Forest's Heart {The Ninja Way}

A nomad with no affiliation to any of the countless ninja villages scattered around the world is brought into Konoha, after running her whole life. But her connection to trees - is it Wood Style jutsu or something else?
Another book in the Ninja Way series.


6. 6

Night soon fell. Skye was being kept in a high-security room. But apparently high-security wasn’t security enough.

She had just gotten into the forests outside the Leaf when they found her. She obviously knew the Anbu’s were there but she kept running, jumping up into a tree and launching herself from branch to branch.

The ninja noticed that as she jumped off a branch, the branch seemed to assist her, throwing themselves forward a little to allow her to jump further and higher. The ninja also noticed that the trees shifted their branches as they landed, causing them to stumble slightly and fall behind. But Skye never slowed down, and never once looked back.

“Water style! Raging waves!” Shouted one of the ninja, making extraordinarily fast hand signs. From his mouth came, indeed, a raging wave, rushing its way towards Skye. But Skye grabbed hold of a branch and flipped her way up, away from the waves. But a ninja was waiting to meet her, and tightly wound rope around her wrists and did a complicated knot in a matter of two seconds. He forced her to her knees but before he had time to think, a branch had struck him in the stomach and he went flying back. He slammed into a tree trunk and fell down, landing in a crouch. His hand went to his stomach and when it came away, it was stained with dark liquid.

Skye looked around at the three remaining ninja who surrounded her. She eyed them warily, studying the masks carefully. She only showed a slight trace of fear at the thought of possible being killed by these ninja. She was certainly stronger than she was six years previously.

“You do realise,” she said, her voice low and dangerous, “that I have no intention of being kept prisoner by you.”

The ninja were silent. Then, without warning, they attacked. They all lunged to where Skye was. But Skye stepped forward off the branch and hooked her knees around the branch, like a gymnast. She swung backwards, unhooked her knees and fell. She landed in a crouch on another branch and started running again. She was as fast and even more agile as the average ninja – that was for sure. Whenever the Anbu Black Ops go too close, the trees would help her, stretching their branches this was and that, making distance between the ninja and her.

The chase was dragging on and on. The moon was now high in the sky, with no advantage on either side.

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