Mr. Bieber

A tale of a sexual relationip between a teacher and a student, will it get serious.


5. Just Another Day

  Justin's P.O.V.

  "Here you are." I said while putting my car in drive. After all, we do live right next to each other.

  "Bob," Maleniah said as we both got out of the car, "You never told me your real name."

  "Oh, it's Justin. Didn't you hear Selena say it like a thousand times at the dinner." I asked thinking she was just trying to talk with me more.

  "Bye. Justin." She said sadly and slowly.

  Then, she slowly walked to her house. When she reached her door she turned around and waved at me. When she slammed the door, I heard her mother yell something a her, but I couldn't really understand what she said.

  "Selena? Where are you?" I yelled for Selena.

  Selena slowly walked down the stairs crying, she was walking as slow as Maleniah, now I was worried for both these ladies.

  "What's wrong with you?" I asked, confused about whether I actually care or not.

  "I'm sick, and my lawyer sent me an email of the divorce papers you signed. I'm telling you now that I'm not signing them damn papers." Selena yelled and then she walked back up the stairs. I chased after her.

  "You better sign them damn papers. I'm not living here with you forever. I'm tired of-" I yelled before I was cut off by her.

  "Tired of what?" She yelled getting closer to me.

  "Tired of YOU." I yelled back.

  Selena slapped me hard across my face, I felt the hand print form on my face. I got so angry that I pushed her like she was a grown man, and she went flying into the wall. She just got up and ran into the bathroom. It wasn't long until I realized what I did. I just gave her something she can hold against me, and I know it won't be long until she realizes that, too.

  Maleniah's P.O.V.

  As soon I walked in the door, my mom was sitting on the couch high as ever.

  "Don't slam my door!" She yelled so loud, I barely could understand.

  "Sorry, gosh damn." I said quietly while I walked into the kitchen. She didn't hear me but her boyfriend, Gary, (who will be nameless through this whole story)  who was in the kitchen, heard every word.

  "Don't talk to your mother like that." He said to me while getting closer.

  "Go the hell away. You're not my father, I don't have to listen to a child molester." I said trying to make him want to go away.

  "I'm a child molester?" He said before looking in the living room at my mother, who was sucking on a pipe, if you know what I mean.

  "That's what I believe." I spoke boldly.

  "Uhh, let me show you something." He said grabbing me and pulling me towards his room.

  "Get off me!" I scream pushing him away.

  "Shut up!" Mother yells.

  Before I knew it I was in his room about to be raped until my mother ran in, I thought she was there to save me but apparently I was wrong.

  "Move over so I can take a nap." She says with her eyes halfway closed.

  "Shut the f**k up you fat w***e." Her boyfriend yelled.

  Before I knew it, I was sitting in the shower letting water sprinkle onto me as I just stared at the wall with my soaking wet hair in my face. 

  "I need to leave, soon." I whisper to myself.

(Sorry I haven't updated in a while, a lot is going on in my life, but I want to get back to updating now.)

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