Forest's Heart {The Ninja Way}

A nomad with no affiliation to any of the countless ninja villages scattered around the world is brought into Konoha, after running her whole life. But her connection to trees - is it Wood Style jutsu or something else?
Another book in the Ninja Way series.


3. 3

An Anbu Black Op ninja burst into the Hokage’s office in the early hours of the next morning.

“Lord Hokage, sir!” He cried.

“What is it?” asked the Hokage sharply.

“It’s that girl, Skye!” the ninja explained quickly. “She’s gone!”

The Hokage, who had been sitting in a chair behind his desk, stood up, knocking his chair over. “What?” he said, taking his freshly lit pipe out of his mouth.

“We don’t know when or how she got out! When someone went in to give her breakfast, the window was wide open and her nowhere to be found!”

“Have you searched the village?”

“We are doing that as we speak, sir.”

But they never found her. She had snuck out and gone back to her quiet, nomadic ways. It wasn’t until a long six years later, when Skye was left alone and forgotten, that they found her again.


A/N: Shoot, I just realised how short this chapter is. In my notebook, it was WAY longer. Hm, maybe it’s just my writing. Meh.

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me so far, everyone! Peace out!

Oh, yeah, and I’ better update the list of Ninja Way books, hadn’t I? Well, here they are:

By moi, WindInTheWillows:

~The Blue Spiral

~The New Girl

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~Forest’s Heart


~Hoping for a Better Day (Yay! Another one! ^-^)

By Gaara’s Babe:

~To Kill An Uchiha

~The Demon Doll


~Fighting the Elements

So, that’s all of em! Peace out!

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