieber's wife, Selena, asked me and my mom to go to their house for dinner, honestly I don't want to. 
Justin's P.O.V.
    Selena walks in my office I can tell she has something on her mind but I don't know what it is. She seems a little tense, though.
    ''Hey, Justin.'' She said. ''Hey, baby.'' I replied. ''So, I invited over the neighbors for dinner. The one with the girl you know, so at least you have a familiar face.'' She said backing up into the corner of my rest where I can't reach her. ''Ok, whatever. Go make dinner.'' I commanded. ''Wait, you're not mad?'' She asked surprised. ''No, now go before I get mad.'' I said seriously.
    I wasn't mad about her making plans behind my back for the 15,000th time, and even I was shocked. I dont know why but, Maleniah gives me this good feeling. I know it's wrong to like a student so I'm going to behave for now.
    It's now 9:30 and the Hill family is going to be over in about 5 minutes. So, I hurry up and get dressed, it felt like it was just a minute after I got done putting my shoes on that the doorbell rang.
    ''Hello.'' Selena said as she opened the door. ''Hi.'' Maleniah said looking down at the ground, I could tell something was wrong. Her mother just smiled. ''Come in, come in.'' I said politely.
     They both walked in and took a seat next to me, we sat in this order, me, Miss Hill, then Maleniah. I don't know why she didn't sit next to me, she usually would.
    Selena bumped into me as we walked, I just gave her a death stare and she ran to the table.
        A Few Minutes Later
    We got done eating and we sat for a moment and talked, then decided to watch ''Twisted'' (a show from ABC family) from the first episode to the last.
    While we were watching the show, me and Maleniah we texting each other. I was trying to get her to tell me what was wrong.
                Text Message...
Me: why do you look so sad
Maleniah: no reason
Me: come on tell me
Maleniah: you have to promise not to tell anyone, not even my mom
Me: ok (crossing my fingers, knowing I'll tell Selena)
Maleniah: well, every Monday thru Friday, my mom goes to work, and one night, my step dad did something to me
Me: what did he do (I had a feeling I knew what she was talking about but wanted to be sure of myself)
Maleniah: he touched me in inappropriate places
Me: oh, he's not gonna touch you anymore
Maleniah: of course he is, he's been touching me every night since then
Me: no, your gonna stay over my house when your mother has to work
Maleniah: ok, but I'm not telling her, she won't let me if I asked
Me: ok, see you tomorrow night
Maleniah: ok, now watch the show ;-) 
        End of Text Message
Maleniah's P.O.V.
    Me and my mother walked home in silence. Then, we got in the house and she decided to speak. ''So, you gave your number to your teacher?'' She asked. ''No, what made you think that?'' I said my best not to make her suspicious. ''Well, the fact that I could tell you were texting each other during the movie!'' She said getting louder and angrier. ''Whatever.'' I said under my breath. ''What you say?'' She yelled in a high pitched voice. ''Nothing.'' I replied as I ran up the stairs to my room.
    I can't believe my mother she's always on my case about something, like can I get a break. I get that she's trying to protect me, but I don't wanna be protect from Mr. Bieber, why would anyone, but now I wonder why Selena seems so afraid of him, whatever...

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