Mr. Bieber

A tale of a sexual relationip between a teacher and a student, will it get serious.


1. The Plan

        Maleniah's P.O.V.
*ring The bell rung for the end of 6th period*
    ''Ughh.'' I said as I opened my locker and put my things in my locker. ''At least I have performing arts next.'' I thought to myself. I forced my backpack out of my locker and locked it. Then, I headed up the stairs to performing arts.
    I go to this special school that teaches kids the basics, such as, math, language arts, etc, but also let's them choose to take the performing arts class of their choice. You can choose a music class, a dancing class, or an acting class.
    I take the music class with Mr. Bieber, he is so handsome, this is the first time I've seen a handsome teacher before. Their usually old and crusty.
    Anyway, I headed to my class and as soon as I walked in the doors, the late bell rang. I love it when that happens, because some teachers try to say I'm late but when I know I'm not, but Mr. Bieber doesn't, he's the best teacher ever. If he wasn't a teacher, I'd be in love. What? His age? Oh, doesn't matter to me.
    I sat down at my table next to this fly ass boy named Danny, mmm, he is so fine! Mr. Bieber told us what we were going to do, then he ask me to help pass out papers. (He always ask me, I think he likes me, too.)
    So, after everyone took notes, he let us go in the computer lab, or get on our phones to do whatever we want, I decided to go and get a transformer, and bring it into the class and talk with him.
    ''So, what are you doing this weekend?'' I asked. ''Why do you wanna know?'' He said with a smirk on his face. I just gave him the, you know why, look and he answered me.
    ''Looking for houses in the area, so me and my wife could be close to our jobs.'' He said. ''Oh, the house next door to me is up for rent.'' I said, with a plan in my head.
    ''Great.'' He said with a dirty deep voice and a smirk.
    *the bell rings for the end of school*

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