Forest's Heart {The Ninja Way}

A nomad with no affiliation to any of the countless ninja villages scattered around the world is brought into Konoha, after running her whole life. But her connection to trees - is it Wood Style jutsu or something else?
Another book in the Ninja Way series.


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A/N: Well. This is the longest chapter I've written in a while. Takes up a whole... *counts* nearly five pages of me notebook! Took me long enough, too. I had no inspiration for this story whatsoever for the past... however long. BUT! Here it is, guys! So pwetty pwetty pwease enjoy and review! Peace out!


Skye was afraid. There was fire all around her. She didn't try to ask the trees, they'd get burned. There was no way she could escape uninjured.

Uninjured. Uninjured. It was either get burned and possibly escape, get burned and get caught, or just give up.

She ran for the most open area and jumped. She flew over the flames. But the flames greedily snatched at her dress, setting it on fire. It burned the side of her leg and her would-be-safe landing failed. She landed on her burnt led and she cried out, falling to one knee. But, hearing the advancing ninja, she scrambled to her feet. Blinking back  tears, she jumped into the trees.

Jumping from branch to branch, she tried to keep most of her weight off her burned leg, and she bit her lip to stop herself from crying. The ropes around her wrists were badly burned and she broke them off, dropping them on a branch.

She had ducked behind a tree trunk in hope of a few seconds' rest when she heard someone behind her say, "Wood style!" and a pillar of wood broke out of a tree truck and lashed out at her. Her eyes widened in shock and she flung herself out of the way.

It was déjà vu again. The ninja surrounded her as she lay on the branch, shaking. But the only thing on Skye's mind was him.

She stared at Yamato, and he stared back. His eyes screamed, "Who are you?!" but Skye couldn't answer that herself.

She never could.


She woke to screaming. She scrambled out of bed and landed with a thud on the wood floor. her husband ran past her and out of the room. She was frozen, rooted to the spot. Her husband appeared at the door again, his face filled with shock, terror and fear.

"F... fire..." he panted, paling as he spoke. "Lyra, the entire forest's on fire!"

her mind snapped into place. Her legs began to run. But she wasn't thinking of herself escaping. Oh no, her mind was focused on one thing only, and that wasn't herself.

Her daughter, she had to get her daughter out.

She ran to her daughter's room. The child was wailing. Lyra picked her up and rocked her in her arms.

"Shh," she said softly. "Hush now, you'll be fine." As she talked, she walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a dress. It was simple yer beautiful: long-sleeved and light grey,a very fine material. It went beautifully with the child's olive skin and chocolate-brown hair and eyes. She wrapped her daughter in the cloth, and her crying died down slightly.

Lyra stared into the child's eyes, and she herself began to cry.

"My daughter," she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I love you."

her husband, who had followed her into the room, said: "Lyra. We're the last ones." He was crying, too. "We couldn't stop the fire." The fire glowed outside the window. "It's too much. It's completely surrounding us." It creeped up the walls. "We need to use it to save her."

Lyra nodded and lowered her child onto the ground. She stroked her face. "I'm so sorry, darling. But to save you, we have to use this spell."

"We will always love you," her father added, wiping his eyes. "We will always be in your heart, my dear."

Lyra stood up and raised her arms. Her husband mirrored her. They began to speak in a different language. As they did, a sheen spread over the child's body, who watched her parents curiously and intently. The familiar faces, the kind voices.

Then they slipped away, and the two people standing over her were strangers. She had no memory of ever seeing them before, or being in that room.

As fire began creeping into the room, the two people slumped to the ground and did not move again. And as the flickering flames crept over their bodies, only a single thing remained in her heart. A single word that spelt out her identity. A word that saved her from being burnt to ashes along with the other two people in the room.



Skye slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. She gritted her teeth in pain. She spared one more glance for Yamato before swinging her legs over the side of the branch and pushing herself off. She dropped to the branch below and her burnt leg crumpled beneath her. She have a short cry of pain before pushing herself to her feet and launching herself off the branch. A kunai whizzed by her cheek, drawing blood. Her hand went up to the wound in surprise, but she didn't slow down.

"Wood style!" Came Yamato's voice again. This time, Skye didn't have time to move before a pillar of wood slammed into her, taking the breath out of her lungs, and she slammed into a tree. Her unconscious body fell down through the branches. Yamato swooped underneath her and caught her before she crashed into the tree branch directly below her.

"Captain Yamato?" Sakura's voice sounded from behind him.

"What was that about?" Naruto asked, scratching his head. "It seemed like she really knew you."

Yamato stood up, Skye in his arms. "I'm going with the Anbu to take her back to the village," he said blankly. "You four go on the mission without me."

Kakashi nodded and turned to the squad. "Well, gang, I think it's time we went back and got some sleep." Sai nodded, Naruto yawned and Sakura cast a worried look at Skye.

"If you're sure," she said, her voice uncertain. Yamato nodded and turned to the Anbu squad.

"Let's go," he said shortly. The Anbu nodded and they jumped through the trees in the direction of the Hidden Leaf village. Team Kakashi returned to the clearing where they woke up and quickly fell asleep, guarded by the crescent moon.

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