A Wonderous Time in Public

I tried going out in public today. Didn't work out very well.


1. Trying to Go Out In Public - Attempt No. 1


 Obviously I'm not a very social person, but today Steve was pressuring me to go to the mall (As fun as that sounds).

He had been bugging me about it for days, so I finally went today. I still regret doing that.




 Steve grabbed my arm (No, I know what you're thinking. It was the right one, not the left one) and pulled be through crowds of people. That was where things started going wrong. Kids poked my arm (Yes, the left one), teenage girls stared, 'fangirls' chased me and Steve.


 Steve first took me to a machine that had drinks in it. He told me what it was, after I tried to figure it out, possibly making a fool of myself.


 I feel as though Steve just wanted to show me what stuff was. He showed me a thing called an iPhone, another thing called a printer, and even more things like iPads and Televisions.


 He called me a dork.


 Then he told me I should get a cat. He kept bugging me about that, too.

 Then, came the worst thing.

 He showed me what a hair-tie was.

 I'm still plotting revenge for that.


 Then, someone asked Steve if they could take a picture with him. After watching, looking like I was watching something stupid (Which it felt like I was), Steve grabbed my arm again and pulled me through more crowds of people.


 He took me to a subway station, which felt like a living nightmare, and almost laughed trying to watch me figure out what was happening.

 More people poked my arm, asked Steve for pictures together. And then there was more staring as I got so frustrated I punched the wall.

 Needless to say, Steve immediately brought me back home.



 I sat on the couch and told him, "You see why I'm so anti-social. I could've punched someone."

 "I feel like that sometimes." He said.

 I suddenly got serious. "No, you don't." I said. "You don't know the feeling that everyone around you could be a threat. You don't know the feeling of paranoia every waking moment, and when people try to talk to you, all you can hear is-"

 "Bucky, enough." Steve said. "We go through this everytime I try to take you somewhere. You just have to trust me. When I'm around, I won't let anything hurt you. You're my best friend, Buck, and you mean everything to me. You're safe, I promise." Steve told me.

 He gave me a reassuring hug, and walked down the hallway, back to his bedroom.

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