Just One

A teenage girl named Rachel is any other normal teenage girl.But she discovers some new neighbors,5 seconds of summer!She meets the guys in school and is falling in love with two boys but in the end she has to just one of them!


1. Rachel's Pov

Rachel was going through another usual day at school taking the bus.But when I got home I noticed some one moving in.But I didn't have time for that. I had homework to do.But I did want to see who is moving in.But I checked all day but only saw the movers unpacking.I decided to forget it.The next morning I woke up just like I normally do,my brother annoying me,and while I'm eating soggy fruit- loops.I hate doing my hair in the morning because it's so hard to manage, so I just pulled it into a bun,and then out the door I went.When I got to school everyone was outside screaming and yelling.I asked my friend Kaitlin what was going on she said," The band 5 seconds of summer is coming to our school!My jaw dropped when I heard what she said.I couldn't believe 5 seconds of summer was coming to my school in Utah!I stood outside waiting for them to pull in a fancy car,but they pulled up in a pick up truck in disguises.So I couldn't see how hot they were.Then everyone ran to them like a herd of buffalo.But then the bell rang so I didn't get a good look at them.

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