Mr. Bieber

A tale of a sexual relationip between a teacher and a student, will it get serious.


3. Not Right For Each Other


Justin's P.O.V.

    I woke up today and I didn't really remember a thing, so I shook Selena and woke her up...

"Yea?" She said halfway sleeping. ''What happened last night? I can't remember a thing.'' I complained. ''You don't remember, not even if you look around?'' She said, making a hand gesture for me to look around our bed.

    As I looked around the room all I saw was beer bottles, and cans, a thong, a bra, and my boxers. Slowly I began to remember...


    Selena walks over to me and looks me in the eyes with her puppy dog eyes. ''What?'' I asked. ''Uh.. I don't know how to ask this but, are you have sexual relations with your student?'' She says staring at the floor. ''Why would I be having sexual relations with a student?'' I said as my voice got high, from me trying to hide the feelings I have for Maleniah. ''If it's that then, it's a full on relationship.'' She says, getting angry.

''Calm down, I wouldn't do that, I don't wanna go to jail.'' I said with a fake laugh, knowing damn well, I didn't care about laws when it came to love.

    Selena walks over to me and gives me a seductive face. ''Now, why would you want a little girl, when you can have a grown woman?'' She smirks and takes off her dress. I grab her ass the she slaps me. ''What the hell?! Why'd you grab my ass!'' She yells. ''I thought you wanted me to.'' I said confused. ''With you? Never.'' She laughs at me making me think less of myself. ''Then, why'd you take off your dress?'' I asked concerned. ''I'm taking a shower, relax thirsty.'' She said taking out her hair tie, then throwing it at me.

    I dont understand why she has to be such a bitch, she makes me so mad I just wanna..ugh!!! She walked up the stairs and sat on our bed and made a gesture for me to get closer to her.

    ''What do you want, now?'' I said getting angry because I was a little hard. "Come here.'' She says making the same gesture, I walk over to her and she undresses me.

    ''Oh, now you wanna-'' I didn't finish what I was saying. ''Shh, let me do the work, relax.'' She said going down. (You can imagine what you want happened here.)

    After me and Selena were done, (with whatever you imagined.), she hopped in the shower. I'm still a little confused as to why she got angry from me grabbing her ass, it's just an ass grab.

    She does this all the time, she plays, too much, she thinks I like it but i dont. When we're around people she acts afraid of me, but behind close doors, she beats me, but I don't do anything because she's a women, I don't think we need to be together.

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