Forest's Heart {The Ninja Way}

A nomad with no affiliation to any of the countless ninja villages scattered around the world is brought into Konoha, after running her whole life. But her connection to trees - is it Wood Style jutsu or something else?
Another book in the Ninja Way series.


4. 4

A group of five stood at the gate of the Hidden Leaf, ready to go on a mission. This group consisted of Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi and Yamato. They stood watching as a group of Anbu Black Ops brought in a young lady. She was wearing a long-sleeved light grey dress. Her chocolate brown hair was in a messy bob cut that sat just under her ears. It grew shorter at the back, like a pixie cut.

“Hey,” Yamato muttered to Kakashi. “Who’s that girl?”

Kakashi blinked. “Well, I’ve seen her file. She was brought in a while back and she only gave us one name: Skye.”

Skye’s eyes flickered over to the group. She searched them all before her eyes rested on Yamato. Her eyes showed a faint trace of recognition before a ninja shoved her shoulder and she had to look away.

“I think I recognise her.” Yamato mumbled.

“Well, you should.” Kakashi replied. “You were a part of the Anbu Black Ops group that brought her in six years ago.”

Yamato stared at Skye, and he could have sworn that she gave a small, fleeting smile. But when he looked again it was gone.

Sakura, who had been listening in, asked, “But why?” Kakashi looked at her. “What did she do?”

Naruto nodded. “Yeah! Why bring her in if she didn’t do anything?”

“Because she didn’t do nothing.” Kakashi answered. “Six years ago she was brought in for stealing from the Leaf. She’s clever, she didn’t leave a trace.” He sighed. “But this time it’s slightly different. She, well, reconstructed a forest a while away.”

Everyone turned to Kakashi. “Reconstructed a forest?” They said in unison.

“Yep.” Kakashi sighed again. “Twisted branches and she was caught doing it.”

Yamato looked back at Skye. He looked at her frail figure, olive skinned and thin.

“She doesn’t look like she could do something like that.” Sai commented.

Naruto laughed. “Don’t judge her so quickly, Sai. I mean, look at Sakura!”

At that, Sakura’s face began to turn read and she punched Naruto on the top of the head. “That supposed to mean something?” she growled.

Naruto managed a weak “N-no, Sakura,” with an expression on his face that suggested he’d run headlong into a brick wall. Sai observed the pair with interest.

Yamato was deep in thought. “How is that possible?” He wondered aloud. “It sounds like wood style jutsu.”

“We don’t know much about it.” Kakashi answered. “But when she was here last, she told Ibiki that she could, uh, ‘talk’ to trees/”

“Talk to trees?”

Kakashi shrugged. “Hey, don’t ask me. She said it, not me.” He then managed to divert everyone’s attention by saying that they should go on their mission and forget about Skye. Which worked, of course.

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