Forest's Heart {The Ninja Way}

A nomad with no affiliation to any of the countless ninja villages scattered around the world is brought into Konoha, after running her whole life. But her connection to trees - is it Wood Style jutsu or something else?
Another book in the Ninja Way series.


2. 2

The girl was sitting in the interrogation room. The chief interrogator, who had introduced himself as Ibiki, was sitting across the small, square table from her, annoyed. The girl was staring at the ceiling, twiddling her thumbs in her lap. Her cuts had been healed and the burns on her back were covered with bandages. Her dress was gone and she was now wearing black tracksuit pants and s grey jumper.

“Okay,” Ibiki growled, “who are you?”

“I am me.” The girl answered. Her voice had returned to its original bell-like sound, high and dreamy.

Ibiki ground his teeth. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Skye.”

Ibiki snorted. “Skye.” He repeated. “What kind of a name is that?”

Skye looked directly at him. “The one I chose.” She said simply.


“Well, I wasn’t given one so I had to choose one.”

“Who are your parents?”

“No clue.” Skye didn’t seem upset by this at all. On the contrary, she seemed quite happy at the thought of having no parents. She started humming quietly to herself. Ibiki, now even more annoyed, slammed his fist on the table.

“Okay,” he said again, loudly and clearly, “who are you?”

“I do hate repeating myself.” Skye hummed.

“Let me rephrase that then.” Ibiki took a deep breath. “What are you?”

“You’re going to have to be a little more specific.” Skye continued to hum, which increasingly got on Ibiki’s nerves. He ground his teeth, trying with all his might to stay calm.

“What can you do?” he growled. “As in, what are your abilities?”

“I can do all sorts of things.” Skye replied. “Is there anything in particular that you would like to know about?”

“The mission report said something about trees.”

Skye stopped humming. “Ah, yes.” She looked at a small potted tree in the corner of the room. “I can talk to them.”

Ibiki was silent. He blinked, before roaring with laughter. Skye ignored him, starting to hum again. She was still twiddling her thumbs.

Ibiki stopped laughing after a moment. “So you’re saying you can talk to trees?” he asked. “That’s crazy.”

Skye gave him a sweet smile. “I knew it.”

Ibiki’s smile faded. “Knew what?”

“I knew that you are, obviously, not unintelligent but –“

“But what?” Ibiki demanded.

“You are painfully limited. Narrow. Close-minded.”

“Excuse me?”

Skye looked into his eyes. “You, being you, think you have come across it all. You think you know all the secrets, being an interrogator.” She smiled again. “But I’d say you’ve only seen about four percent of what’s out there.”

Ibiki’s face began turning red. “Now listen here, I don’t want any smart comments from you –“

“Or what?” Skye interrupted. Her voice had once again lost its dreamy tone and was now deadly serious. It was lower than usual and was quiet and dangerous. “You’ll yell at me? Torture me? Well, I’ve got nothing to say to you.” She stood up. “We’re done.

Ibiki stood up after her. “Fine.” He nodded to a man standing quietly in the corner, before storming out. Skye smiled sweetly to the other man, whose face turned red. He hurried over to the door and held it open for her.

“Uh, this way please.” He stammered, gesturing out of the door.

Skye smiled again. “Thank you.” She said kindly, her voice losing all trace of seriousness.


A/N: I’m not exactly sure if this is how interrogations work in Konoha, so correct me if I’m wrong pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease ^-^ I want my stories to be the best they can be ^-^

Well, thanks for reading! Peace out dudes!

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