A Wonderous Time in Public

I tried going out in public today. Didn't work out very well.


2. Attempt No. 2 - Halloween

So, Halloween was last night...





"I don't get the point of this 'holiday.' It's stupid anyways." I grumbled, as a kid knocked on the door. "And, really, in apartments? That's just plain stupid..."

Steve gave me a look, and answered the door.

I rolled my eyes as he gave a piece of candy to a kid in the cheesiest costume yet; a Captain America costume.

"Nice costume." Steve said, smiling.

More kids piled at the door, shouting "Trick or Treat!" dressed as the stupidest things. The younger kids were dressed as either superheroes or princesses. The older kids were zombies, vampires, Castiels and Deans, and some older kids barely put effort into there costumes.


It was later in the night, 8:00pm maybe, when the last kid showed up. It was a young girl, maybe seven or eight. She had a prosthetic limb, God knows why, and it took me a minute to realized who she was dressed as.

It was me.

Steve glanced back at me, and at the time, I didn't know what to do. As usual, Steve did the talking.

"You're dressed as The Winter Soldier. That's cool." He said, smiling that dorky smile.

The girl looked over at me, and said, "Bucky Barnes is my hero."

I tried to say something, but my voice gave out and I had go to the other room.

"Bucky Barnes is my hero."

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