Mr. Bieber

A tale of a sexual relationip between a teacher and a student, will it get serious.


4. A Nice Drive

Maleniah's P.O.V.

  "Hey, Mr. Bieber!" I said while he was walking to his car.

He ignored me, but then I walked over to the side of his car after he was already in the drivers seat. He looked up at me, he had bags around his eyes and they were a pinkish color, kind of like a zombie.

  "Yes." He said in a tired drained voice.

  "Where are you going, and are you okay?" I said bending over so I can see him.

  "I'm fine, what you wanna go?" He asked me sounding like he wanted me to.

  "Umm, my mom might get mad, but sure!" I replied without are single care about my mother's anger.

  "Well, hop in." He said still tired.

  We drove the whole way there in nothing but silence and music. Then, with me being the person who hates silence, I started a conversation. (I'm tired of trying to write like a book sorry.) "So, who sings this song?" I asked actually really interested. "Me, it's my album, all the songs I sang and wrote." He said sounding like he didn't even want to tell me. "Wow, you can really sing! Where do you make these songs?" I asked being nosey as ever. "In my basement." He replied, it sounded like he was getting annoyed by my questions. "Am I getting on your nerves?" I asked sort of concerned about whether he should be driving or not. "No, my nose hurts, you can keep asking questions." He said with a side smile showing off his dimple. "I don't have anymore." I said thinking he was lying just to be polite.

  For a few moments it was quite until Mr. Bieber took a sip of the coffee he had in his cup holder, and began to speak with the life he just received from the coffee. "(clears his throat) Now let me ask you a question. (I looked at him weirdly and he did it right back to me) Do you sing or anything?" He asked. "Umm, I dance and I rap a little, and people tell me I can sing, but I like to rap more." I said hoping he doesn't ask me to rap or sing right now. "Wow, that's a lot. Why don't you spit a verse right now." He said turning down the music, (which was the song change me). "cause it's not possible to spit a verse." I replied with some attitude. "You know I meant." He says giving me the 'really?' look. "La la la." I sang in an opera man voice while turning the music up. He just shook his head and chuckled a little.

  We finally arrived at the court building. What the---? "Umm, why we here?" I said having a million bad thoughts at once. I guess he saw the panic on my face because this was his reply, "Don't worry. I just gotta sign some papers and get a few copies for Selena. I'll be back in a jiffy." He said popping out of his car and into the building. I just sat quietly listening to his music as I slowly fell asleep.


  "Maalenniahh." He whispered twice. "Leave me alone, I haven't slept in days beaver." I said pretending to be sleeping still. We both knew well that I wasn't and he decided to play with that. "Okay, I guess you don't want any frozen yogurt." He said, I could tell he was trying to make me get up. "I'll take chocolate with snickers and Reese's in it." I said still laying down. "You ain't getting jack!" He said but couldn't sound anymore playful.

  We stopped at a red light and he reached to the back seat and grabbed a blanket and covered me. "Thanks." I thanked him for the warmth. "No prob., this is a long ass red light." He accidently said ass in front of me. "Awwww. (he looked at me while my eyes were still closed for protection against the sun) jk jk. So, what did you have to sign and get copies of at the court place?" I asked just to be nosey. "Something important." He said with no further detail. "What was it?" I got up without opening my eyes. "It's divorce papers for me and Selena." He said and my heart almost stopped. "Oh." I said trying to sound sad for him but I knew that this was my chance.

  There was a small silence, "I'm tired of calling him Mr. Bieber, I'll call him Bob." I thought to myself. Bob decided to start another conversation with me. "Will you open your eyes already?" He says looking at me weirdly. "No, the sun is too bright." I yelled loud enough to make his eyes explode while covering my face with the blanket. "Calm down, Dracula. Ughh." He said while snatching the blanket off of my face. "(that crazy cat noise). Stop it Bob Bieber!" I snapped at him. "Uhh, Bob Bieber is my uncle. Where did you even hear of that name?" He asked as we arrived at the drive threw of a yogurt shop. "I never did, I just don't know your first name so I thought of that." I replied. He handed my yogurt and we headed back home.

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